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Publication Order of Detective Megan Carpenter Books

Snow Creek (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Water's Edge (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Ridge / Dark Falls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vanishing Point / Stillwater Island (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Detective Megan Carpenter
Detective Megan Carpenter is a mystery series by Gregg Olsen. The series stars Megan Carpenter, a talented police detective with a dark past. Because of her past experiences, Megan puts most of her efforts into helping others get justice. Things sometimes get intense in the line of duty, but she somehow always finds a way out. Sure, she comes close enough to danger to get hurt, but she has a quick mind and an agile body to boot. Throughout the series, you will be following Megan as she tries to solve different murder cases. You will also have an exciting cast to meet and enjoy learning a few things about Jefferson County and its secrets.

Snow Creek
Snow Creek comes first in the Detective Megan Carpenter series. The book introduces Megan Carpenter, a detective with the Jefferson County Police. After a childhood characterized by chaos and trauma, Megan decides to join the police force and ensure that all crime victims get justice. When Ruth Turner reports that her sister Ida Watson has been missing for a whole month, Megan is pushed to do more than file a missing report. She visits Ida’s home only to find her terrified children. Days later, a body is discovered in a pickup truck close to the family home. So, who killed Ida, and what was their motivation? Had her body gone unnoticed the entire month?

Megan is no stranger to evil. The secrets of her childhood are so traumatizing she had decided to change her name. After years of therapy, she still had a hard time relating to her past. Megan is determined to find Ida’s murder and ensure justice is done. However, to catch the killer, she has to uncover the snow creek community’s disturbing secrets. She also has to confront her demons, which means going back to the terrified child who saw Doctor Albright for numerous therapy sessions. Can Megan resolve her issues while handling this delicate case? Is it possible to remain focused and track a ruthless killer without getting into harm’s way?

This story starts with an exciting hook, and it doesn’t let up to the end. The author focuses on Snow Creek, a forested and isolated area loved by people who wanted to disconnect from the world. There are three storylines in the book. First, there is Amy and Regina, a couple living in Snow Creek that is shocked when they come across a body hidden deep in the woods. The next line is on Megan’s dark past and the pain she had gone through as she tried to heal. Through her tapes recorded at her therapy sessions, we get to learn about all this outstanding woman had been through and the events that shaped her childhood. The third storyline is about Ida, the woman who was reported missing.

Snow Creek is a fast-paced and thrilling story. It comes with complicated murders and confusing evidence that makes it hard to predict what happens next. All characters are well-fleshed out and compelling, and Megan remains likable and relatable to the end. The worldbuilding is also done well, and from the descriptions, you will feel like you have been to Snow Creek before. If you are a mystery thrillers or police procedurals fan, you will love this book. The pace stays consistent, and the rising tension will keep you reading to the last page.

Water Edge
Water Edge comes second in the Detective Megan Carpenter series. In this installment, Megan will be dealing with yet another twisted mind, and she has to move fast to stop the senseless killings. A woman’s body is discovered in a secluded inlet in Mystery Bay. The young woman’s body has marks on the wrists, neck, and ankles. Her face remained untouched, and she was a redhead, just like the others. Megan is among the first people on the crime scene, and she is shocked to discover the unusual symbol on a rock just next to the body. Is this symbol the clue she needs to unravel this mystery killer?

Megan’s Rookie Deputy, Ronnie Marsh, is there to help with the investigation and learn a thing or two from his boss. When she starts receiving disturbing messages about her traumatic past, Megan cannot help but wonder if these threats were in any way related to the case. Someone out there knew what she did, and there is no telling how scary their threats would become. However, despite the chilling messages, Megan remains focused on her job. She has two murders to solve, and the recent body just adds that number to three.

Further investigations reveal that the three redheads, all killed in the same manner, were pregnant. Who could be targeting young pregnant women and killing them in such an inhumane way? Even more chilling is the killer seems to be on a killing spree since another body is discovered soon after.

Join Megan and her deputy as they rush against time to catch a ruthless killer. Things do get scary at some point, but Megan has dealt with twisted minds before, and she is not one to back down even when confronted by danger. As she works to put the bad guy away, someone will be closely watching her and sending messages that touch on her childhood wounds. There is no doubt that her secrets would ruin her future if they come to the surface, and there is no telling how much the stalker knows. Can Megan catch the killer, protect herself and her deputy, and ensure that her secret remains hidden?

Water Edge is an unputdownable thriller that is sure to get you addicted. The story will blow you away, and the rising tension will make you gasp. Even better, it is hard to predict what happens on the following page, thanks to the many twists and turns. This book is a perfect choice if you are in the mood for a dark, intense, and well-crafted story. Everything from the characters to the flow is done right, and it is refreshing having such an intelligent woman as the lead character.

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