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About Derek Thompson

British novelist Derek Thompson is massively well regarded for his thriller and mystery novels, injecting them with his own unique brand of wit. Really keeping the reader guessing throughout, he takes them on a journey that holds their attention every step of the way. Pushing the envelope more than once, he’s a talented writer with so much to offer, and his list of accomplishments proves it. Winning numerous awards for his writing, he’s become a key figure in the literary scene, reaching countless readers far and wide.

Becoming a much sought-after name, he’s now a household name for many, with readers returning to his work time and time again. Letting his stories speak for themselves, he creates a rich and evocative atmosphere that really draws the reader in and holds them there. Focusing on short fiction, too, he has a style that’s instantly recognizable as his and his alone, creating a unique brand that’s very much his own. He’s also a respected comedic voice, writing for a number of different publications and outlets over the years.

Creating characters that really do stand out, his protagonists are known for being equally engaging with something to say. Making an impact upon the reader, they leave them wanting more, really making a powerful impression in the process. This approach, coupled with his passion for writers such as Raymond Chandler, makes him one of the best writers in his field today. With lots more to come still, he hasn’t finished just yet either, with a lot more planned for release in the near future.

Early and Personal Life

Born in London in the United Kingdom, Derek Thompson grew up keenly interested in reading and writing. Developing his passion for literature, he would focus on writing, primarily looking at mysteries and film noirs. Interested in writers such as Raymond Chandler, he would follow in his footsteps, making his own unique imprint on the genre.

Taking much of his inspiration and insight from the world around him, he would seek to create his own take on the spy thriller genre as well. Infusing elements of comedy into his writing, too, he would refine and hone his craft, creating his own distinctive approach over time. He continues to write regularly with plenty more to follow as his writing career carries on, growing from strength to strength.

Writing Career

Starting out back in 2015, Derek Thompson would begin his literary career with the mystery thriller novel ‘Standpoint.’ This book would also start the soon to be much loved ‘Thomas Bladen’ series of novels that would carry on in much the same vein. Following the eponymous British Intelligence operative, the books feature Thomas Bladen as a sardonic surveillance expert who’s a little rough around the edges.

Later Thompson would follow up his first series with his second mystery collection, the ‘Detective Craig Wild Mysteries.’ These would feature Detective Craig Wild solving various different mysteries in and around Wiltshire, beginning with the book ‘Long Shadows’ in 2020. Publishing work for prestigious outlets such as ‘The Guardian,’ he would begin writing back in 2008, fully starting in 2009, and he hasn’t looked back since.


Initially published through the ‘Joffe Books’ publishing imprint, this would be the fifth title in the ‘Thomas Bladen Spy Thriller’ series. Continuing on from the last, this particular mystery would revolve around the eponymous characters’ time spent working in the MI5. With the previous book focusing on the Met Police, this series is varied, with a different government department for each title. Every book in the series features its own mystery, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be read in order, although there is an ongoing arc for returning fans.

There has been an organized attack by terrorists on London, and the security services must scramble to make an effective response. In the middle of this is surveillance expert Thomas Bladen, as he finds MI5 is taking over his department, and he’s lost a weapon while tracking an MP. Then two vital SSU personnel disappear, and Bladen must now choose between loyalty and protocol before being forced into a pact with an old foe. Where do his loyalties really lie, can he discover the truth before it’s too late, and what will finally become of this particular flashpoint?

While the book itself is authentic in its language, there is a glossary handily provided for much of its British slang. An immersive mystery thriller, the book is definitely a fun and engaging story that really makes the most of the genre. Featuring plenty of action along the way, it really manages to maintain a sense of pace and momentum throughout as well, never letting up.

West Country Murder

The second title in the ongoing ‘West Country Murder’ series of novels would carry on from the first with another self-contained mystery. Released on the 26th of January in 2022, it would be released on the Kindle platform and through ‘Joffe Books’ to an already eager audience. Easy to pick up, it’s a series that doesn’t need to be read in order, with it being a straightforward mystery narrative.

At first, appearing to be asleep in his car, it would seem he’s actually dead on closer inspection, as PC Marnie Olsen discovers a signed copy of local author Juliette Kimani’s novel at the scene. Realizing the victim was using a fake name, Detective Craig Wild learns that he may have been involved in something much deeper. Looking to get to the bottom of the case, he must uncover the truth, but if only Kimani would stop insisting she’d never met the victim. Who really has something to hide, can Wild discover what really happened, and what is the truth of this West Country murder?

A straightforward murder mystery, this story definitely works on multiple levels, providing an innovative and compelling narrative. The characters themselves are very well established as well, keeping the reader interested the whole way. There are countless twists to keep the audience hooked, never quite knowing what’s coming at the next turn of the page.

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