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The Other Magic (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Way (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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To Earn the Sash (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Wield a Plague (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Derrick Smythe

American fantasy author Derrick Smythe is an engaging and intelligent writer who’s known for his diverse and imaginative stories. Really grabbing readers from the outset, he takes them on a journey, really pushing the art form to the limit and beyond. This unique approach of his sees him really pushing the boundaries of what the genre can do, reaching some bold, new, and exciting ideas. Knowing his audience well, too, he has a clear understanding of what’s expected of him while also saying what he wants to say.

Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he has a different writing approach that allows his idiosyncratic perspective to shine through. Immersed heavily within the realms of fantasy, he’s hugely talented with a lot to offer, drawing his readers in and holding them there for the duration. Letting his work ostensibly speak for itself, his sense of world-building is unparalleled, creating vast and expansive universes. He ensures that his readership comes back time and time again, ready to explore even further with him.

His characters are also very well drawn, creating fully three-dimensional personalities that really do leap out from the page. Creating a very real sense of rapport with the audience, his protagonists feel wholly real and genuine in their portrayal in his fiction. Many of his stories take his audience to far-off distant lands, but they never forget to keep the reader grounded with realistic characters. There’s so much more to come, too, as his writing career continues to grow and onwards for some time.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a clear love and passion for reading and writing, Derrick Smythe was born and raised in Upstate New York. Developing his love of literature over the years, he would refine and hone his skills as a writer with something of his own to say. Crafting a voice for himself, he would create his own unique style of writing, becoming a fully competent fantasy author in his own right.

Drawing from a range of different authors, he would be influenced by such contemporaries as Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan. Authors such as these would come to shape him as a writer himself, along with his own experiences and inspiration from which he’d draw. Currently living in his hometown with his wife and children, he continues to write and hike, always searching for his next big idea.

Writing Career

For most of their career, Derrick Smythe has focused on the fantasy genre, as he draws from a rich literary tradition. His first novel, ‘The Other Magic,’ would come out in 2019 and would quickly become an Amazon bestseller, reaching audiences far and wide. This book would also become the first in his ‘Passage to Dawn’ series of books, as he’d go on to create a whole fantasy franchise.

He’s also contributed to other collections of fantasy stories, such as ‘Trove of Tomes’ in 2021, which saw him contribute a short story alongside other writers in the genre. The stories he’s created have resonated with readers worldwide, and this can also be seen in his debut novel follow-up ‘The Other Way,’ which came out in 2021. There’s a lot more planned in the future for Smythe as well, as his writing career carries on, growing from strength to strength.

The Other Magic

Originally coming out on the 20th of November in 2019, this would be the first book in the ‘Passage of Dawn’ fantasy series. It would also be the debut novel from Derrick Smythe, showing what he had to offer as an author for the very first time. Winning numerous awards upon its release, it would come out through the ‘Dorean Press’ publishing imprint and fast go on to become an Amazon bestseller.

Set in a fantasy world where only clerics have the permission to use magic, Kilbure finds himself in danger when he discovers powers of his own. Using his power, he suddenly finds himself fighting for his abilities, as a rogue priestess helps him after initially being assigned to take away his powers. Now they’re both on the run, and a fate even worse than death awaits them both when the wielders of the Empire finally catch up with them. Can they ever hope to escape, why did the priestess help Kilbure, and what will finally become of the other magic?

Setting up the ‘Passage of Dawn’ series, this fantasy story works extremely well on a number of different levels. Establishing the style and tone of the series, the book sets about creating a whole world for the reader to explore in the books to follow ostensibly. Introducing the character of Kilbure for the first time, too, the story really manages to bring him to life, showing who he is as a person.

The Other Way

This second book from Derrick Smythe would come out on the 8th of November in 2021, as it would follow on from the previous title. An award-winning series, this would be the second in the ‘Passage of Dawn’ collection of books, continuing on directly from the last story. Each book needs to be read in order, as they have an ongoing fantasy arc, with the story itself needing to be followed.

Given a chance to learn his magic, Kibure is offered the chance to control it by his captors, although this will come at a cost. Everyone who offers to help him is not doing it for altruistic reasons, and the clock is ticking for Kibure as he must fulfill his destiny. Then there’s Prince Aynward, who’s been framed for killing his own father, the king, as his sister Dagmara seeks to help him escape judgment. Will he manage to break away and find the truth, can Kilbure learn his magic, and what shall become of them all as they find the other way?

This book really delivers on the promise of the first novel, really creating some effective world-building in the process. There’s so much to offer here, from the characters to the surrounding environment, making for a hugely immersive experience. Paving the way for more stories to come, it’s a story that will work for long-term fans of fantasy and newcomers to the genre alike.

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