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Publication Order of Desperate Duchesses Books

Desperate Duchesses (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Affair Before Christmas (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Duchess By Night (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Duke Returns (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Duchess of Mine (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Duke of Her Own (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Weeks With Lady X (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Four Nights With the Duke (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven Minutes in Heaven (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Desperate Duchesses series is a novel series written by the New York Times bestselling novelist, Eloisa James. The series is based on the romance genre and consists of eight different novels published from 2007 to 2015. The sensual novel series depicts the central characters Lady Roberta, Jemma Beaumont, Damon Reeve, and others, and is set in London, England. The first novel of the series is titled ‘Desperate Duchesses’ and was published by the Avon publishing house in the year 2007. Being set in Kensington, London, it introduces Jemma, who is scandalous. Although, she is always understood as a notorious Duchess, she tries to portray herself as not very notorious. In this novel, Jemma gets involved in a couple of chess games. At first, she plays against her husband and then against Duke Villiers. He is himself a notorious bachelor and has been involved in a number of illegitimate relationships, but has not married yet.

The actual romance in the novel is based on Lady Roberta. She is the only daughter of Mad Marquess, who is well known for her poetry. She desires to have a duke as her husband., especially Duke Villiers. Jemma is her distant cousin, who keeps Lady Roberta on her mercy. She happily takes Lady Roberta with her and introduces her to the society. He also tries to throw her into her brother, Damon Reeve. There are scenes in the novel, which show the Damon’d illegitimate son and Lady Roberta’s unorthodox father, which make the whole story an interesting read. The second novel of the series was also published in the year 2007 by the same publishing house as the first one, under the title ‘An Affair Before Christmas’. This novel involves stories about Duke Villiers and Jemma. The plot of the novel is set in London, England and opens up with Duke Villiers being ill. He befriends a woman named Charlotte, who is young and beautiful.

The Duchess of Beaumont continues to play the game of chess against her husband, but only as a friendly match as Duke Villiers is not fit for playing the game. However, the main plot of the novel starts with another Duchess named Perdita or Poppy, as she is often referred to as. The Duchess Poppy is married to Duke Fletcher. He is an extremely handsome duke. The relation between the Duke of Fletcher and Duchess Poppy remain sour due to a number of reasons, mainly because of the prude nature of Duchess Poppy. The mother of Duchess Poppy adds salt to the injury and causes more tensions in their relationship. In the ending part of the novel, they attend a Christmas party which eventually turns out into a happy ending. Author Eloisa James ha adopted a smart and sassy way of writing the series. The series is full of literary allusions and excellent quotes occasionally. The setting of the series in Georgian England adds a refreshing touch to it. The series is written in a nontraditional way as the novels of the series do not start with the main characters, rather they depict the secondary characters first and then move on to the main characters with the changing plots.

In the first novel of the series, Lady Roberta is introduced as the daughter of Mad Marquess, who is desperate to get married to a duke. She falls in love with Duke Viliers after seeing him in a crowded ballroom, However, Duke Viliers is a game player and quite flirty in nature. He has been involved in illegitimate relationships a number of times and even bears illegitimate children from his relationships. He is depicted as a notorious duke, who is not interested in marriage. Lady Roberta lives along with her distant cousin, Jemma. She asks her to get her married to a handsome duke. However, Jemma plans to get her married to Damon Reeve, as she is aware of the notorious nature Duke Villiers. Damon Reeve is also looking for a beautiful girl to marry and seems interested in Lady Roberta. He discovers that Lady Roberta is interested in marrying Duke Villiers and feels disheartened. He, however, is determined to protect Lady Roberta from falling for a wrong person. The novel shows the attempts of Damon Reeve in trying to prevent Lady Roberta from chasing the wrong destiny. The plot of the novel is very well described with high level chess games between the dukes and the duchesses.

The second novel of the series shows the story of the Lady Perdita Selby and Duke Fletcher. The plot of the novel opens up with Lady Perdita meeting the man she thought would be her love forever, the Duke of Fletcher. The two meet during the time of Christmas. Lady Perdita was often known as Poppy to her friends and family. She is quite innocent and an extremely beautiful and young English woman. The Duke of Fletcher id also an attractive man with a sensuous personality. Soon, the two fall in love with each other and get married. Their marriage takes place on a grand scale. Such a romantic wedding was never seen before by anyone. However, after a few years of their relationship, Lady Perdita and Duke Fletcher begin to quarrel on petty issues. They depict themselves as a perfect couple in front of others, but behind the closed doors, their love affair does not produce the spark as before. It seems to have burned out. However, the Duke of Fletcher is determined not to lose the woman he had always thought of. He strives to win back her love and affection. During a Christmas party, the Duke of Fletcher indulges into a sinful seduction with Lady Perdita and wins her back with his charismatic romance. The novel was liked by many readers who praised Eloisa James for her depiction of Georgian Era costumes and attires. Even the romantic plot was enjoyed by one and all. The readers as well the critics applauded Eloisa James for her writings and motivated her to write more romantic novels. The series went on to sell a number of copies all over the world.

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