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Publication Order of Detective William Warwick Books

Nothing Ventured (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden in Plain Sight (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Turn a Blind Eye (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Over My Dead Body (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Next in Line (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traitors Gate (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Eye for An Eye (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Detective William Warwick is the main character in a series of historical crime books by New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Archer. Just like the Clifton Chronicles, the Warwick books tell of the adventures of a man, a family and an era of our times in only the way Archer can. The series follows William’s life through his job, his romantic life, and his family. This book series is destined to be one of Jeffrey Archer’s iconic series through plot twists and turns, successes, and tragedy. It’s important to note that this is not a detective story but rather the story of making a detective as we meet the main character transitioning from the university, going through police training and later joining the Scotland yard’s department against his father’s will.

Nothing Ventured is the first book in the Detective William Warwick series by one of the famous names in contemporary fiction, Jeffrey Archer. It’s an intriguing historical crime fiction that will get you hooked from the start to the end.
We are introduced to William Warwick, the son of a well-known London defence attorney. He has always dreamed of becoming a detective based in London. Despite getting opposition from his father, he enrolled in police training at the beginning of the 1980s after graduating from the university. Equipped with sharp observation and his apparent determination, William is unaware of the adventures that await him.

After promptly gaining the position of detective constable, William is sent to the Arts and Antiquities squad at Scotland Yard. In addition to investigating various art crimes and frauds in London, the team primarily focuses on apprehending Miles Faulkner, the master criminal behind the thefts and forgery of some of the most valuable art in England. All past attempts to arrest Faulkner have failed spectacularly, as the fraudster is always a step ahead of police forces.
As William becomes increasingly involved in researching the numerous murders Faulkner is orchestrating, his friendship with Faulkner’s wife, Christina, provides a vital breakthrough. Christina is prepared to return a precious Rembrandt that was stolen from Faulkner’s personal collection in exchange for police assistance. Can Christina be relied upon, or will Faulkner escape justice and resume his evil plans? In addition, what transpires when William falls madly in love with Beth, an employee at the museum from where the Rembrandt was stolen, whose family secrets might put a horrible gulf between her and William?

Nothing Ventured is a wonderful new work by Archer and the first of an intended eight-part crime fiction series featuring William Warwick. William Warwick served as the main character in a fictional series of novels authored by Harry Clifton, the protagonist of Archer’s most famous series, the Clifton Chronicles. After completing the Clifton Chronicles book series in 2016 and numerous demands from his followers to continue Warwick’s adventures, Archer began this series. The William Warwick series focuses on the protagonist’s career and the different cases he solves that help him become a brilliant detective.

This series gets off to a strong start with Nothing Ventured, as Archer delivers a gripping and exciting read that introduces readers to his new protagonist and depicts the beginning of his police career. Archer always has excelled at crafting historical fiction storylines that centre on the lives of specific persons, and Nothing Ventured is no different. Within this novel, the reader gains a deep understanding of Warwick’s character and his motivations for being a successful police investigator. The reader is also exposed to many intriguing supporting characters, some of whom are destined to become Warwick’s key allies, coworkers, romantic interests, or foes in future instalments of the series. Archer does an excellent job establishing his overarching narrative in Nothing Ventured. The intriguing mysteries investigated and the addition of a lovable new protagonist should encourage readers to check out subsequent instalments in this series.

One of the fascinating parts of Nothing Ventured was its emphasis on the artistic scope and the associated fraud or theft. At the novel’s beginning, the main character studies art history in college and afterwards develops a lifelong appreciation for artistic masters. This enjoyment of art is crucial to his future profession since it allows him to join the Arts and Antiquities team. Throughout Nothing Ventured, Detective Warwick and his team explore a variety of instances of art fraud, including the forgery of great works, the forged signatures of historical personalities, and the fabrication of counterfeit ancient coins, among numerous other fascinating instances.

Nothing Ventured emphasis on the art world enabled Archer to establish Miles Faulkner, a formidable antagonist. Faulkner is a genius criminal who specializes in art-related crimes and is the tormentor of the Arts and Antiquities team. Faulkner is a fantastic gentleman-thief figure who resembles Warwick in many aspects, particularly with regard to his admiration and love of creative works. In contrast to Warwick, he utilizes his knowledge for personal gain and is a brilliant master criminal.

Additionally, readers should watch for passages in which Archer focuses on two specific events occurring simultaneously. This happens a few times throughout the novel, and these divided chapters are pretty entertaining to read. They are typically used to showcase the contrast between two similar events occurring in different locations; for instance, showing two distinct police operations occurring simultaneously or two separate court cases with repercussions for the central character appearing in separate courtrooms. The integration of these concurrent occurrences was done ingeniously at times, resulting in a couple of outstanding and captivating chapters.

Once again, Jeffrey Archer has crafted a gripping and engaging historical fiction novel centred on the lives of an English protagonist. Nothing Ventured is the captivating first instalment in a crime fiction series with genuine promise. Within the first novel of the William Warwick book series, Archer has created an engaging life narrative to follow, introducing some excellent characters and creating some enthralling mysteries and crooks that readers will be eager to solve in subsequent novels. If you enjoy reading historical crime novels, then Detective William Warwick is a highly recommended series for you.

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