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Wild Women and the Blues (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Face of the Sun (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Princess (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Can't We Be Friends (With: Eliza Knight) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trial of Mrs. Rhinelander (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Denny S. Bryce is an award-winning American writer of historical fiction stories. She is particularly famous for her debut novel called Wild Women and the Blues. Bryce is a winner of the prestigious RWA Golden Heart award and has been a GH finalist three times. Two of those three nominations were for her first book. Besides writing novels, Bryce writes entertainment articles and book reviews. She is involved in Frolic Media and NPR Books for these two prospects. Author Bryce was born on December 02, in Uhrichsville, Ohio, U.S.

Before taking up writing as a career, she worked as a professional dancer. For the past two decades, Bryce has been working in the field of public relations. She has worked with full determination and dedication in the last 20 years to keep her event management and marketing firm up and running. Her efforts have brought immense success to her and today her firm is considered to be one of the top public relations firms.

In the last 10 years, Bryce has been involved in reading and writing Spike/Buffy fan fiction. She considers herself a devoted genre TV fan. A few of her favorite TV shows include Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, This is Us, Seal Team, A Discovery of Witches, The Flash, Angel, etc. Bryce is also a film buff and lover of the early 20th-century history of America. As a film-lover, her interest lies mainly in the classic ones. As a writer, Bryce associated with Spencerhill Associates. She is represented by a dynamic literary agent named Nalini Akolekar. The other highlights of Bryce’s life including being a proud member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Novelists, Inc., and Historical Novel Society. On many occasions, Bryce has taken up the role of a guest speaker at writers’ conferences and author events.

The high point in Bryce’s came when she was approached by Kensington Books for the release of her first novel under their banner. She is now looking forward to many more interactions with the publishing house in relation to the release of many of her future novels. Before getting involved with fanfiction and her PR days, Bryce completed her graduation from DePaul University’s Barat College. It was during her college days that she had developed an interest in dancing. The interest grew deeper as the days passed by and eventually helped her to become a professional dancer. Bryce also performed as a singer and actress on a part-time basis. During her professional dancing days, Bryce worked closely with many professional dance companies based in New York and Chicago. She was also involved with one theatrical production.

While in college, Bryce earned her bachelor’s degree in history. The decision to choose history as a subject was the result of her deep love for early 20th century American history. Bryce likes to give the credit for this love to her maternal grandmother named Ella Elizabeth Joseph. She had immigrated to New York from Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1923. As Bryce grew up, her grandmother loaded her with knowledge about America’s rich history and imbibed a love for it in her heart. Today, Bryce remembers her grandmother with great love and feels forever grateful to her for shaping her life. When Bryce gave a halt to writing fanfiction in the later years, she took to creating stories of original fiction.

Bryce used to live in Northern Virginia until now and has recently relocated to Savannah, Georgia, where she intends to live until her heart tells her to explore another city in another state. Bryce loves traveling very much. She has been to many places across the United States and also visited the Caribbean and Europe. She is grateful to her fans for showering their love on her work and hopes to keep doing the good work for many more years to come. Bryce also expresses her sincere thanks to all the critics and fellow writers, who praised her writing skills and made the readers appreciate her work. Author Bryce feels there is still a long way to go and achieve new heights of success in her life and career. She doesn’t intend to rest until she has achieved enough. Being a person who thinks from her heart, Bryce likes to be in the company of others who also listen to their heart more than their mind. She considers herself lucky to have been surrounded by inspiring people all her life.

An exciting novel written by author Denny S. Bryce is entitled ‘Wild Women and the Blues’. This book takes place in Chicago in a mainstream historical setting and revolves around the lives of two people, one in 1925 and the other in 2015. One is an ambitious chorus, while the other is portrayed as a film student. Their stories follow an intriguing tale of love, secrets, and history. This evocative novel shows how the two people come to grips with limitations, loss, surprises, and forgiveness. The lead characters depicted in this book by author Bryce include Sawyer Hayes and Honoree Dalcour. Initially, the book opens in 1925 and introduces Chicago as the world’s jazz capital. The Dreamland Cafe has become a popular hangout place in town.

Honoree Dalcour is seen as the daughter of a sharecropper. She is a chorus dancer and has the will to work hard and do everything in her capacity to rise to the top. When she joins Dreamland Cafe for work, it provides an excellent opportunity to have a good life and socialize with celebrities like filmmaker Oscar Micheaux and Louis Armstrong. But, she seems unaware of the fact that Chicago is also a place immersed in gambling, gangster, and bootleg whiskey. As a young ambitious woman, she seems to be risking a lot than she can lose. The plot then moves to 2015, where Sawyer Hayes is introduced as a film student. Honoree Dalcour is now 110 years old and bedridden. Sawyer arrives by the side of her bed, still trying to hold up with his devastating loss that has caused him to hit rock bottom.

All his hopes of beginning a new chapter in life lie with the frail, formidable woman, who Sawyer believes is the only living connection to Oscar Micheaux. Sawyer hopes Honoree Dalcour can help him fill in the blanks, complete his research on the legendary filmmaker, and finish his thesis. To his surprise, Honoree provides him links that he never expected. She reveals all her information about her past and the secrets she kept. Meanwhile, Sawyer tries his best not to reveal his secrets and his past life. This story talks about courage, ambition, illicit passions, and hot jazz.

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