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Publication Order of Desert Plains Books

A Killer's Wife (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crimson Lake Road (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Unreliable Truth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Victor Methos is an American author originally from Afghanistan.

Victor came to the United States all the way from Kabul, Afghanistan, when he was nine years old. He was just ten years old when he wrote his first short story in English.

Today he is the best-selling writer of over fifty novels. He has received praise from critics and readers for his books and has been nominated for an Edgar Award for best novel for his book A Gambler’s Jury. He also received the 2020 Harper Lee Prize for legal fiction for his book The Hallows. He has also been nominated for an Edgar Award for his book A Gambler’s Jury.

Methos enrolled in law school at the University of Utah. He has served as both a prosecutor as well as a criminal defense attorney. He has conducted over a hundred trials that have dealt with everything from cases involving the death penalty to suing police departments over civil rights violations to defending Native American tribes and their right to practice their religion freely.

Methos first realized that he wanted to become a lawyer when he was thirteen years old when his closest friend was interrogated for over eight hours by the police and ended up confessing to a crime that he did not actually commit. Once he had graduated law school, he worked as a prosecutor in Salt Lake City before moving on to found his criminal defense firm in Utah.

One of his cases stuck with him and would end up becoming the basis for what would become his first huge best-selling book, The Neon Lawyer.

His books have reached number one status in not only the United States but Australia, India, the U.K., and many other places all over the world. Victor currently resides in the southern area of Utah. He enjoys writing and hanging out with his dog Fraiser. He divides his time between southern Utah and Las Vegas.

Victor Methos is the creator and the author of the Desert Plains series. The series first got started with the publication of the debut book in the series in 2020, A Killer’s Wife. The follow-up to the debut would come out shortly after, with Crimson Lake Road being published in 2021. The third novel of the series came out in 2021 and is titled An Unreliable Truth.

A Killer’s Wife is the first book in the Desert Plains series by Victor Methos. If you have been searching for a good thriller, check this book out!

This is the tale of a prosecutor that gets confronted with the dark parts of her past and her fears for the future. Main character Jessica Yardley is a prosecutor. Fourteen years ago, her husband ended up going to prison after being found guilty of multiple horrible murders.

Years later, she has been able to make a life with her daughter and provide for her and is working as a respected attorney. By all counts, she is finally moving on. The last thing that she expected was a new series of homicides to crop up. Even worse, it seems that they have all the signatures of her ex-husband Eddie being behind them.

Just like that, all of the nightmares of her past are quickly coming back, and Jessica has no idea what she is supposed to do about it. Fortunately, the FBI has their own ideas. And she doesn’t much like what they are. The FBI requests that Jessica become a part of the hunt for this copycat killer. It’s going to involve a lot from her, like visiting her ex and working with the very same man that made sure that her life was torn to pieces.

It’s not an appetizing deal to Jessica by any means, but she can’t turn down the FBI. The motives for the copycat killer slowly start to become clearer, but at the same time, the life that Jessica has put together for herself is getting steadily darker. She now has to ask herself if there’s anybody that she can trust.

She also has to look deep inside and question if she is even capable of getting out there and stopping the killer. This is a man who is a twisted criminal mastermind and whose every crime is a bloody valentine. She’s scared that she may never get away from him or the past. Can Jessica find out who the killer is and stay safe, protecting her daughter in the process? Read this thriller to find out!

Crimson Lake Road is the second book in the Desert Plains series by Victor Methos. If you liked the first book in the series, keep up with Jessica Yardley in the second installment in the best-selling author’s Desert Plains series.

Prosecutor Jessica Yardley is back again, and with another psychopath on the loose to contend with. She may want her life to be normal, but sometimes that’s just not what comes with the territory.

Jessica is working to catch a serial killer who is obsessed with art before she ends up becoming his next work of art. She’s the type to want to stay out of trouble, but sometimes trouble just ends up finding her. She’s on the verge of retiring and is actively doing so, but when another case comes up, she finds that she can’t say no to doing one last investigation.

This one is particularly interesting and catches her attention. The investigation is into a series of murders that appear to have been inspired by a variety of grisly paintings referred to as “The Night Things”. She’s one of the only people who can catch this killer, who has left behind him a number of bodies in the rural community located just outside of Las Vegas.

As the case goes on, it turns out that the more she discovers, the murkier the case appears. When she runs out of options, she decides to consult with her killer ex-husband so she can get into the mind of the killer and their motivations to commit these crimes. Soon she starts to realize that going after this case may have been a huge mistake. Will she catch a killer, or be their final masterpiece? Read this thriller to find out!

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