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The Frightened Man (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bohemian Girl (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Woman (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Haunted Martyr (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Backward Boy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Past Master (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Oxford Fellow (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Denton is a series of historical mystery novels written by a bestselling American author of military thrillers, spy fiction, nonfiction, and historical fiction books, Kenneth Cameron. The series features General Denton, the main character, a veteran of the United States War and a retired sheriff, living in London, England and working as an author during the turn of the 20th century.

Cameron began the publishing his Denton series in 2008 when The Frightened Man, the first book in the series was published.

The Frightened Man

The Frightened Man is the first book in Denton series by Kenneth Cameron set in 1900 London. The city of London is the perfect place for a person like Denton seeking change and expansion. Denton is seeking a change from a violent past, and he is seeking new identity as an visitor.

However, his repute as the novelist of a couple of dark novels, and the famous story, years before, that he had killed four men in the American West, sometimes brings to his door to some unwanted guests.

One day when a terror-stricken man shows up and claims that he is being hunted Jack the Ripper, Denton quickly disregard him as one of a victim of England’s lunacy. But not long, the maimed body of a young prostitute, Stella Minter is discovered in London’s East End.

Downhearted by the cops’ lack of concern into this case, Denton decides to take matters into his own hands, even after it becomes clear that he is the killer’s next target. As Denton begins peeling the layers of this horrifying murder, he finds himself drawn into the underbelly of the bursting metropolis. A place so vast such that he is forced to agree only to his instincts through the complex maze of London, its cops, its pubs, the disreputable alleys, and its dark alleys- to find an elusive murderer who is himself is an agent of the London’s cancerous growth. Along the way, Denton is lucky enough to join forces with a woman with past dark and spirit as independent as his own.

Cameron has brought the turn of the century London into life in this compelling and well-woven crime novel. The Frightened Man dives deeper than just the mere situations of a murder investigation of the unseen- the secrets hidden in London’s streets and the dark sides of humanity.

What makes The Frightened Man a brilliant read is the uniqueness of all the characters, first there is Denton, the retired American police based in London, and then there is Atkins, his weird but loyal manservant, a variety of cops and detectives who differ in good sense and intelligence. Then there is Janet Atkins who is trying her best to save the prostitutes. The character list is endless, and it is the character interactions and the development of these various characters that makes this first book work reading.

Cameron allows the readers to feel they are being taken back in time in 1900 London, complete with fog-shrouded nights, the gaslit, horse and carriages rumbling along the streets, and from the high society to the seedy side pubs crawling with pickpockets, prostitutes, and knife-wielding vagrants.

The Bohemian Girl

The Bohemian Girl is the second book in Denton series. Cameron chooses to have his hero as an American in the polite society of 1900 Britain. Denton, now a famous author of dark novels was once a sheriff and also a veteran of the US civil war.

In this second book, Denton and his loyal servant have just returned home from a trip to Eastern Europe only to find a letter of entreaty waiting for Denton. A young woman has written to Denton, informing him that she is in danger and thus she needs his help. The search for the missing young woman leads Denton and his partner to the bohemians haunts of artists- to places where the line between madness and genius is outstanding.

However, the big question is who Mary Thomason was? Has she sought refuge or has the danger finally caught up with her?

Then there is a second mystery in the story- Albert has grown fond of the famous dark novel author. He sends many notes to Denton begging to meet him and asking for signed copies of his novels. However, it soon becomes clear that Albert’s obsession has become fatal and it soon begins to threaten both Denton and those he cares about most.

Cameron has woven a very enticing historical crime novel, set in the late Victorian and early 20th century. The author manages to set the period without contrived trappings or forced cockney accents. His strong characters carry the narrative to a fascinating finish, and manage to tell a tale of the relationships a man and a woman; the differences between sex, love, and lust; the difference between the desire to ignite pain and the necessary violence.

The Second Woman

The third novel in Denton mystery series focuses on terrorism, political intrigue-1900s- and the commencement of the British secret intelligence organization, as England became a hotbed of anarchist schemes.

Denton finds himself entangled in a complex web of both murder and revenge when a mysterious woman is found dead in the house next to his- the one occupied by his sweetheart, Janet Stryker. While the cops remain perplexed, Denton begins to suspect that the dead woman could be a victim of some sort of political conspiracy. However, the idea of involving himself in both life and death of Lydia Alken will prove to be a more dangerous ordeal than he could have imagined. Denton finds himself a victim to the British secret service and soon discovers precisely the actual cost of freedom, while the tale of Lydia’s murder provides the greatest shock of all.

The third book in Denton series by Kenneth Cameron is a brilliant installment. Denton is not your typical hero, he is not young or handsome, and if anything, Cameron describes him in an unflattering way. However, Denton is the type of character you get to like for he tends to get into circumstances where it might be thoughtful to hang back.

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