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Labyrinth (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
City Of Crystal Shadow (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Paradise (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The First Name (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Groa's Other Eye (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Trumps Sounding (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dennis Schmidt is an American fantasy and science fiction author that is best known for writing the “Kensho,” “Twilight of the Gods,” and “The Questioner” series of novels. Between 1978 and 1990, he published ten titles spread across the three series. He has been known for including aspects of martial arts and Zen philosophy into fantasy and space opera plots.

Schmidt has for the most part restricted himself to writing novels in his series in the few years when he was active as an author. Nonetheless, by 1976 he had published “Seeker of the Way” under Galaxy. The tale would be the prelude to the “Kensho” series of novels which she began writing in 1978 with “Way Farer.” The series of novels come with a protagonist that combines martial arts with Zen to make for thrilling space opera fiction. “The Twilight of the Gods” series was launched with the novel “The First Name” that was first published in 1985. These are fantasy novels that come with well-orchestrated storylines, interesting worlds, and characters. She started writing “The Questioner Trilogy” with the 1989 published novel “Labyrinth” and the last titles of the series marked the end of her career when she published “Dark Paradise” in 1990. It is a novel that follows the life and times of a peacekeeping force in intergalactic space. While he seemed like he would go on to become a prolific author, he suddenly stopped writing due to other commitments.

“Labyrinth” the debut novel of “The Questioner Trilogy” is a perfect Xenofiction work by Dennis Schmidt. The novel features aliens and unlike many fantasy fiction works, there are no human characters in the title. It is part alien memoir and part adventure novel that explores disconcerting themes including sapiens and the consequences on civilization on alien species and on the planet they call home. The characters in the novel are interesting people with novel approaches and philosophies to life.

Dennis Schmidt’s “City Of Crystal Shadow” is a novel that ramps up from the action of the debut novel of the series. In the City of Crustal Shadow, one could die in a hundred different days. Having come out unscathed from the dangerous training ground in “Labyrinth,” Seeker finally earned his position in the highest levels of the Questioners. They are the future peacekeeping force that works the dangerous galaxies snuffing out any danger that may threaten the people therein. They engage in dangerous missions and one first mission may well be his last. Crystal City is inhabited by two races but the Vyibblyirr who are winged aliens enjoy the juiciest ruins of a rich planet they had plundered. Most of the other races have to do with a smoking wasteland and live for the day they will unleash their passion and rage to destroy the invading Vyinnlyirr. Before the other races get to him as he lives in his Vyinnlyirr body, the Seeker has to resolve the genocidal struggle between justice and beauty.

Dennis Schmidt’s “Dark Paradise” asks why a planet that was called paradise would need a Questioner. However, an even bigger question is who and why someone made an attempt on his life as soon as he landed. It began with an unprecedented attack on the man before a ritual murder resulted in intergalactic warfare. The planet Ranthar that is often referred to as Dark Paradise has lived a civilized and peaceful existence for thousands of years but now its citizens are at each other’s neck in an orgy of violence never seen before. It has been more than a century since detective Krral the Ranth detective worked on something so complex. As such, he is keen to prevent interference from people such as the Seeker or any other person interested in reintroducing the peace that had been disrupted. But he needs the help of Seeker as the person that is responsible for the chaos is determined to destroy everything and only the Seeker has the necessary experience to save it.

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