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Publication Order of Harry Virdee Books

Streets of Darkness (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Zero (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Sinners (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Way Out (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood Divide (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Detective Harry Virdee
Detective Harry Virdee is the main character in a mystery series by A.A. Dhand. The series documents the life of detective Harry Virdee both at work and home. Harry, who also happens to be a Sikh, is married to a Muslim woman. The two lose the support of their families, but this does not stop them from building a life together. Join Harry in his adventures as he works to rid the city of Bradford of the criminals who have dominated it for far too long. The series also allows you into Harry’s personal life where you meet his wife and son among other family members.

Streets of Darkness
Streets of Darkness is the first book in the Detective Harry Virdee series. The book stars Detective Harry, a man confronted by the possible loss of his job. Harry is currently going through a suspension, and there is an upcoming hearing to worry about. That said, Harry is not particularly worried. This is not the first time he is getting punished for ignoring the rules and doing things his way. This is not to mean that Harry is a rogue policeman, far from it. The man will go to great lengths to ensure that justice is done.

This book starts with Harry doing his early morning run around his neighborhood when he comes across the body of Shakeel Ahmed. Shakeel is the newly elected MP of Bradford. The respectable man of Asian origin has been not only an upstanding member of society but also a leading light on business matters. When Harry finds him, his body is crucified. Who would have committed such a heinous crime, and what was their motivation?

DNA results implicate Lucas Dwight, the former BNP leader. Lucas has just been released from prison, and he is known to have played a key role in instigating the Bradford riots. Despite his suspension, Harry is requested by his boss to go undercover and ensure that Dwight is brought to book without a repeat of previous uprisings.

Harry plays by his rules to get the job done. He has beaten a man to a pulp to get the information he required, and he is ready to do it all over again. Here, Harry is working by himself, meaning that there is a lot he needs to get done. To make matters more complicated, Harry and his wife are expecting their firstborn. However, these two will have to go through hell before the baby comes. Away from law enforcement, Harry is a Sikh and a respected member of his community.

This is an eccentric debut novel that explores religious and cultural differences in a Muslim and Sikh marriage. While Harry and his wife Saima are deeply committed to their marriage, they do not have the support of their parents simply because the two decided to marry outside their religion. Harry also introduces the reader to the tensions that are always simmering in the inner city. Then there are the drugs and associated gang fights, where the losers pay with their lives.

If you are looking for an action-packed story featuring a detective who is not afraid to go against the grain, Streets of Darkness is a great choice. The pace is just right, and there are numerous twists that you will barely see coming. These, in addition to the beautiful narration, turn this book into a page-turner.

Girl Zero
Girl Zero is the second book in the Detective Harry Virdee series. Yet again, Harry has proven that he is the best of the Bradford Police Force detectives. The once-thriving city of Bradford is now characterized by drugs, racial tension, and prostitution, among other vices. Harry, together with his colleagues, is determined to change and restore his beloved city to its former glory.

In this book, Harry finds himself over his beloved nieces’ body. Tara was close to Harry’s heart, and it is sad to watch his brother Ronnie mourn the death of his daughter. To say that Harry is heartbroken is an understatement. He is determined to find the killers and ensure that they pay for their heinous crime.
Harry’s superiors tell him that he cannot be part of the investigation given the fact that the victim is practically family. But this does not stop Harry. Given his habit of breaking the law and defying orders, his blatant refusal to stay away from the case does not come as a surprise to his bosses.

This case will take Harry to the seedy underworld of Bradford, where his brother Ronnie lives. While Harry is estranged from his family, he has maintained a close relationship with Ronnie all through. It is Harry who breaks the news of Tara’s death to his brother. Harry has to be careful when he is doing this as his brother is known to act first and think later. The two brothers work in different worlds, but they both have something in common, they will use whatever method to get the results they desire.

Harry delves into his niece’s life only to discover that the reason why the young girl left home is that she found her father’s criminal empire. Tara’s friend Sarah gives Harry an idea of the mess that Tara had gotten herself into before she is killed. The young woman had merely been trying to save a mother and her child from death. Guilt-laden at having done nothing to protect his niece, Harry confronts a powerful criminal ring. He is sure that this will not go down well with his brother, but he will stop at nothing where his niece’s killers are concerned.

This is yet another well-written piece by A.A. Dhand. The second of this series, A Girl Zero, expounds further on the differences brought about by culture and religion. Get to meet Harry’s son Aaron and witness as the young family focuses on building a life together. While the two still put more effort into engaging their families, the reception is always bad. However, when a member of his family is killed, Harry goes all the way to ensure that justice is served. If you are looking for a solid detective story with a great storyline and an equally good pace, this A.A. Dhand creation is a wonderful choice.

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