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Detective Kimmo Joentaa Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kimmo Joentaa Books

Ice Moon (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silence (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter of the Lions (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Light in a Dark House (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kimmo Joentaa Series

Kimmo Joentaa is a mystery series by Jan Costin Wagner. The series follows detective Kimmo Joentaa, a talented man with a deep wound in his heart. In the first book, we get to feel Kimmo’s loss as he mourns his wife. Despite his struggles, Kimmo is able to solve the murder mystery and all cases in subsequent series. The series’s unique thing is that the author doesn’t focus much on the crime but people affected by it. All the stories are moving, and the author has done a great job of developing the characters, so they are all relatable.

Ice Moon

Ice Moon is the first book in the Kimmo Joentaa series. The book stars detective Kimmo Joentaa, a man mourning the loss of his wife. It has been a week since Kimmo lost his wife to cancer. While he is still distraught, Kimmo decides to go back to help in a murder case. A woman was smothered, and there seems to be no motive for this curiously tranquil death. The only evidence collected from the crime scene is half a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, clearly indicating that the victim had company right before her demise. There is also a missing painting on the wall.

Could the murderer have taken this painting? What is in the painting that would push anyone to commit such a heinous crime? This is among the questions going through Kimmo’s mind the deeper he digs into this investigation. A day after the lady is murdered, a young man is also discovered murdered in bed. This young man was killed in a room with seven others sleeping around him, and it is shocking how the killer did this without attracting any attention. Is there a link between the woman smothered in her sleep and this young man killed in a hostel room? Is Kimmo dealing with a serial killer who needs to be stopped before more people lose their lives?

While these murders are at the heart of this story, this book mostly explores grief. As Kimmo tries to understand the perpetrator’s mind, he will also be struggling with his wife’s memory. He cannot help but think about her early death and his bleak future without her. Kimmo’s grief will affect most of his decisions in his workplace. It is easy to understand his tempers and, at times, poor decisions that put his life in danger. Originally written in German, this story exposes a part of human life, many people rarely talk about. The story goes deeper than a murder mystery to highlight grief and the importance of acceptance in case of death and other disheartening situations.

Ice Moon is a moving and unsettling mystery. The book follows a heartbroken man who is trying to put on a brave face and miserably failing some of the time. Despite the emotions crowding his judgment, Kimmo is still able to figure out the killer. The author’s relationship with the killer is complex, and it is intriguing how Kimmo’s search for the truth almost turns into an obsession. If you love an emotional story that will move you to tears, this book is ideal. All is not gloom as Kimmo is able to rise above his grief and ensure that justice is served.


Silence is the second book in the Kimmo Joentaa series. Once again, we get to see detective Kimmo in action. This time around, Kimmo is dealing with the disappearance of a young girl. The said girl is cycling to volleyball practice on an ordinary summer day when she disappears. Her bike is found at the exact location another girl was attacked and killed 33 years previously. This last case was never resolved, and the killer was never discovered. Now Kimmo and his colleagues think that the killer has struck again, and the rush against time begins again. What is the relationship between the current girl and the one killed over three decades ago?

To help him unravel this mystery, Kimmo calls his older colleague who had dealt with something similar. Ketola worked on the original case, and his guilt about the unresolved murder remained with him long after everyone forgot about the case. Now with Kimmo’s help, Ketola can finally ease his mind by ensuring that justice is done. Soon enough, Kimmo will discover that the truth is not always what it looks. Wagner stands out for the way he deals with his characters. Everyone, including the killer and his accomplice, is well fleshed out, so it will feel like you know them well. Several unforeseen twists characterize the story, and the rush to catch the killer towards the end will have you holding your breath.

This book is set in the Finnish city of Turku among the natural beauty in Finland’s climate and geography. The landscape you read through Kimmo’s eyes will have you dreaming of the lake’s calm and wistful snowy nights. Like in the first book, the main focus is not on the logistics of the crime but those affected by the crime. Through the protagonist, you will get to meet the murdered girl’s parents and get a glimpse of whatever is going through their minds. How do parents deal with a loss as devastating as the loss of a child? Does time heal such wounds?

Silence is a finely spun story of grief, small victories, and unexpected compassion. If you a fan of contemplative stories that lets you savor defeats, sorrows, and small human victories this is a perfect read. It is amazing how Kimmo deals with the parents worrying about their daughter’s loss, possibly because he understands his pain. The narration is flawless, the pace consistent, and the storyline quite intriguing. You can read this bookas a standalone eventhough it is the second in the series. The book is about 250 pages, and you can enjoy it all in one sitting. You can be sure that you will be thinking about the characters days after reading the last page.

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