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Publication Order of Devil's Guard Books

A few authors can hold a candle for Eric Meyer when it comes to the military thriller niche. This genre is aptly captured in Eric Meyer’s literary series called Devil’s Guard despite that the author opines it is merely based on war-time myths and suchlike legends. To begin with, Eric Meyer is a man of letters who hails from the United Kingdom. Meyer was born in London.

For his undergraduate studies, Eric Meyer attended the Cardiff-based University of Wales wherein he pursued politics studies. Meyer has worked in various units of the Senior Service, including Royal Marines Reserve and Commandos. Meyer has also been an instructor in different Special Forces institutions. Meyer’s military experience has greatly influenced his work. Meyer, who also authors detective thriller, has co-written several non-fiction books with other notable authors.

Eric Meyer: Background of Devil’s Guard series
Some aspects of Eric Meyer’s books within the military thriller genre are factual as they revolve around the personal experiences of real-life World War Two-era military men. In the context of detective thrillers, his books feature protagonist Gabriel de Sade, a war veteran-cum-detective attached to the New York Police Department.

Eric Meyer has a penchant for studying famed historical events, especially historic wars. In fact, Meyer is presently researching the factors that caused the Afghanistan war and the ensuing development. In this light, Meyer studied about the link between Nazi Germany soldiers and the manner in which France got involved in Indochina.

To understand the military conflicts in the Devil’s Guard is to understand how it relates to Nazi Germany and the ultimate fall of the single-party autocracy state. For starters, Nazi Germany is the name given to a historic era in Germany that began in the early 1930s and ended in the mid-1940s. The problematic era is synonymous with the murderous though controversial military genius Adolf Hitler and the disastrous policies made by the Nazi Party.

The said period is also pronounced on the same breath with Waffen-SS; this was the then military branch of the Nazi Party and had as much as 900,000 soldiers at its peak. The soldiers were notorious for their ruthless efficiency and among the many atrocities they committed include the Holocaust.

Perhaps the greatest undoing of Nazi Germany was its ill-conceived expansionism policy that saw it invade the Soviet Union in the early 1940s. This, coupled with other aggressions such as seizing Austria, attracted the wrath of the Allied forces. The cynosure in the quick glimpse of Nazi Germany is the notable military defeats that Third Reich experienced at the hands of Allies of the Second World War who had hemmed in Germany on all side. The defeated Nazi Germany prompted the so-called denazification policy and the Nuremberg trials wherein Nazi leaders were tried for their participation in war crimes and related crimes against humanity through military tribunals.

Long story short, the military tribunals rendered the soldiers jobless and jeopardized their lives. What if the Nazi Germany leaders and soldiers guilty of war crimes were cushioned against the military tribunals through the provision of new names and personal documents in exchange for their participation in the battlefields that eventually formed Vietnam? And the former Nazi Germany’s soldiers lived up to their prowess–at least according to the Devil’s Guard series.

Devil’s Guard: Section on Books
Basically, there are four distinct works in the Devil’s Guard series authored by Eric Meyer. There are seven editions of the first book in the Devil’s Guard series. The first edition was originally published in 2010, titled Devil’s Guard: The Real Story; this book is categorized under the war books, particularly military fiction.

As aforementioned, former Nazi military men signed up for the French Foreign Legion hoping to join the Indochina War and fight against Viet Minh. As such, the central characters in Eric Meyer’s series, Devil’s Guard, are former members of the Waffen-SS. The highly trained one-time Nazis tip the scales in French favor as they easily defeat their Vietnamese opponents with minimal casualties all the while. The various factual aspects of the time-frame appeals to the reader, the few discrepancies notwithstanding.

Best Devil’s Guard Books
These are the best books in the Devil’s Guard series penned by Eric Meyer. The first is Devil’s Guard: The Real Story; this has been summarized in the previous section. The second is Devil’s Guard Blood & Snow. This book was published after the first book in the series despite the fact that it predates the said book chronologically. Set in early 1943, a freshly commissioned Waffen-SS officer is on his mettle when faced with Russian enemies and Gestapo in a snowy region. The third is Devil’s Guard Vietnam. Hereby, the Indochina War culminates in the birth of a new state named Vietnam. There is reprieve for those who suffered under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship but for the disgraced Waffen-SS officers, who are more or less mercenaries cashing in on their fighting prowess. Hereby, the previous Waffen-SS officers are engaged in battles pitying their allies on one side and communists and Americans on the other side.

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The second is named Viper series, a 9-book series that is authored by penman David Baker. Incidentally, Viper refers to the name of Baker’s fictitious discreet elite unit; the unit, which undertakes black operations, was formed during Margaret Thatcher’s reign hot on the heels of the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege. The third is named Rick Fuller Thriller Series, a trilogy penned by Robert White. This revolves around Rick Fuller, a former Special Air Service operative who has since become an assassin. The series is three-pronged: his entry into the new profession following the murder of his wife by an IRA hit man; tracking down his wife’s killer; and investigating the mysterious disappearance of an associate and his go-to fixer.

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