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Publication Order of The Devaney Brothers Books

Sean's Reckoning (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Michael's Discovery (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ryan's Place (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daniel's Desire (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Patrick's Destiny (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

Devaneys is a series of romance novels written by an American author of romance, mystery and thrillers novels, Sherryl Woods. Devaney’s series follows the different members of the Devaney family with each book focusing on a separate member of the Devaney clan.

Sherryl Woods began the publication of Devaney’s series in 2002 when Ryan’s Place the series debut novel was published. The series ran five books and concluded in 2003 when Daniel’s Desire was released.

Ryan’s Place

Ryan’s Place is the debut novel in Devaneys series; the book introduces readers to Ryan who was abandoned by his parents and also separated from his brothers, and thus he never let anyone too close. Then meet Maggie O’Brien marched to his Irish pub and declared war to winning his fortified heart.

Ryan owns an Irish pub, and one evening, on the eve of Thanksgiving he is requested by a priest, a frequent goer to the bar to help a struggling young woman get home. Of course, the fact that the girl is beautiful does not affect anything in his decision as a good Christian.

The struggling woman is Maggie- she is a focused girl, just abandoned her tiring job as an accountant and had decided to move in with her parents until she can get something meaningful in her life. Unfortunately, her car breaks down on a stormy holiday evening when all the shops are closed. Her only hope is the ghostly bar owner, a few friends, and the nosy priest.

Upon meeting, both Ryan and Maggie are attracted from the first sight- and this prompts Maggie wanting to know more about the good guy Ryan. However, Ryan does not want to give anyone a chance in his life not after being abandoned by his parents and being deserted by his brothers, and thus he feels an emotional void in his good heart. Ryan is the oldest of three brothers left by his parents when he was just nine years. He and two others that were abandoned with him came home from school one day only to find out that their parents had cleared out of the apartment and taken the twin kids with them. Now Ryan is in his early 30’s, had gotten into troubles as a child and was living in foster system when the nosy priest came to his rescue, got him on the right track. He still got emotional issues, and thus he does not trust anyone.

However, Maggie is sure that Ryan is the man of her dreams and so she does everything in her power to convince him of it. She chases the poor people camping in his bar, does some social work in the parish, befriends the graced priest and works as a waitress for free on the nights of movement. Additionally, even Maggie’s family joins her in her “get boyfriend” campaign and begins to disturb with unending dinner invitations relentlessly. However, unfortunately, Ryan is tough and doesn’t want to give in.

Nothing works until the day both Maggie and Ryan figure out that the problem is right there in Ryan’s past, and as long as he cannot deal with what had earlier happened to him, the couple would not have a chance for their future.

Ryan’s Place opens a hook for the other stories in the series- stories of other of Ryan’s siblings and the missing parents.

Michael’s Discovery

For half a decade, Kelly Andrews has waited for her elder brother’s good friend to notice her. Now a military officer, Michael Devaney is back in Boston- as her bitter physical therapy client but still every bit hero. She swore that he could be whole again- with just a little help from his family and her gentle healing touch.

Broken both in spirit and body, Michael is determined to defy his reunited kin and Kelly. Even though he finally gazed at her with some passion that she has always craved for, Michael held himself back, claiming to be only half a man. How can Kelly persuade her lifelong love that he was all the man she ever wanted?

Michael is the third of the five Devaneys brothers, and while in the hospital recovering from bullet wounds inflicted during the war, he discovers that he would never be able to walk again.

Patrick’s Destiny

Wrecked by the shocking discovery of a terrifying family secret, Patrick Devaney put a No Trespassing sign on his heartbroken heart and shut off the world to everyone. Then there is Alice Newberry, a young woman who had personal wounds to heal burst in Patrick’s life and then lured him out of hiding with her red-hot kisses.

Alice’s gentle brown eyes saw right through some of Patrick best defenses to the sorrows he had tried to bury. The charming kindergarten teacher taught Patrick a powerful lesson about forgiveness and love and encouraged him always to hope again. However before he could truly claim Alice to be his own, Patrick found himself facing the greatest fear of his life- his past.

Patrick is one of the twins that the Devaneys took after they had abandoned Ryan, Michael, and Sean. His life was much different compared to his brothers because he had lived with their parents. Patrick has a real sense of decency and honor that cannot be denied merely because when he found out about the older three brothers and how they had been abandoned by their parents, he was furious and left them vowing never to return to them again. Also in his anger, Patrick also abandoned his twin, Daniel. However, he and Daniel do get along together, but Patrick is still out on how he is going to get back at his parents.

On the other hand, Alice has always taken an interest in Patrick, and she also has the baggage of her own. Her parents always dreamt of her staying in the small town in Maine and making life worthwhile there but she instead went to Boston and also went to college, and they did not like that. She did not get the chance to reconcile with them- before they perished in a tragic car accident. She tried to reconcile with them and even sent them a graduation invitation letter but her father declined, and her mother followed his wishes. Losing her parents made Alice feel that one should never leave reconciliations to chance because that chance may never come- and time is not always on your side.

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