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Publication Order of Detective Clare Mackay Books

Marion Todd is an accomplished Scottish author.

She grew up in Dundee, a city that now is the host to the V&A Museum. She was always interested in writing and has had some of her point of view pieces published in such places like the Dundee Courier. She has also had success with her short stories, some having been published in My Weekly Magazine. Marion was also the recipient of the first-place prize in 1987 in a Family Circle Magazine Short Story for Children Competition.

In more recent times, Marion has decided to try writing crime fiction. She was also one of six commercial fiction writers that was picked to pitch to an XPO North industry panel in 2017 in Inverness. She made the long list for the Sunstory Award as well as the Scottish Arts Council Short Story Award. She also has made the short list for the Stripped program run by Dundee Reps.

Marion also held other jobs before becoming a writer. She has worked as a candle maker, a lecturer, and a pianist in a hotel lounge, a gig which did end up providing her with some material for her books. She loves writing and when not busy doing that she can usually be discovered dealing with the jungle that is her garden or taking a walk for some fresh air in the inviting Scottish countryside. Marion resides in North East Fife in an area that looks over the River Tay. She has a daughter and sometimes babysits her daughter’s lovable, but unruly, dog.

See Them Run is the first book in the Detective Clare Mackay series by Marion Todd. If you have been searching for something new to read, check out the debut in the series for yourself= and see why a famous Scottish town is hiding someone that is intent on murder.

A wedding celebration is being held one night, but for one of the guests, it will be the last party they ever attend. An invited member comes to a terrible end when he ends up being struck and killed in a hit and run accident. On top of that, a card with the number five written on it has been put on the chest of the victim.

This clearly needs to be investigated, so Detective Inspector Calre Mackay is assigned to the case. She recently came down from Glasgow and moved so that she could be a part of the St. Andrews force. She is heading up the investigation, but little does the team know that the killer is about to strike again so soon. The next night, another person is taken down and a card with the number four on it is found at the scene.

Now Clare and her team know that they are in a race against time. They’re up against the clock in their search to track down a killer that may be walking the streets of the Scottish town. They also have reason to suspect that they have the goal of doing three more murders.

The police want to cut down on any more deaths and are trying to get to the bottom of things, looking for any link between the victims. However, the people involved also have more invested than may be observed at first. As it turns out, if Clare wants to make any progress in this case she is going to have to face down her own past as well as find the secrets the victim and the killer are hiding. Can she do it and lock away a killer for good? Read this book to find out!

In Plain Sight is the second book in the Detective Clare Mackay series by Marion Todd. If you liked the first book in this Scottish detective series, check out the second installment!

The life of a kid is at stake, and one of the residents of St. Andrews might be hiding something. When an infant girl is taken from a spectator crowd at a local fun run, the police now have a big investigation to deal with. So big that they call in Clare Mackay.

She and her team must race to work to find the child and are spurred on even more when they find out that the kid has a medical condition that could be fatal. The further that Clare looks into this case, the more that she comes to realize that this was not a random kidnapping. Also someone knows who kidnapped the baby girl and why they did it. But can Clare get to them and get them to give up their secrets in time? Can she track down the baby before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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