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Publication Order of Department of Thirty Books

Department Thirty (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mesa Conspiracy (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blackjack Conspiracy (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Triangle Conspiracy (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Department Thirty series is a series of action and thriller novels written by one of the prolific authors from The United States named B. Kent Anderson under the name of David Kent. It is comprised of a total of 4 books which were released between the years 2003 and 2006. Author Kent has described the chief protagonist of this series in the role of Ryan Elder, who works as a radio journalist. At the start of the series, Ryan is seen investigating about the story of his journalism career. Author Kent began writing the series in the year 2003 and released its debut title in the same year, which is called as The Department Thirty. After publishing the 4th book of the series author Kent informed that he is not going to write any more books in the series and with this he ended the series. At the beginning of the series, Ryan Elder is described as an ordinary kid who goes to college. His life gets torn apart and shattered because of the shocking double suicide of his parents. After the passage of a few years, he is still haunted by his huge loss. In order to move on in life, Ryan tries to bury his past life and start living normally. However, a normal life turns out to show a whole new meaning to him.

A battered letter reaches him, which contains nothing else but the words ‘Department Thirty’ and a phone number. What makes Ryan even more shocked after receiving the letter is the fact that it was written in the handwriting of his mother. In the events that follow in his life after getting the letter, Ryan Elder gets lured into his childhood home located in Oklahoma City. He also starts unraveling the connection of his parents to a mysterious agency that used to work for the government. Eventually, Ryan learns about a web of betrayal, assassination, and mencing, as well as a shadowy figure who seems to know a lot about the his past life. It turns out that the destiny of Ryan now lies in the hands of this unknown person. Ryan later learns about a terrorizing act at the domestic level and begins to find out the reason as why he was made a puppet in the deception legacy. Author Kent has done an excellent job in developing the paranoia and suspense of this conspiracy thriller series. He has included a number of electrifying twists in the plots which make them even more intriguing and interesting to read.

One of the most popular books written and published in the Department Thirty series by author David Kent is titled as ‘The Blackjack Conspiracy’. It was released by the Pocket Book publication in the year 2005. The main characters introduced in the plot of this book other than Ryan Elder include Alex Bridge and Faith Kelly. At the start of the story, author Kent has continued to describe a secret government agency called as Department Thirty. This agency is shown getting involved in erasing the identities of the most notorious criminals in exchange for the types of information that people would not think twice to kill for. Later in the plot, Alex Bridge is introduced as a young, married, and pregnant musician. She faces the accusation of embezzling a huge sum from her employer, which is believed to a big media conglomerate. To make the matters worse for her, the FBI agent who was appointed to investigate the embezzlement gets murdered. All the evidences in the murder case point towards Alex Bridge. At this point, Faith Kelly enters into the life of Alex. She is an agent from Department Thirty and has been recently promoted as a case officer. Faith is also a former deputy marshal of the United States. She offers to give her full support to Alex Bridge on the condition that she would provide the testimony about all the financial misdealings of her employer. However, the main problem is that both Alex and Faith are up against a deep conspiracy which is actually deeper than it appears. The roots of the conspiracy date back to more than a hundred years when the massacre of a notorious frontier had taken place in the Oklahoma Territory. And the conspiracy behind the massacre still thrives in the American justice at the top levels. As Faith tries to expose the conspiracy, she plays the biggest gamble of her life and also risks her career. If Faith Kelly and Alex Bridge do not become successful in exposing those responsible for the massacre as well as killing the FBI agent, both of them might end up losing their lives. The game appears to be already fixed and the stakes are very high for the ladies to be risking their lives by going for the expose.

Another popular book written in the series by author Kent is titled as ‘The Triangle Conspiracy’. It was released by the Pocket Star publishers in the year 2006. Once again, Faith Kelly is described as the main lead in the story along with the other lead characters named Daryn McDermott and Sean Kelly. Faith is known to extort whatever information she needs from the most wanted criminals of the country. But, the new case that she takes up takes toll in many intimate ways and becomes one of the most dangerous ones of her career. When the case of Daryn McDermott comes to her, it challenges both her personal and professional responsibility. Daryn is the daughter of one of the most powerful and conservative senators. Her name is not only associated with a terrorist bombing, but also to the brother of Faith Kelly, named Sean. He works as an agent of the Customs and Immigration Enforcement and is hired to brink back Daryn to her home. But, it proves to be too late for that as Daryn’s dead body is discovered near the National Memorial of the Oklahoma City. Due to her murder, Sean becomes the suspect and runs away. Faith follows him, which leads her into an entangled wed of lies, private secrets, murder, and a deadly conspiracy. It appears that the past life of Faith Kelly has returned to take vengeance. It casts a shadow of doubt in the minds of all those she trusts and cuts into the heart of everyone that she loves.

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