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Deon Meyer is a south African crime thriller write who has fun in writing. He has so far over the years done more than ten books and a total of two short story series. He has also written many scripts for a number of films and television. Despite the fact that he writes his books in Afrikaan, all his books have translated to more than twenty languages therefore sold all over the world. He prefers writing stories on his own and therefore can’t really consider writing about someone else. In any case, it is much more fun to write his own.

Deon Meyer acquired a BA degree in History and English majors acquired from the Potchelstroom University of Christian Education, then advanced to obtain an Honours Degree from the University of Free State. He begun his career at Die Volksblad in the 1980s where he worked as a journalist. Starting as a copy writer at Sanlam, he was later promoted to be the internal communication’s manager and creative director of the publicity department. He started his own business after Sanlam then later proceeded to work with BMW.

Deon Meyer begun his writing career after an Afrikaans magazine published one of the short stories he had submitted to them. Most of his stories are based on the current social life and status of the people in South Africa. Most of these writings revolve around the genres of crime, fiction including suspense and crime fiction as well as thriller. One of the short story series written by Deon Meyer is the Benny Grissel Series which contains a total of five books. The first book he published, Dead Before Dying, was awarded film rights. The screenplay of this book was therefore written by Johann Potgieter who finished in 2008. A number of other novels have also received filming rights including Thirteen Hours which was awarded in August 2009 to Mancolm Kohll and Robert Fig who are both British producers, Heart of the Hunter and finally Orion. His novels have received various awards across the divide. An example is Devil’s Peak which recieved the Martin Beck award, is it’s French translation won the Reader’s Award as the best crime novel of 2010. He has also been nominated for numerous awards ever since he begun his career as a writer.

There is no specific order as to which you can read Deon Meyer’s novels because one novel is not connected to the other. This makes it possible for you to read one novel at a time and completely flow with the scenes.

One of the books which made it to the top all over the world was Dead Before Dying. This features a man who has been able to escape from his past for more than two years. He lost his wife who was also an officer for the government on the line of duty. We are therefore presented into an interrogation room with an officer Jourbet a man who has not been able to get a hold of himself. All this is however set to be changed by his new officer in command. In order to successfully investigate on the various major crimes such as robbery and murder, Bart deems it necessary that all his detectives in that line to be upright and healthy both mentally and physically. This would therefore mean that the detectives should keep their diet in check, among many other things. It is because of this that some of them actually fall off the hook because they find it difficult to accomplish this task. Joubert who is overweight and secure is dragged back to his old self by a new series of crimes that emerge.

Thee mysterious killings of individuals who are not connected or related in any way with a ten year old German handgun. In order to Polish on his investigative skills, Joubert pays weekly visit to his new therapist. In so doing, he also tries to escape the everyday advances made to him by his neighbor’s lusty teenage daughter. In the wake of a rising number of murder and robberies, the media threatens each and every move he makes. This is when Joubert realized that one can actually take the monkey from the forest but he can’t take the forest from the monkey. The mystery behind his wife’s death is about to be unearthed and it possess a great threat.

Death Before Dying is a character self-driven story that portrays how a person’s inner will could motivate him to rise or fall back deeper into the pit he is currently in.

The second book which was published in the year 2000 is Dead at Daybreak. The book has been translated to three languages including German, French and English. The novel features an ex-cop Zet Van Heerden who is damaged inside and therefore behaves in a self destructive manner. He reluctantly takes on a job for Attorney Hope Beneke. An antique dealer is murdered in an execution manner using a military attire M16. His will which could have otherwise been used to settle all his estates is missing. In the process of uncovering much more, Zet finds out that Smith actually had a fake ID. Adjacent investigations lead him to the core of South Africa’s dirty past thereby attracting the attention of high end criminals and killers.

Deon Meyer therefore effectively incorporates the progress of all the investigations with Zet Heerden’s personal life story from the point when he was a respectable man up until the time when he lost his dignity and morals to become the man he currently is. Dead at Daybreak is a novel that draws our compassion and human values to a high level that is not easily explainable by man. The brutal killings lead to a development of a horrific hunt which leads to the revelation of Zet’s transformation from the past.

Deon Meyer has been able to capture the attention of his readers who are often thrilled by the ways in which one’s past is able to shape the future. This is owed to the fact that you are capable of choosing what you want, either to remain in the dark holes of your past of stand up and make change.

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