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Derek Milman is an American actor and author that writes young adult novels. Derek spent some time in the movie and television business before making his mark on the literary landscape.

Derek Milman was born in 1979 in New York City. Most of his childhood memories revolve around Westchester County which is where he grew up. Derek took to reading and writing at a very early age.

He remembers writing stories about aliens and submarines, and he went so far as to reach out to video game companies in the hopes that they would take his stories and incorporate them into some of their games, possibly even bringing him aboard as a game designer.

The people Derek reached out to were nice enough to communicate back, commending him for his ideas but also telling him that it was not in their policy to add children like him to their employment roster.

The rejections did not dissuade Derek from his path, though. At the time, the author was pretty certain that his future lay in the arts. But he didn’t know for certain that he wanted to write.

Though, in high school, Derek began to take the first tentative steps towards a career in writing and publishing. The author helped create an underground magazine featuring humorous columns and stories that Derek actually convinced local stores to sell on his behalf.

The undertaking was far more successful than Derek could have hoped, eventually earning him the attention of the New York Times which wrote an article on him. Derek was only 14 at the time and yet he garnered the recognition of far more experienced writers.

A student of Northwestern University, Derek eventually studied and earned certifications in English, and Theater, not to mention Creative Writing. He also got himself an MFA in Acting (Yale School of Drama).

The author’s first notable work was a play he wrote shortly after leaving college and which saw the light of day in New York City. The achievement opened the doorway for the author to put his acting abilities to good use.

Some of Derek’s fans will attest to seeing him perform in plays all over the country. This is on top of his television and movie work. Derek Milman’s resume includes stints on ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Law and order’.

Derek was in his late thirties when he finally sat down to write “Scream All Night”, his first novel. By then, Derek had done everything from Djing to teaching film and even working at a yoga studio.

“Scream All Night’, the book for which Derek is best known, follows the exploits of an emancipated young man who tries to save a failing horror movie studio. The concept for the book was inspired by the author’s love for movies.

Derek isn’t just a casual viewer of film. He is passionate about the art form. And as a young man, he was particularly drawn to a British Production Company called Hammer Horror that made monster movies in the 1950s.

It was from Hammer Horror that Derek created the B-horror movie studio around which the plot of ‘Scream All Night’ revolves. The book was picked up by an imprint of HarperCollins.

The author primarily writes Young Adult novels. When he isn’t producing fiction, Derek can be found playing video games or wandering around Manhattan. The author believes that his experience as an actor has had a positive impact on his writing.

As an actor, Derek is better equipped than most to get into the mind of a character and to understand the rhythm of dialogue.

+Scream All Night
Moldavia Studios makes B-Horror Movies. They are based out of an iconic castle that not only houses the cast and crew but also acts as the setting within which many of the studio’s movies are shot.

Dario Heyward wants nothing to do with Moldavia Studios. The day he left, he promised that he would never go back there. It has been three years since that day, and Dario has succeeded in keeping that promise, primarily because he was able to get emancipated from his father, a famous director.

Dario doesn’t know what to make of an invitation to come back home. His brother wants him to be part of a tribute that will be paid to their father’s first film. Despite his reservations, Dario acquiesces to the invitation. But he is determined to make his visit a one-time occurrence.

If anything, the opportunity will allow Dario to get some closure with his past. And it helps that Hayley, his first love, will also be in attendance. Dario does not expect to get drawn back into the chaos of Moldavia studios and neither is he prepared for the horrors that begin to manifest.

If the young man wants to save the studio and the people who rely on its operations, he must face his demons.

“Scream All Night” was well received when it debuted. The book follows the exploits of a young fellow who grew up in a gothic castle where many horror movies were shot by his father, a director.

Dario was driven to flee his insane home by a traumatizing occurrence. And after getting emancipated, he succeeded in carving out a new life for himself. This book spends a lot of time delving into the minutiae of moviemaking which some people will enjoy while others might hate.

Dario’s story has been praised for its humor and heartbreaking elements. Dario narrates the tale. He has been handed the unenviable task of keeping his father’s studio running after the old man dies.

However, keeping the failing studio afloat is no easy task and Dario must rely on the assistance of an eclectic bunch of characters, most of whom cause more trouble than they solve.

‘Scream All Night’ tends to get quite dark, especially when it begins exploring the backstories of its characters.

+Night Flight
This comedic thriller follows the exploits of a teen who is drawn into some dangerous business via a case of mistaken identity. Now terrorists and government agents alike are out to get their hands on him. And he won’t survive unless he can figure out who he can trust.

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