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Publication Order of Destroyermen Books

The Destroyermen series is a series of historical fiction novels written by the well known American novelist and historian, Taylor Anderson. The series comprises of a total of ten books published between the years 2008 and 2015. The series deals with the adventures of the crew members of the USS Walker, a four stacker destroyer and the Japanese battleship called the Amagi. The two battle cruisers enter the war in the Pacific during the time of the second World War and end up getting drowned in an alternate world similar to that of the Earth. The alternate world is filled with different kinds of creatures and communities, even though the geographical conditions remain same as that of the real world. Some of the few notable creatures and communities of the new Earth are the Lemurians, Americans, Grik and the Japanese. The descriptions of these communities and races in the alternate world as given by the author are as follows:

The Lemurians are among the important races, who are indigenous to the alternate world where the series is set. The origin of the Lemurians is not known to anybody because. Before the history of the Lemurians could be recorded, there was a significant time frame. The only thing that is known about them is that they have developed on an island which is isolated from the other predators of the world. Since their origin, they have lived a peaceful and serene life in the trees on the Madagascar island. When a few members of the Lemurian race left the island and entered into the territory of the Grik, they were captured and killed. However, the Grik did not stop at that and wanted to search the rest of the Lemurians. Eventually, he sent his army in primitive ships and launched attacks on the Madagascar island in order to kill the Lemurian people. Although, the attacks were not successful in causing any destruction of the life of the Lemurian people because of the poor execution, they were enough for the Lemurian people to get devastated. The only mode of defense that the Lemurians had was to climb and hide behind the tree. As the time passed, the Grik kept on becoming a danger to the Lemurian race. They had no choice but to flee away from the Madagascar island. They built Home ships and began running away from the island, desperate and homeless. Later, they found refuge in Australia and East Indies. The appearance of the Lemurians is often described as a mixture of a cat and a giant lemur. Their height is shorter than an average human and they have a tail of around one yard. The Lemurians show emotion by blinking, changing their ear and tail positions and have a grin similar to that of the humans.

The Grik are the creatures of the alternate world similar to the lizards, who control the major parts of the world. The Grik use primitive ships and have a distinct hierarchy. The technologies used by them are mostly outdated, their trebuchets are similar to the Greek fire hurling a flaming ball. They also used large crossbows that can be used to attack from a far distance. The warriors of the Grik mostly wear leather armor and helmets and posses wooden spear, shields and small swords. The swords of the Grik are curved more sharply and can be distinguished easily. The naval force of the Grik is also outdated. They began copying the style building efficient ships by the Indiamen after one of them entered into their territory and got captured. They changed the designs of their crossbows and trebuchets and started using using English as their scientific language. The technology of the Grik became more advanced after the arrival of the Japanese battleship Amagi. They learned the methods of building canons, mortars, muskets and iron clads, from the Japanese army. The Grik are capable of producing the weapons on a large scale.

The Americans of the real world are engaged in a battle with the Japanese army during the second World War. They make use of the two destroyers, Walker and Mahan. While fighting in the Pacific, the destroyers get drowned into an alternate world along with Captain Matthew and a few crew members. In the alternate Earth, the Walker allies with the large vessel of the Lemurians named Salissa and sails to the city of Baalkpan with it. The Americans of on the Walker and the Lemurians form an alliance to fight against the Grik. They become successful in capturing one of the ships of the Grik. Slowly, the Americans begin to make long lasting and profound influence on the alternate world. They form a permanent alliance with the Lemurian race and exchange their culture, technology and innovation with the Lemurian race.

One of the initial novels of the Destroyermen series was titled ‘Maelstorm’ and was published in the year 2009 by the Roc Books. The opening plot of the novel shows that Captain Matthew and the Lemurians have won a few battles against the lizard race known as the Grik. In retaliation, the Grik are planning to wage a genocide war and send 500 ships carrying around 200,000 soldiers. The Grik are supported by the Japanese battleship called Amagi. The Amagi seems to be more powerful than the Captain Matthew’s vessel and poses a great threat to the Lemurian people.

One of the other initial novel of the series was published in the year 2010 by the Roc Hardcover publishing house. It was titled ‘Distant Thunders’. The plot of this novel continues to show the battle between Lemurians and the Grik, supported by Captain Matthew’s Walker and the Japanese Army’s Amagi. After the crew members of the Walker and the Lemurians became successful in repelling the Grik army, Captain Matthew is about to experience some more shocking events. A strange ship arrives filled with the British East Indiamen and captained by Commodore Jenks. The New British Imperial had been sailing through the rifts for centuries and has now been able to come out to give a helping hand to the Walker and Captain Matthew. After the battle with the Grik, the Walker is under repairs for the damages and has to be ready in time in case the Grik army returns again for one more battle. Captain Matthew also needs to make sure that every man on the deck is alert and ready to face the next attack by the Grik. Although Jenks is ready to help him by providing his own army, Captain Matthew is uncertain about the loyalties of Jenks and is reluctant to trust him. The distrust causes a tension between the Allies and the New Britain Imperial army, which seems to be even more dangerous than the Grik. As the tension grows, the two sides are about to indulge into a war.

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