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Angela Marsons is a U.K. author of fiction. She is known for writing crime fiction novels. She first discovered that she enjoyed writing when she composed a short story that centered around the sea and the rocks.

Marsons resides in Black Country along with her partner and some pets that include a parrot and a Labrador dog. She then continued writing and kept her compositions to herself in a desk drawer, tucked safely away. She was urged by her partner to enter a competition for writing. The short story contest resulted in her winning it and she had a few entries short-listed as well.

Encouraged by her success, Angela used Amazon KDP and published two earlier works she had written. Then she turned her attention to her true passion, which is crime fiction. Angela became an officially published author with the release of her 2013 book, The Forgotten Woman. She followed that up with Dear Mother and then went on to create a main character that, in her own words, ‘refused’ to disappear– Kim Stone.

Angela Marsons is the creator and writer of the Detective Kim Stone series. The series kicked off in 2015 with the release of the first book in the series, which is titled Silent Scream. Marsons followed that up with the sequel, titled Evil Games. There would be several more novels in this exciting English crime series. The eighth and ninth books in the series both came out in 2018. She has a deal in place to write a total of sixteen books featuring Kim.

Silent Scream is the first novel in the Detective Kim Stone series. Check out this exciting crime fiction series from popular writer Angela Marsons if you love all things murder mystery or crime novels.

When it comes to the past, some things can’t just managed to stay hidden. Even the deepest and darkest secrets out there must eventually come to light and cannot be buried under the surface for all time.

Flash back to the past as five people stand around a shallow grave. They have all taken their individual turns digging it and now are all witnessing the results of their work. With the life of an innocent now over but with a pact being made among all of them, they will take this particular secret to their graves before ever confessing what had gone down that night.

Several years later, a community is shocked when a violent death occurs. The residents of Black Country are astounded when a headmistress of a local school is discovered strangled to death. As it turns out, the gruesome act will be the first of many murders to rock the community before the event is through.

Things become even worse when the remains of a person are found in a former home for children. This discovery only brings more questions, and the people who are looking for answers should be prepared for anything when they find them. Some secrets should stay buried, but somehow things always have a way of coming to the surface.

Enter female detective inspector, the sharp and talented Kim Stone. Kim is a professional on the job and once she learns of this case, she realizes that this is no ordinary killer. This is a person who is deeply disturbed and is going to strike again until they are stopped.

The body count is quickly going up, and Kim is starting to catch on to a pattern. She’s starting to suspect that this killer has been at it for not just years, but decades. Stone needs to figure out who this killer is and shut them down before it’s too late. But can this detective beat a deadly genius at their own evil game and take them down for good?

You’ve got to check out this gripping crime fiction novel by Angela Marsons to find out!

Evil Games is the exciting sequel in Angela Marsons’ Kim Stone series! Fans of the first book in this installment will be thrilled to see the return of spunky main character Kim Stone. This detective is all business whenever she’s on the clock and often has trouble not bringing the job home with her, as any good inspector would.

She’s been doing this for some time now, and it never gets easier. When it comes to the game of good versus evil, it seems that sometimes the dark side is winning more than the good guys are. Usually she’s taking on cases where innocent people are getting hurt, but this case appears to be different.

An attack has left a rapist dead, and no one really appears to know what happened. For cases like this, they usually call in Kim Stone. Only she and her reliable team can provide the answers when no one else has a clue and resolve a case.

The more that they look into this one killing, however, the more that they start to suspect that there have been more victims than originally thought. Now Kim knows for a fact that there is someone very skilled and sinister on the prowl and they are dealing with someone who definitely knows what they are doing.

When it comes to murder mysteries, this one is a big one. In the middle of her hunt for a killer, Kim might just find herself in the middle of something that is way bigger than she could have ever imagined. Now she knows that she is dealing with a mastermind– a killer that is so lethal that she might not survive the investigation if she ever gets close.

Kim is on the case, but can she outwit someone this clever? The killer always seems to be at least two steps ahead of her. But with the amount of people dying just going up, Stone has little choice but to play the game and do her best to track down a cold blooded killer.

Can Kim solve the most personal case of her life? Or will she find herself caught in the crossfire? Read this action packed second novel in the Kim Stone series by Angela Marsons to find out!

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  1. Christine Magnan: 1 year ago

    I am looking for the book entitled “One Hour”.
    Cannot find it anywhere… I a m a fan of the Kim Stone series. I would love to read it too. I have read all the other titles.

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      That’s actually a one chapter really short story which you can get for free by signing up at Angela Marsons page here.

  2. Kelly Johnson: 1 year ago

    Read all 17 plus extra one when will there be more I’m addicted you are the best writer ever

  3. June Earl: 1 year ago

    Read all your books and can’t wait for the next one


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