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Devil’s Boneyard MC Books In Order

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Publication Order of Devil's Boneyard MC Books

The “Devil’s Boneyard MC” Series is a set of romance novels by Harley Wylde, a bestselling romance novelist. Wylde is the wilder version of award winning paranormal romance/science fiction author Jessica Coulter Smith. She has also written Erotic Gay Fantasy Romance as Dulce Dennison. She wrote and published “Jackal,” the debut novel of the “Devil’s Boneyard MC” Series in 2018. Harley is driven by the motto “the hotter the better,” and hence her novels usually feature strong men and the beautiful women who cannot resist their wiles. Her men are sexy as hell, talk dirty, take what they want and give off the charts sex. She never shies away from the nastiness and dangers in the world as she brings the real world to the pages of her novels. Nonetheless, her characters always get what they deserve and usually have a happily ever after.

When Harley Wylde is not writing her novels, she can be found trying to find naughty things to do to her hubby, reading and drinking copious amounts of coffee. She is a huge reader and usually averages a book a day and sometimes two. She also loves movies and TV shows from the 1980s and the paranormal from the present and going back to the 1990s. Nonetheless, reading is her first love and this is what she thinks about even when she is doing other things such as watching TV. She also listens to music and is a lover of anything from 50s rock, classical music, Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet, Kansas, and Foreigner among others. She also loves to make bookmarks and jewelry that she sells online on Etsy.

The “Devil’s Boneyard MC” Series is a series of romance novels featuring hot sex, charming alpha men and the women who fall for them. The debut novel of the series is the story of Josie who gets pregnant by Jackal, a member of an MC club. Jackal had run away as he had never been a man for relationships but two years later, he learns that he has a child. The second novel of the series is about Clarity, who cannot resist the advances of a sexy biker who promises to take care of her and her child Caleb. Scratch the biker had found her on the footsteps of his club and felt things he thought he would never feel again. He knew that he had to make her his even though he is not so sure if she would marry a man three decades older than her. In the third novel of the series, Jordan leaves prison and finds she has nowhere to go. She has been abandoned by everyone until she meets Havoc a sexy hot man who sees her vulnerability and wants to keep her safe.

“Jackal,” the debut novel of the “Devil’s Boneyard MC” Series is the story of Josie, a woman that had spent an amazing three days with Jackal. But he had then gone missing as he went back to the Devil’s Boneyard his MC club. He had always told her he was not looking for something long term and certainly not a family. But now Josie had to tell her brother, a Dixie Reaper named Tank that she is all alone and pregnant at nineteen. This is the scariest thing she ever had to do. Tank wanted to go find Jackal but she would not allow him as she knew Jackal did not want a child. She never expected to see him ever again. On his part, Jackal had thought of Josie ever since he had left her. When he finally comes back to Dixie Reapers territory he knew he had to find her for some fun. He never thought the little girl she was carrying on her hip was his and when he is told the facts he runs. But now he needs a family, something he never thought he would ever want. Josie and Allegra his daughter are what he really needs. He hopes he can be forgiven by Josie.

“Scratch,” the second novel of the series introduces Clarity, a woman that has been on his own ever since she was a sixteen year old. She has fought nail and tooth to make a good life for the son she never expected to have. Her son Caleb means the world to her but while she never thought she would ever be homeless again, that is just what she finds herself. Given her situation, she cannot say no when a sexy and gruff biker offers her a place to stay. It does not hurt that he is good with her son and easy on the eyes. She never thought she would ever trust again but looking into his eyes, she just knew he was a man she could trust. But she did not expect to fall head over heels in love with him. Scratch has found the two sleeping outside the club’s shop and even though she is younger than his daughter, she makes him feel thins he should not. She looks like she has been to hell and back but she refuses to give up. She always fights for her child even as she treats him nicely. She makes him feel that he has a chance at a new family but would she want to make a family with a man thirty years her senior? When he offered her a home he never thought he could keep her but he intends to help her bury the demons from her past and hopefully make her his wife.

“Havoc,” the third novel of the series is the story of Jordan who is just out of prison where she spent a year for a crime she did not commit. She was to spend longer inside but a pissed off warden and handsy guard who wanted her silence meant she got out early. Her brothers had abandoned her and now she has nowhere to go. But then she meets the most handsome man on a Harley who is interested in her. But he does not know that she had been locked up for a violent crime. For this reason, she keeps quiet about her prison stint. Havoc thinks she is a sweet girl that would never have spent time inside for a violent crime. But there is a vulnerability to her that makes him wants to take her in his arms and tell her everything is going to be alright. When he learns that the prison where he nearly lost his life is trying to cover up some incident involving Havoc, his fury boils. He will do anything to keep his goddess safe. Since he knows that whatever happens in prison tends to come out, he needs to get ready for someone vicious he is sure will be coming for Havoc. He will not let them touch whatever is his and he is not letting Jordan go.

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