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Publication Order of Devil's Fury MC Books

“Devil’s Fury MC” Series is a set of romance novels by bestselling and award winning novelist Harley Wylde. She also authors novels in other genres including Erotic Gay Fantasy Romance as Dennison Dulce, science fiction and paranormal romance as Jessica Coulter Smith. Wylde first published “Dingo,” the debut novel of the “Devil’s Fury MC” Series in 2020. As a writer that is motivated by anything hot and sexy, her works of fiction usually come with sassy and beautiful women that are attracted and are in romance relationships with strong sexy alpha men. She usually writes about men that know how to give incredible sex, take what they want, have potty mouths and are sexy rakes. She has never shied away from the dangers and nastiness in the world and writes everything as it happens in reality. Even though she is very real, many of her novels usually end in a happily ever after.

When Wylde is not penning her romance novels, she can often be found doing naughty things to her husband, reading her novels and drinking Starbucks coffee. She loves to read and it is something she does on the regular sometimes going through a book a day. She is also a huge lover of TV shows and movies from the 80s and paranormal shows from the 1990s. Still, reading is her best thing and even while she can do other hobbies, she is always thinking about reading. She is also a lover of music and can listen to anything from classical music to rock from the 50s, to Foreigner, Kansas, Skillet and Avenged Sevenfold among many others. She also has an Etsy shop from where she sells the jewelry and bookmarks that she makes.

The “Devil’s Fury MC” Series is a series of romance novels that test the stories of sexy alpha men and the women who cannot get enough of them. In “Dingo,” the debut novel of the series, Meiling is a woman that has lived though pain until Dingo offered to keep her safe. From the very first time she met him, she knew he was a man she could trust to keep her safe. Dingo had taken one look at Meiling and knew she needed his help. He needs to give her a chance at happiness but first he needs to punish the people that hurt her. “Outlaw,” the second novel of the series is all about Elena, an orphaned girl that ran away from her adopted home and walked into the MC club. Right from the moment he walked in, she knew her life would be changed forever. Outlaw a member of the Devils’s Fury MC Club immediately feels a need to protect the little Latina. “Dragon,” the third novel of the series tells the story of Lillian who had spent some time with a cartel in Colombia and had become afraid of men. When she approaches Dragon asking for some martial arts training their little sessions turn into something else.

“Dingo,” the debut novel of the “Devil’s Fury MC” Series introduces Meiling, a woman that has experienced much pain. She had no parents or friends and her life seems like an endless nightmare she could not wake up from. But then Dingo offered his hand, promising to keep her safe. She had never trusted anyone in her life but he had something about him that told her he would never hurt her. From the first time he put his arms around her, she had felt loved. Dingo always loved kids and women in trouble and from the first moment he set his eyes on Meiling, he knew she needs his protection. She was a woman with a wounded soul and after all the suffering he wanted to make her feel safe, smile and have a chance at happiness. But first things first, he needs to go for the women and men that had hurt his woman and he knew it could get messy and ugly. After all they did not call him Dingo for nothing as he is an insane guy that would not stop until he was certain that there were no threats to her life.

“Outlaw” the second novel of the “Devil’s Fury MC” Series of novels is the story of Elena an orphan that was taken in by a reverend and his wife. They had been good foster parents until they started pressuring her to marry a man she did not even know. She ran away to the Devil’s Fury MC Clubhouse, where her life changes forever. She never thought she would fall in love with a biker that made her feel wanted but Outlaw is something else. He had always thought of the Devil’s Fury MC club members as his brothers and family. But he is not the tough man he was years past as he is broken and scarred. But when Elena walks into the clubhouse and started reading her novel, he knows she needs him. When someone tries to hurt her he steps in to keep her safe. He intends to protect her as she has awakened a part in her he thought he would never get back. She is his and he intends to fight for her to the bitter end.

“Dragon,” the third novel of the “Devil’s Fury MC” Series is the story of Lillian, a woman who had survived the Colombian drug cartel but the experience almost broke her. She still cannot stand to be intimate with a man except for Dragon, who is the only man that makes her feel safe. He is an intriguing man but she never thought she would end up pregnant with his child. He had always told her that he did not want a family and so when she realized she was expecting she ran. She went to the Reckless Kings for refuge but only found herself the target of a lunatic seeking vengeance. Dragon had always known Lillian was skittish when it came to men. He never expected her to ask for help learning the martial arts. But once they start having their lessons they start growing intimate. It is not long before she is pregnant with his child and has run away. But when she is kidnapped by a psycho he knows he has to do something. Lillian belongs to him and he will do everything to ensure she knows this even if he has to grovel a little.

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