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Publication Order of Detective Inspector Embla Nystrom Books

Hunting Game / Hunting Ground (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter Grave (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowdrift (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Helene Tursten is a Swedish published author of fiction. She is known for writing crime fiction as well as mysteries.

Helene was born on February 17, 1954, in Gothenberg and now resides there today. As an author in Sweden, her writing has gotten her compared to P.D. James. Many of her stories feature the main character of Detective Inspector Irene Huss.

Before becoming an author, Tursten worked as a nurse and then a dentist, but was forced to leave due to illness. During her illness, she worked as a translator of medical articles.

Helene has had many of her novels adapted into feature films. Many of the movies feature the recurring character, Irene Huss. Many of the films were produced by Yellow Bird Films and Illusion Films. They are filmed in Swedish featuring sub-titles of the English and Danish language. The Irene Huss films are a collection that features the Swedish police officer Irene (Angela Kovacs). There are twelve films that were released from 2007-2011 that are a total of 90 minutes. All of them are based on the books that have the same name by Tursten except for three of them.

The final three films were produced based on the characters of the books and the stories in them are independent of a novel. Many of the movies are set in the area of Gothenburg and readers get to see Irene in a professional setting but with her family as well. A dozen films ended up being produced in two different installments, with a primary round from 2007 to 2008 where the films were released and then another round in 2011 with the second installment of films being released. With the exception of the first, the movies went straight to DVD, with the first movie being featured in theaters before going to DVD. They have also been aired on television. The first season’s producers were Johan Fälemark and Hillevi Råberg and the second season’s film producer added Daniel Ahlqvist.

Helene Tursten is the creator and the author of the Detective Inspector Embla Nyström series of novels. The series first began in 2019 with the publication of the debut novel, Hunting Game. The second installment of the series was published in 2019 and is titled Winter Grave. The third novel in the series was published in 2020 and is titled Snowdrift.

Hunting Game is the first novel in the Detective Inspector Embla Nyström series of novels by author Helene Tursten. If you’ve been looking for exciting crime fiction to check out or are a fan of the Dragon Tattoo books, check out this series for yourself!

The main character in this story is Embla Nyström. She’s a woman that is often known for her sharpness, but when she’s residing in a world that appears to be run by men, what do you expect but for an unforgiving nature to develop? When on a hunting trip that should have been standard, a peer is murdered. Now it’s up to Embla to try and figure out who the killer actually is and track them down, all while contending with the past.

Embla is 28 years old and as far back as she can recall, she’s been dealing with her racing thoughts and her chronic nightmares. She’s dealt with it by putting her energy to use over the years, however. Now she’s putting all that nervous energy into working as the Detective Inspector in Gothenburg, Sweden’s mobile unit. She channels the rest of her energy into sports.

Embla is a good hunter and a Nordic welterweight of prize-winning proportions. But her job is a lot of stress so knowing that she’s going to be going to the moose hunt and get a small vacation with friends and family to go to an annual hunt is making her happy since she has that to look forward to. The only thing is that when she goes to Dalsland and gets to her uncle’s cabin, someone new is there.

Peter is attractive and mysterious and just recently got divorced. He makes the group thirteen, which seems like a bad omen. When bad things happen after, with two hunters going missing, could it really be that Peter’s bad luck? They all search for them, with Embla taking the lead. But it’s tragic news as one of them is soon discovered nearby in the lake.

Embla’s looking now for a killer, and it could very likely be one of them. As she looks into their pasts and their dark sides with some local help, can Embla find out who did this? Pick up a copy of this novel to find out!

Winter Grave is the second novel in the Detective Inspector Embla Nyström series of novels by author Helene Tursten. Set in the rural areas of Sweden, Detective Inspector Embla has another mystery case on her hands when she’s tasked with not only solving a murder but tracking down two children who are missing.

A young girl has gone missing just shortly before Christmas is due to arrive. The majority of the blame falls upon the last individual that was seen with her, a teen loner that gave the girl a ride home once school had ended for the day. Things are getting even tougher when detectives take him in but aren’t getting anything from him.

When a second kid goes missing, the town goes into alert. Worse yet, a cop is discovered dead. Things in Strömstad are tenser than they’ve been in a while. Everyone is on edge. The Detective Inspector is back at work for the first time in a while. Embla took some time to get over her interaction with a killer, which prevented her from defending her Nordic light welterweight title of champion.

While looking for the kids, she’s flashing back to an old case. Her best friend disappeared years ago. Embla wonders whether the two incidents could be connected. But time to find the children is running out. Can the detective find them before it’s too late? Read this suspenseful novel to find out!

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