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Publication Order of Detective Clara Jefferies Books

The Fallen Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Final Prayer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blessed Bones (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Detective Clara Jefferies Series
Detective Clara Jefferies is a mystery series by Kathryn Casey. The mystery stars Clara Jefferies’ a talented detective with a heart of gold. Certain events had made Clara flee from her home, swearing never to go back. However, when one of her many sisters disappears, she is forced back home. This marks the beginning of an adventure that will see her confront her past and hostile society. She will also be dealing with the injustices in her society. Clara is quickly promoted to be the chief of police in her hometown. Even if the community still shuns her, Clara’s position helps her address some of the evils that the town people had tolerated for far too long.

The Fallen Girls
The Fallen Girls comes first in the Detective Clara Jefferies series. This book introduces Clara Jefferies, a talented detective who has spent years running away from her childhood. She has almost managed to put Alber in Utah behind her when she hears of her baby sister’s disappearance. Her childhood crush Max wants to help Clara find her sister and unravel the mystery behind other reported disappearances. Clara knows how devastated her family was following Delia’s disappearance, so she decides to go home. After all her years of running, the now accomplished detective had learned that there are things you cannot run away from. Clara hopes to confront her past as she works to find her sister.

On getting to Alber, Clara discovers that her mother Ardeth had moved to the edge of town, isolating the family. Even with her daughter’s disappearance, Ardeth refused to talk to the police or even let Clara in their home. She is not happy to see Clara home either, just like the rest of the townsfolk. The girl who defied society’s polygamist faith was not welcome even in her own home. Ardeth believes that she can protect her own. However, Clara knows too well how incapable her mother is when it comes to protecting her children. When she launches her investigation on this case, Clara learns that two more girls had disappeared, all last seen close to the cornfields neighboring her family home.

A while later, a body is discovered, and Clara knows that she must move fast to stop the killer and hopefully find Delia alive. Clara will have to dig deep and unravel secrets the town has kept for ages to connect all the dots. She will have to confront the reason she fled this town in the first place. What secrets does Clara discover? The author describes the creepy cornfields in such detail you can hear the wind as it runs through the plants. The structure in the polygamist society is also well described and quite intriguing. Clara remains a likable character throughout, and her old crush is such a friend and companion even through difficult times.

The Fallen Girls is a chilling and gripping detective story and a great introduction to this series. Even though it is quite dark, this story will draw you in and remain fascinating to the end. The Mormon community where polygamy is practiced gives the book a unique twist and leaves you yearning to know more about it. Throughout this book, the pace is consistent, and there is never a dull moment. There are many characters you will enjoy meeting, and it is amazing how the author has taken time to develop them enough for the reader to care about their wellbeing.

Her Final Prayers
Her Final Prayers comes second in the Detective Clara series. Clara is now the Chief of Police in her small town in Utah. Her efforts in the first book did not go unnoticed. Even before she has settled in her job, Clara is called to a gruesome scene. A family has been massacred inside their home, leaving two wives and children dead. The man of the house is lucky to survive the attack even though his throat had been slit. He would have died if Clara had been a minute late. This killing happens in an area where Marmon was the main religion. Could Clara be dealing with another serial killer?

Clara’s heart cannot stop pounding when she gets into this family’s home. A quick scan on the porch reveals three lazy chairs now empty, rocking to the breeze. There are also children’s toys scattered throughout the house. However, the mounds in the yard are a cause for concern. Only large enough for children, these graves must have a story behind them, and Clara is determined to unravel the mystery. The father is already in the ICU. Clara also needs a temporary home to the young boy, Jeremy wailing, in his cot, oblivious of what is going on around him.

This is another gripping police procedural staring this outstanding detective. Clara will be busy investigating several murders as she continues to address the evils in society. The crimes happen in an area where the Mormon religion is widely practiced, and the community will still be giving Clara the cold shoulder. However, she is still determined to find justice and protect them. With a heartless killer to catch, Clara has to rush against time before another life is lost. Fortunately, despite the community’s hostility, Clara has a few people supporting her. Being a chief of police also means that she has enough resources at her disposal.

Her Final Prayers is a compulsive and captivating read. It is a fast-paced original story that is enchanting and easy to race through. The religious tensions make it unique, and the details on the Mormon community are intriguing. Clara will be working to find a ruthless killer who comes close to eliminating an entire family. Looking at the community, it is hard to imagine that one of them would be the killer. However, she had learned that a lot went on in this community, and it did not help that the people were not willing to speak up. Join Clara on this adventure that comes with many unexpected twists. The setting is unique, and the detailed descriptions will make you feel like you have lived in Alber before.

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