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Publication Order of Detective Greene Books

With a background in criminal law, the Canadian writer Robert Rotenberg has a clear idea how the courts operate. This is something which has really given his work a highly refined level of accuracy and insight, taking it to an even deeper level of realism. Allowing his readers the chance to stop into this world, he creates both realistic people and situations, all which resonate with the audience. One series that he’s particularly well known for is that of his Detective Greene series that’s been ongoing for some time now. Set in Ontario, Toronto, in Canada, it shows Robert Rotenberg on extremely familiar territory as an author. Following Detective Greene over the course of the novels, it tracks his various cases alongside Officer Daniel Kennicott.

The series itself has four titles in total so far and counting, with plenty more room to potentially expand upon them. Well known for their precision and attention to detail, they really manage to capture the essence of the legal trade. With Rotenberg being an inhabitant of Canada, he’s really caught the atmosphere well too, bringing it to life in the process.

Old City Hall

First brought out on the 3rd of March in 2009, this was originally released through the Farrar, Straus and Giroux publishing label. Setting up the Detective Greene series overall, it manages to introduce all of the key characters and players involved in the franchise. Creating a sense of style and tone too, it also manages to build a feeling of atmosphere and ambiance in the process as well.

Novels with such subject matter are usually prone to cliches and following a set formula, but Rotenberg navigates these pitfalls well. Keeping the characters witty and engaging, he knows the law well, and how to make it exciting and thrilling too. With a clear predilection for truth and justice, Rotenberg’s time working in criminal law clearly shines through here. Canada is also a clear love and passion for him as an author too, as he writes about what he knows, letting his experience drive the story. With the locations themselves coming to life almost, it really works at building the world that they’re all set to inhabit. Keeping them vibrant as well, Rotenberg manages to juxtapose the character is against their environments, playing them off each other well. Not only does this novel introduce Detective Greene for the first time, but it also brings in many secondary characters too. Dealing with a traditional murder mystery, there are plenty of suspects all with motives for committing the murder. It is Detective Greene that shines through, though, as his powers of insight and deduction really get to the heart of the case.

The latest case on his hands appears to be an open-and-shut one, as a famous Canadian radio DJ has apparently killed his wife and confessed to it. Facing intensive police questioning he stays silent, as something doesn’t add up, despite him being found at the scene of the crime. It is then up to Greene to discover the truth of what happened and learn who the real killer is within all this. Will he be able to find out? Can he find them, or will an innocent man go to jail? What will happen at Old City Hall?

The Guilty Plea

Originally brought out in 2011 on the 3rd of May, this was set to be the direct follow-up to the first novel. Creating a real world set of principles, it keeps the action believable and easy to relate to for many of the readers. Released through the Simon and Schuster publishing label this time as well, it really manages to take things forwards.

Following similar lines as the first, this particular story provides a first-rate legal thriller that manages to keep its readers guessing throughout. Answering questions of truth and justice, it manages to get to the heart of what this really means as a concept. Looking into the politics of the courtroom as well, it’s ideal for anyone looking to get a glimpse into this world from an insiders perspective. Canada is also once again essential to the overall action lying at the heart of the story, with its own system of laws and values. With an expert understanding of how the legal system works there, this allows the reader an insight into a world they may otherwise not have had access to. Bringing the legal landscape to life once more, the author allows the reader to really get a feel for it all. With Detective Greene at forefront of the action once again, it also manages to develop his character and background as well. Showing a keen insight, he’s a shrewd expert of the system, whilst simultaneously allowing the readers to relate to him on a personal level. As readers feel he resonates with them, it makes the story all the more real and, ultimately, believable too.

There’s a major divorce trial set in the works, and it looks like it’s going to grab the attention of the nation. The night before, though, it looks like it’s going to fall apart, as the youngest son of the Wyler Food Dynasty, Terrance Wyler, is found dead. Step-up Ari Greene as he once again must uncover the truth, which again looks open-and-shut after the wife Samantha turns up at his office holding the bloodied knife. Is she really to blame? Can he uncover the truth? How will be making the guilty plea?

The Detective Greene Series

A quick-witted and worthy addition to the genre overall, the character of Detective Greene is an enduring one. Setting up his own niche within the literary field, it manages to draw out the best attributes of the mystery novel as a whole. Whilst many other mystery novels may fall by the wayside for being too predictable, it’s Rotenberg’s vast knowledge on the subject that manages to keep this series fresh. Knowing the area as well, it really makes a difference being located in Canada, lending it a unique perspective on the legal system and how it works. A confident writer, Rotenberg excels here it capturing the reader’s imagination and grabbing their attention for the duration of the novels. Creating his world and his characters, this is a series that has a lot to offer not only devotees of the genre, but newcomers as well, thus ensuring its timeless quality will last for some time yet.

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