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Publication Order of DI Robyn Carter Books

Little Girl Lost (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Missing Girls (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silent Children (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chosen One (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Detective Robyn Carter Series

Detective Robyn Carter is the main character in a series of novels written by English award-winning author of nonfiction, thriller, humor, and comedy Carol Wyer. In 2017 the author transitioned to the “dark side” of life and embarked on a journey of a series of thrillers. Wyer began publication of DI Robyn Carter Series in 2017 when Little Girl Lost was published. Little Girl Lost was #9 bestselling books on Audible, #2 bestseller on Kindle and was USA Today best-seller.

Little Girl Lost

The first in the series opens up as a nine-year-old girl named Alice is sad for she doesn’t want her mother to go out that evening. Her mummy is to be married to a man named Paul, but Alice feels that it’s too soon for her mother to be in another relationship since her dad has been gone for less than a year. However, Alice’s mother thinks that her daughter should be happy because she’s going to have a step daddy and a new stepsister and Brother Natasha and Lucas.
The story switches to present day where we meet Detective Robyn Carter. It is the aftermath of a devastating loss, and now she is working as a private investigator with her cousin while she heals. However, she’s also strong enough, and she’ll be returning to the police force soon, but when a Private Investigation case appears to be linked to a double homicide, she ends up returning to work sooner than she had planned.

Then there’s Abigail Thorne married to Jackson. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Izzy. Jackson is a private pilot, and since their daughter came around, it’s been an adjustment for both Abigail and Jackson. Between Abigail’s focus on their little daughter and Jackson’s odd working hours, they’ve had no real time for each other, and the two are stressed out. However, Abigail has more reasons to be stressed out, she’s been hiding skeletons in her closet, and now it seems someone wants them out of the closet. However, after receiving another anonymous text, its revealed that she’s not the only person hiding skeletons in the closet, but it’s apparent that someone wants to destroy her marriage. However, who’s he/she? Moreover, why?

Additionally, what does a missing teacher and a murdered millionaire have to do with Abigail? Do the two have any connection to the anonymous messages she has been receiving recently?

The first part of the novel features lots of characters and also plenty is going on. The narrative is told in a then and now mode shifting the reader in time to give a more understanding of the characters and the story itself.

In “then” part of the story, we get to learn more about Alice story right from her childhood while the “now” part of the story tells the life of Abigail as it spirals out of control. It seems someone is fully determined to make her life intolerable. After a life-threatening incident and horrible anonymous texts, she gets she finally speaks with Robyn Carter.

Little Lost Girl is a fast-paced and gripping debut novel with intense twists and turns from the first page to the last. It is narrated in three points of view- the first one is from Alice who has sexually abused a child and wants vengeance. The story then shifts to DI Robyn who is soon returning to the police department. She is recovering from the loss of her husband murdered in an undercover drug bust. She is also working with her cousin chasing after criminal insurance claim cases. Robyn gets involved in Ross’s case after a woman approaches her for help to trace the whereabouts of her husband.

The narrative then switches narration from the two characters with Robyn’s narration told in third person perspective while Alice narration is told in the first person’s view. As the story continues, the author writes Alice’s voice in italics to distinguish it from the present day. Izzy’s mother, Abigail is the third voice. She has skeletons in her closet but is tortured continuously by threatening notes, texts and calls and worries for the safety of her baby Izzy. Racing against time, Robyn does whatever it takes to save the little-lost girl from a serial killer.

Secrets of the Dead

In secrets of the dead, a hotel/spa manager is found dead in the hotel sauna having been dead overnight. The hotel sauna is set to very high temperatures than normal, and Robyn immediately suspects that foul play was involved- or was it just an act of suicide? Robyn also finds a plastic boat and a bottle of bubble bath scattered all over the sauna floor. In the bathtub is Linda’s body, eyes wide open, blue lipstick and fully clothed.

Not long, a young mother body is found in the bath with a note saying “all debts paid,” and immediately Robyn knows that it’s just but the beginning of an acutely distressing case.

When leads sources seem to have come to an end, Robyn finally gets a clue that she thinks could be the key to finally solving the case. However, as she races across the manicured lawns and plush carpets of the rich folk, closing in on the serial killer next move, one of her dearests is put in mortal danger.

The press has dubbed the killer The Leopard due to his speed, stealth, and brutality and it’s a matter of time before the killer embraces his nickname and goes on a murder spree.

Secrets of the Dead is a toe-curling, heart-pounding, one-sitting thriller novel that will hook you from page one to the last. It is a perfect real for fans of Rachel Abbott, Angela Marsons, Karin Slaughter and Sharon Bolton. Just like the first book in the series Secrets of the Dead features a diverse cast of supporting character making it hard for the reader to point out who the real serial killer is until when the author reveals his identity. The story is “fast & furiously” paced with brief chapters and lots of action that will keep you turning pages.

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