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For We Are Many (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
All These Worlds (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven's River (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Till We Are Lost (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Singularity Trap (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roadkill (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Dennis E. Taylor works as a computer programmer, snowboarder, writer, and runner. Taylor added the middle initial “E”, due to the large amount of Dennis Taylor’s in both the music and writing fields. He is the author of the “Bobiverse” series and some stand alone novels; his novels are from the genre of science fiction.

The novel “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” won Best of 2016 from the Science Fiction category.

“We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” is the first novel in the “Bobiverse” series and was released in the year 2016. Bob Johansson has recently sold his software company, and now looks forward to what comes after that. He was movies to see, books to read, and places to visit. It is a little unfair, then, that he is killed while crossing the street.

Bob wakes up a hundred years later and finds that corpsicles no longer have any rights; he finds himself the state’s property. His mind has been uploaded in the hardware of a computer, and will be controlling the artificial intelligence of an interstellar probe that will be looking for planets that humans can live on. High stakes are involved, it will be the first claim to whole worlds. Should he say no, he will get turned off, and they will continue with another one. He becomes a prime target, should he say yes. Three other countries, at least, are trying to get their probes out into space first and they play pretty dirty.

Bob is the safest in space, going away from planet Earth at top speed. That is what he thinks, anyway. The universe has many nasty things in them. Trespassers make them angry, very angry.

The book is even more wild than the title and the synopsis would suggest. Fans of the novel love the light tone that is found in this, not to mention all of the geek humor. Dennis E. Taylor has already found a great voice to write with, and does a great job timing the jokes, making them really push the whole novel into being better than it could have been. The book has great characters, a charming story, interesting planets that are explored, and fantastic humor. The novel is tons of fun for anyone, fan of science fiction or not. If you do not feel that romance is necessary to tell a good science fiction story, then this one is for you.

“For We Are Many” is the second novel in the “Bobiverse” series and was released in the year 2017. Waking up after being killed was a shock to Bob, due to the fact that he did not believe in such things like the afterlife. To add to this surprise, he is now a sentient computer, as well as a Von Neumann probe’s controlling intelligence.

Bob and the copies of him have been spreading out away from Earth for four decades now, looking for new planets to live on. That is the only part of the whole plan that is still in working order. A huge war has killed off all but .1% of humans; planet Earth is nearly uninhabitable due to nuclear winter. A radical group would like to kill of what is left of humanity, and there are Brazilian space probes still out in space, still trying to take out whatever is left of their competition. The Bobs find a spacefaring species that thinks of other life forms as things to eat.

Bob left planet Earth figuring on living a life of blissful, peaceful solitude and exploration. He has, instead, become a sky god to a native species that is primitive. Not to mention the only hope for humanity to getting a home that will not kill them due to nuclear winter. And the only thing that can maybe prevent all the other species in the nearby sphere as ending up as a meal.

Fans of the novel like the character development that each of the Bobs is able to go through in this book. Each one of the Bobs has its own personality and differ depending on the model. The story is compelling to readers, despite not being a simple space opera with a lot of battles going on. This is a great sequel that builds on what was started in book one of the series.

“All These Worlds” is the third novel in the “Bobiverse” series and was released in the year 2017. Life as a sentient spaceship should be a lot more fun for Bob. After almost a hundred years of going out through space, Bob and his clones cannot find a way to keep away from trouble.

They have put together enough new colonies to keep humanity from becoming extinct. Brazilian probes still take out the competition and political fighting still have a nasty habit of dying pretty hard. The Bobs have decided to pick a fight with an ancient and a species, that is much more powerful; it has a short temper and a huge appetite.

They are still recovering from getting their butts handed to them, the first time they faced the Others, the Bobs now find themselves looking at a final battle to defend planet Earth and all of the colonies it has. The Bobs have less discipline than a group of cats. The newer copies are concerned less with beating the Others and more with their own local problems.

Salvation could come from something of an unlikely source. Some eighth generation Bobs have discovered something in deep space. Getting to Sol first is the key to saving the Earth, and possibly all of humanity. But they have to beat the Others there.

Some like the part of this where time and distance was not a problem and the whole universe was one big thing that could be played with by anyone. Fans of the novel really love the whole entire series. It combines different elements of exploring space, elements of science, and humanity. It is good stuff for geeks. The book, despite having a lot of fun, deals with a lot of serious stuff; you get to see the different Bobs deal with loss in their own way.

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