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Devil Riders Books In Order

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Publication Order of Devil Riders Books

The Stolen Princess (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
His Captive Lady (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Catch a Bride (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Accidental Wedding (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bride by Mistake (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Devil Riders series brings to life the lives of soldiers and just back from the war and have to adapt to a new way of living. This is despite their dare-devil antics in the Napoleonic wars. For all of the four soldiers, the key to taming them turns out to be extraordinary women. Ann Gracie has put her best foot forward with this series that will captivate readers and send them looking for the next once they complete the first.

Known for writing historical romances that steal the heart of her readers, Anne Gracie is an award-winning author with being RITA finalist and winning awards in Australia and the USA as feathers in her literary cap. Her books are translated into different languages for her fans spread all over the world in countries such as Holland, Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Korea. Others are Russia, New Zealand, and South Africa among others. The Author, who is also a teacher, has managed to tell the stories of wonderful characters in the form of captivating series such as the Devi Riders and Merridew sisters.

The Stolen Princess (2008)

Battle-hardened, Gabriel Renfrew, the younger estranged son of a prominent Earl is always craving danger after he returned after the war. The Stolen Princess revolves around Gabriel who when racing his horse a particularly dangerous cliff encounters a beautiful woman who needs rescuing. In an interesting turn of events, the woman turns out to be a princess who has disguised herself and her son as commoners so as to protect him from people who want to take the throne from the lad.

The story which speaks to the challenges of single parents also becomes more interesting when Gabriel goes a step further and offers Princess Callie a marriage of convenience to rescue her from assassins. With such a ready solution everything seems to be on the correct path for our Princess but what she did not anticipate is Gabe being flirtatious, sweet, cute and honest. He also took care of the heir to the throne even though he was not his biological father.

The Stolen Princess is a beautiful love story where our hero finds himself in an unfamiliar battlefield where a beautiful woman is an opponent instead of the well –armed armies he is used to fighting. Additionally, he is faced with a woman who has much going on and is also stubborn and refuses his help because she does not want to endanger him. Quite frustrating for any man, let alone one who is used to dangerous situations? Danger, romance, and chivalry on the part of Gabe are all that romance enthusiasts want in a good book.

His Captive Lady (2008)

People who walk around with a scarred heart are not easy to handle, and it gets worse because they have eight years of war behind them. Harry Morant is such a person and being the son of an earl he catches the eyes of high society women who only have a use for him in the bedroom. He indulges them, and such is his life in addition to breeding horses and having to get married in a practical, unemotional way.

Things, however, take an entirely different turn when he has to buy his estate, and he meets the daughter of an earl Lady Helen (Nell). The Lady has her problems that stem from a lifetime of harboring lies that almost caused her ruin. The two get into the marriage of convenience, and soon the lady finds herself dangerously attracted to the gentle soldier, but her secrets hang around her head like a dark cloud. How will our hero Harry Morant react when he finds out?

To Catch A Bride (2009)

In To Catch a Bride, Anne Gracie takes you on a journey of love, where Rafe Ramsey who does not believe in love manages to ward off a marriage of convenience and goes in search of Ayisha, the missing granddaughter of a wealthy family in England. Granted, Rafe does not believe in love, but that does mean he is willing to let his family bulldoze him into a marriage just to ensure that the family of the late Earl of Axbridge has a succession line. The journey of our hero takes him down to Egypt where he manages to find Ayisha who has had to live on the streets for six years and developed a thick skin in the process. Despite her acquired toughness, Ayisha finds she is unable to ignore Rafe’s advances and kisses, and soon she is traveling back to England with him. Just as she is about to embrace her new family and way of life, her dark secret comes back to haunt her, threatening what they have. Rafe finds himself in the precarious position of having to choose between love and his lifetime beliefs.

The Accidental Wedding (2010)

When dashing Nash Renfrew wakes up in the bed of Maddy Woodford, he has no memory after an accident and now the beautiful Maddy is nursing him. The beauty is, however, saddled with the burden of raising her five orphaned step-siblings who may not be as innocent as their sister. After some time, Nash regains his memory, and The Accidental Wedding, which is the fourth book in the Devil series tells the story of two people from different worlds attempting to love each other despite their backgrounds. This is after Nash regaining his memory and having no desire to leave Maddy. He offers her money which she needs but will their love survive with Nash being a diplomat whose world is full of balls and sophistication, while Maddy is just a country girl?

Bride By Mistake (2012)

Although the reasons were noble, The Bride By Mistake tells the story of how Lieutenant Luke Ripton who went into a hurried wartime marriage to protect young Isabella from a forced marriage is now unable to annul it. Now as Lord Ripton, he has to go back to the mountain convent where he left her to get his unwanted wife. Isabella, on the other hand, expected dark-eyed, handsome prince and not an autocratic soldier who expected her to say yes to his every whim and order. Well, she was not going to have any of that and what follows is a love story that entails a battle of wills as we as strong feelings that have grown over time and have to be addressed.

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