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Publication Order of Detective Maddie Ives Books

He Is Watching You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Will Kill You (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Will Find You (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Knows Your Secrets (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Will Get You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deadly Houses (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last One Alive (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl Under the Floor (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girls Upstairs (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Detective Maddie Ives series is a successful series of thriller, contemporary, crime fiction, and mystery stories. It is written by a renowned author from the UK named Charlie Gallagher. This exciting series began in 2018 and now contains multiple titles with several more expected to be added in the later years. Charlie Gallagher has mentioned the principal characters in the roles of Maddie Ives and Harry Blaker. Maddie Ives is depicted in the role of Detective Sergeant, while Harry Blaker is seen as Detective Inspector. They work for the Major Crimes Unit. All the books take place in England and feature intriguing stories in which Maddie and Harry are seen running around to catch culprits. They keep racing against the clock to solve mysteries, unravel hidden secrets, and prevent the killing of possible innocent targets.

This series offers exciting plots that keep the readers interested from start to finish. The books have received favorable reviews from numerous critics across the globe. They have praised the character descriptions, settings, wonderful narration, and overall stories. Many critics have labeled this series as best suited for the fans of Damien Boyd, Mark Billingham, Kimberley Chambers, Patricia Gibney, and Rachel Abbott. Other lead characters created by Charlie Gallagher in the novels include Grace Hughes, Holly Maguire, Kelly Dale, Alice Oxley, Lance Askew, Michelle Rice, etc.

The debut novel of this popular series is entitled ‘He Is Watching You’. It was released in 2018 by the Joffe Books publication. This book contains an explosive start and goes on to have a shocking ending. It starts by depicting the discovery of the body of a young woman inside a metal container at a distant location. A camera is installed above her by the killer and linked to his smartphone with the intention of watching her and feeling proud of his work. When the killer sees movement in the camera, he realizes that woman is not dead after all. So, he rushes to finish the unfinished task. The killer appears to be excited by thinking that he will get another chance to do everything again. He knows that he must be careful and not rush things.

Being motivated to do things perfectly, he knows that rushing things can make a man careless and he cannot afford it at this moment to prevent himself from getting caught. Detective Maddie Ives is introduced as being new to the place, having recently joined Major Crimes as a detective sergeant. She lands her first case of that of a missing woman. When Maddie goes through the report, she learns that the woman has a drinking problem and has been reported missing 15 times in total. She thinks it is not worth her time to indulge in a dull case like this. But, her instinct tells her that there is something wrong with the woman this time. Harry Blaker, DI in Major Crimes, gets called to a crime scene where an old man was hit by a car and left to die. The place of incidence is on a quiet road in the countryside. Harry could not find any motive and terms it a tragic road accident. However, he also feels that something is not right and continues to look into the case.

Later, Harry and Maddie find that their cases are intertwined. They feel the need to team up and work together to solve their separate cases. But, they need to act fast because the woman in the metal container does not have much time left and the killer has set his plan in motion. Seeing that detectives Harry Blaker and Maddie Ives are getting closer to catching him, he sets his eyes on his next target as well. The life of Maddie is on the line without her knowledge and she must catch the killer to save the life of the innocent woman and hers as well.

Another intriguing installment of the series is known as ‘He Will Get You’. It was also published by Joffe Books in 2020. This novel features the central characters in the form of Lance Askew, Maddie Ives, Michelle Rice, Alice Oxley, and Harry Blaker. In the beginning, Lance Askew is introduced as a career serial murderer. He loves watching his victims die and lives for the kick he receives from it. Lance Askew is also known for giving a hard time to police authorities in catching him. The first victim to come under his hammer is Alice Oxley’s son. She is the owner of a cafe, where an old man has become her regular customer during the last couple of months. Every day, he comes to the cafe, orders his meal, enjoys it while watching people around, and does not say much. Suddenly, he says something to Alice out of nowhere when she is standing close to him. He tells her that he has killed her son and her boyfriend, and has buried them under the stairs in her home.

Seeing her shocking reaction, the old man enjoys the last sip of his drink and smiles notoriously. He is none other than Lance Askew. Alice is shocked beyond imagination to hear what he said and rushes home to find out if all he said was true. After giving Alice Oxley the shock of her life, Lance Askew moves on to his second time. He waits inside Michelle Rice’s home while she is out. When she pushes open her gate, a squealing sound is made. This makes Lance aware that Michelle has arrived. He seems excited to show her what he has done to one of her family members and see her reaction. Maddie and Harry are already working to catch Lance Askew. They know how he works and ruins the lives of innocent families.

By studying his pattern, they come to know which family he has set in mind to destroy next. But, before Lance can take the first step towards taking the life of the third victim, the detectives start trailing him. They do not have much time in their hand as Lance is also aware that they are watching him. He increases his pace and even drifts from his usual course of action. Maddie knows she cannot let Lance Askew succeed this time as he has decided to hit the family of a detective. She is determined to stop before he strikes and put an end to his deadly activities.

Charlie Gallagher is a renowned author from The United Kingdom, who likes to write detective fiction, mystery, thriller, and suspense stories. He is best known for creating two chief protagonists, Maddie Ives George Elms, who feature in their respective novel series. Charlie Gallagher has a full-time career as a police officer and has spent the last fifteen years serving in it. He has the experience of working in different ranks in all those years. In addition to his two popular book series, Charlie Gallagher has penned several standalone novels as well. To write a particular story or develop characters for it, he takes inspiration from the people around him. At times, Charlie works on the reals cases that he has worked on as a police officer. He takes references from other cases as well. Charlie writes only in his free time as his full-time career doesn’t give him much time during the day to work on his novels. This is why his books take a long time to move through the writing phase. Today, Charlie Gallagher enjoys his two careers and lives a happy life in the company of his sweet and loving family of a wife and 2 daughters.

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