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About Desideria Mesa

As a fantasy author, Desideria Mesa has been honing her craft for many years now. She has developed an impressive talent for creating unique and vibrant characters, protagonists, and settings that draw readers in and provide a captivating escape from reality.

In addition to her skill in crafting memorable characters and protagonists, Desi is a master storyteller. She is able to create compelling stories with engaging narratives full of suspense, emotion, and intrigue. Time and again her stories have captured the imaginations and hearts of readers who are swept away by her powerful and empathic tales.

A true talent for the written word, Desideria Mesa has made her mark in the fantasy world with her unique and captivating stories. Each one is a special journey, an invitation to experience something new and fantastical. Even after many years of writing, Desi is still exploring ways to bring her stories to life and is constantly in pursuit of new and exciting ideas in the genre.

Desi is a true master of weaving intricate tales full of emotion, complexity, and intrigue. The characters she creates come alive on the page, and her stories are so engaging that readers can’t put them down. Rather than simply relying on traditional tropes and plot points, Desi creates unique stories that manage to capture readers’ attention.

With a rare, imaginative flair, Desi skillfully combines dynamic, memorable characters with compelling and exciting stories. She continually reinvents the conventional fantasy form to capture a new audience and provide a wealth of new perspectives. Her tales are filled with depth and a vivid sense of creativity—intriguing enough to make readers want more.

No matter the genre, Desideria Mesa is a master at turning her stories into thrilling, memorable experiences. Her writing is so creative and detailed that the reader can’t help but be captivated by her words and eager to join the protagonists on their adventures. Desi’s remarkable gift for crafting unforgettable stories and characters is sure to keep readers always wanting more.

Aside from her novels, Desideria Mesa has written a host of captivating short-stories and poems. With her signature creative style, she spins together tales that manage to perfectly encapsulate meaningful, relevant themes while always creating an entertaining, engaging read. Her skillful approach to poetry and short-stories adds to her overall body of works that captures the imagination of readers everywhere. Letting her work essentially speak for itself, she will continue to write with more planned for the future.

Early and Personal Life

At an early age, Desideria Mesa developed a love of reading and writing, something that she has carried with her throughout her life. As a child, she often spent most of her free time with her nose in a good book, delving into the worlds between its pages. As she grew, she started to write her own stories and poems, something that has become one of her passions, making a career of it as time went on.

Desideria continues to explore the realms of historical, science fiction, and fantasy novels. It is within her own stories, though, that Desideria has found true inspiration. In addition to novels, she also crafts her own songs and poetry, showcasing her passion through different media. Currently, Desideria resides in Kansas City.

Now, Desideria Mesa is a well-known author, with her books reaching readers from around the world. It is remarkable how she has grown and developed as a writer, taking her incredible creativity and imagination to craft stories that have captivated generations. As Desideria Mesa continues to write her stories, readers can look forward to experiencing many more of her unique and enjoyable tales.

Writing Career

Desideria Mesa has made waves in the literary world since her debut novel, Bindle Punk Bruja in 2022. Her ability to weave a captivating story that champions female empowerment and dialogue has won her countless accolades and allowed her to be included in numerous best-selling lists.

Also being represented by Rachel Brooks from the renowned BookEnds Literary Agency has allowed her to successfully pursue more projects and has helped her to create her second novel in the Bindle Punk duology. Desideria’s career is continuing to thrive and is inspiring readers everywhere.

Bindle Punk Bruja

Desideria Mesa released her stand-alone historical fantasy mystery, ‘Bindle Punk Bruja’ on September 13, 2022. The book was made available by Harper Voyager, an imprint of one of the world’s leading publishing houses, HarperCollins. Thus, readers all around the globe have the opportunity to delve into this captivating debut release by the multi-talented author.

Rose, daughter of an immigrant mother, navigates Kansas City’s bootlegging ladder whilst masking her identity. Her secret is to protect her family from the ever-present threat of prejudice living in a boxcar community with witches. Unabashedly, she plays the part of flapper and tests the limits of societal expectations. Throughout, Rose remains aware that her success captures attention beyond the local gangsters and businessmen who oppose her diversity.

Eventually, the Ku Klux Klan and Al Capone enter the drama, and Rose realizes that her unparalled earth magic may be her final hope. A lesson in faith, her biggest ambition is ultimately to learn to trust and save her family and friends.

This book offers an unforgettable journey as Rose’s story navigates big issues like prejudice and racism. It also offers an inspiring personal story as Rose deals with the complicated dynamics and bonds between family and friends that she holds dear. All in all, it is an engaging and uplifting story that will leave readers feeling empowered and reassured.

Other Writing

Beyond her exciting debut, Desideria Mesa is known for her writing that revolves around Latinx culture and magic. In the article “In My Family, Home is Where the Magic Is”, which appeared in Good Housekeeping, she delves into the magic and heart of her heritage.

In addition to articles, Mesa also produces an array of poetic masterpieces and custom short stories that offer a glimpse into her unique culture and magical background. On her website, Mesa offers an array of enchanting tales for readers to explore.

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