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Publication Order of Destiny Books

Destiny's Embrace (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Destiny series is a wonderful series of historical fiction, romance, western, and historical romance novels. It consists of a total of 3 books released between 2013 and 2014. The series is written by an award winning American writer named Beverly Jenkins. Every book in this series is comprised of a different set of main characters, who are depicted as indulging in romance as the series progresses forward. Author Jenkins has done the setting of the stories in the 1800s in California. At the very beginning, she has introduced a ranch owner named Alanza Yates, who has three sons, Andrew, Noah, and Logan. Each book’s story is based on the life of one of the sons of Alanza Yates.

The first book describes the story of Alanza eldest son Logan & his housekeeper and love Mariah. In the second novel, Beverly Jenkins has mentioned the story of the second Yates brother named Andrew and a very non-traditional heroine named Whilemina. Subsequently, the third book follows the romance story of Noah Yates and his extraordinary woman named Pilar. Every book of this series is very well received by the readers throughout the world. The books have garnered great reviews from numerous critics. Even the fellow writers of Beverly Jenkins have spoken highly of her storytelling abilities depicted in the books of this series. They have also given rave reviews and have motivated her to keep writing such exciting stories in the future as well. Beverly is grateful to her fans and supporters for believing in her work. She hopes to receive their dedicated support with all her future novels and keeping climbing the ladders of success.

The debut book of the Destiny series written by author Beverly Jenkins is entitled ‘Destiny’s Embrace’. It was released in 2013 by Avon publication. The book contains the lead characters as Mariah Cooper and Logan Yates. By writing this book, Beverly Jenkins has brought the readers back to American West. She has described Logan Yates as a self-important man. He spends all his time looking after his family ranch called Destiny. He keeps thinking of expressing his love for his free spirited and beautiful housekeeper, Mariah Cooper, but something keeps preventing him from doing so. Mariah too sees the love for herself in Jogan’s eyes and wishes to tell him about her feeling for him. But, she too fears to take the first step in expressing what her heart desires. As the two bicker incessantly, the sexual tensions between them clearly seem palpable. And as the former lover of Mariah arrives at Logan’s ranch to take her back with him, the attraction between Mariah and Logan become even stronger. Mariah wonders if she will be doing the correct thing by accepting Logan’s heart? Prior to arriving at Logan Yates’ ranch, Mariah Cooper was living in Philadelphia. She was headstrong and was looking to get a chance at starting a life outside Philadelphia. This is when she sees an advertisement in the newspaper for the requirement of a housekeeper at the ranch owned by Logan Yates.

Mariah thinks this is a golden opportunity for her, packs her bags, and moves to California. However, she didn’t have any idea that she will encounter the most arrogant and breathtaking man ever. Even though he develops feelings for the beautiful Mariah, Logan doesn’t show any interest in romance. His only focus is towards his family ranch that he has been running since he was a little boy. Logan does not think that he needs the Eastern miss that has been hired by his stepmother. But, after seeing the chaotic status of his house appears that he needs her housekeeping more than anything. Logan respects that Mariah much more than she gets and starts falling for her kind nature and beauty. He even feels the urge to take Mariah in his arms & kiss her. But, every time he gets the urge, he fights himself to get over it. However, when Logan sees the danger of losing Mariah forever, he chooses to give up his pride and embrace the true desire of his heart. Set in the 19th century California, the book features a satisfying mixture of passion & adventure and unforgettable characters.

The next mind blowing volume of the series is called ‘Destiny’s Surrender’. It was also published by Avon in 2013. For this novel, Beverly Jenkins has created the central characters in the form of Wilhelmina Wells and Andrew Yates. At the book’s start, it is shown that after spending years in sowing oats on his family ranch, Andrew Yates takes the decision of not doing that anymore. Instead, he intends to start a family of his own. He starts looking for a worthy bride, but realizes later that it is not as simple as he had expected. Andrew Yates meets many suitable women, but none of them seem to have the qualities he is looking for a bride. And while he is still busy with the process of bride-searching, the feisty and beautiful Wilhelmina Wells arrives at his ranch with a child in her hand. She says she is looking for Andrew and claims that the child is his son. After raising her child all alone for some time, Wilhelmina did not have any other choice, but to look for his father and let him know of his existence. She does not wish to have anything for herself and is willing to let Andrew have the child so that he can give him a better upbringing and life ahead. Seeing Wilhelmina after several years makes Andrew’s heart fill with joy. He himself didn’t know that he loved her much, and seeing her unexpectedly only makes him realize that.

Andrew also expresses joy over the fact that he has a son. He agrees to accept both of them and start the family that he so desperately wishes for himself. Andrew urges Wilhelmina to stay with him as he sees her as the perfect life partner. She possesses all the qualities that were lacking in the women he met as contenders for marrying him. Andrew even apologies for leaving her after sharing a night of passion. He promises to be with her for the rest of their lives and provide her all the happiness that she truly deserves. Seeing a changed Andrew, Wilhelmina gives up her anger and before she can think of anything, she finds herself reciting the marriage vows in the presence of a preacher. It makes both Wilhelmina and Andrew extremely happy to know that they still have the sizzling heat in common that had forced them to come together for passionate romance. This move on to turn this passion into an everlasting love.

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