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Publication Order of Hate Books

Hate You Forever (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hate the Way You Lie (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Love in Sight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Triggered (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood of the Saints (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Denver Rose
Two best friends, under the pen name Denver Rose, took their love of reading and they turned it into creating new novels filled with angst, steam, and romance. What began as merely a silly idea one day in December, turned into something exciting and fun. Writing is something that each woman is passionate about and loves doing.

When these two are not writing a new novel they can be found reading, playing with their pups, watching the Game Show Network, and studying law.

“Love in Sight” is the first in the “Love” series and was released in 2021. Lya Vanderhall should be on top of the world at the moment. She has a successful tech company with three beautiful men at her side: Thiago Alves, Zep Cunningham, and Rian Priestly. However two things stand in her way. Greyson Nash. The dark, tall, and handsome man is slowly working his way into her heart. You’d think with three guys she wouldn’t fall for his charms. But apparently not.

Not to mention, there are threats coming from all angles while she’s searching for Lainey, her twin sister. She was taken away from her when they were just twelve years old. Lya will do anything in order to find her. Lya hopes to find the answers she’s looking for before it is too late.

This novel is best read by going in blind, however you should be warned that there might or might not be a typical HEA.

“Hate You Forever” is the first novel in the “Hate” series and was released in 2022. Tara Mangal takes Marnix Taylor, to have and to hold from this day onward. For worse or for better, for poorer or richer, in health and in sickness. To cherish and to love, till death do us part. That is the story they are spinning to the world, at least.

Tara’s new husband is a stubborn and infuriating man without any sense of humor, no remorse, and no clue of what marriage or love is supposed to be about. So it’s a good thing that she did not pick him because she actually wanted to marry him. The only reason that she agreed to any of his ridiculous terms was to escape from being married off to some other man. Some guy that her parents had picked out, not realizing he was dead set on destroying her.

Tara was barely able to escape from a life with the monster of a man from her past, just to have three new ones dropped into her lap. Marnix Taylor, her savage husband who can take anybody down with just a single look. Rushton Bergman, the brooding and quiet bodyguard, who is determined to protect her at all costs. And Cohutta Reilly, who is the playful and sweet jokester that also happens to be her husband’s best friend. The three might believe they can control her, however they’ll soon learn that Tara Mangal cannot be tamed. Not even by the three hottest guys in Craibridge.

This is a reverse harem novel with themes like enemies to lovers, bodyguard romance, and marriage of convenience.

“Hate the Way You Lie” is the second novel in the “Hate” series and was released in 2022. Tara believed she was free from that evil for good. But it turns out, that her husband, the man that said he’d protect her, is swayed easily. He took the word of some monster over hers, and left her vulnerable yet again. Out of the shadows the beast that she had been running from arose, and trapped her in his claws. Alone and betrayed.

She no longer has her broken, loving, and tattooed man. Or her sensitive and sweet protector on her side. Now it is up to her to survive just long enough in order to save herself. Each and every day with the guy is torture, yet she needs to wait for the perfect time to run as far from Craibridge as she’s able to. She may shatter in the process, however she’ll have to save herself if nobody else will.

Tara will be the villain and the hero of her own story. She’s never been good at saving herself in the past, however she’s not about to just lie down and die. Whether she survives or not, at the very least she will be free.

“Kaleidoscope” is the first novel in the “Corruption” duet and was released in 2023. The cycle of her unhinged life. Music, sex, drugs, dancing, which is all followed closely by: insanity, chaos, madness, and let’s not forget what she is left with after that high is over. Sadness, emptiness, and loneliness, then just like the masochist she is, she hits the repeat button and does all of it again.

She’s strived to be a perfect daughter. To be everything that her picture perfect family wanted her to be. This never ending weight that she carried on her shoulders each and everyday. All that it took was just one tip of the scale to send her into a downward spiral, and leaving all of them behind without once looking back. Now she finds herself living in the biggest mindfuck of them all. She is caught between four guys that are nothing but bad for her. These four devils in disguise. They’re monsters that are ready to rip her apart if given the chance.

These four were meant to be a good time. Just a night of total ecstasy, and a way for her to take the edge off of her never ending torment, however they refused to let her go. They’re a promise of suffering, pain, and agony. However like all addicts, she is hooked on them. Strung out on the thrill which makes her feel alive, and she soaks in all that she can.

Until this sobering reality soon found them. They got themselves in a dark and grim situation without any way out. Now they’re fucked. It is a sink or swim situation and she feels as though she’s drowning. Are the monsters going to save them or are they all going to go down together? And even if they do, does she even want to live again?

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