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Devil’s Keepers Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Devil's Keepers Books

Critically –acclaimed novelist Megan Crane has been in the literary field since 2004 and having written fifty books; she has made quite a name for herself. So far she has managed to be on the USA Today bestselling, and she is also RITA-nominated. Crane majors on women chick lit, fiction, work-for-hire young adult novels and Harlequin Presents. Crane has worked with various publishers over the span of her career, and now she is focusing on writing contemporary romance with stories from small towns all the way to international cities, bikers, and cowboys. Her love for writing dos not just end with authoring good reads but also extends to teaching creative writing classes both online at offline at Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program and She is a holder of an MA and PhD in English Literature from the University of York in York, England. She currently lives with her husband and pets in the Pacific Northwest.

When it comes to romance, most authors cover cowboys, those in the current settings or the Lords and Earls if it is a historical setting. Very few cover bikers who are seen to be tough and macho without any need for romance. Through the Devil’s Keepers series, Megan Crane will demystify this group of people and show their softer and romantic side. At the beginning of the sizzling new series, Crane takes her readers into the Bayou country known for its sultry swamp. There, she narrates the story of the fiercest bikers in the state of Louisiana, the Devils Keepers.

The first novel in Devil’s Keepers by Megan Crane is Devil’s Honor published in 2016. The sequel to Devils Keepers was published in 2017.

Devil’s Honor (2016)

The first book The Devil’s Keepers series tells the story of Merritt Broussard who as a child had to choose between running with the outlaws or leaving her home altogether and making something of her life according to the advice her dad had given her. She chose the latter and left just after having a summer fling with bad –boy biker.

The plan was to go to an Ivy League school, and she is now a criminal defense attorney. After being away for five years, she is back, but she is facing a problem, and there is only one person that she can trust, and that is the sergeant-at-arms of the Devils Keepers, Joseph Greeley. Merrit is running away from a colleague, who is also her ex and having no other place to go, she chose her hometown. The reasoning behind the decision to go back home was simple; her ex would never think of looking for her is her hometown.

With the best-laid plans in place, she did not bargain on being affected by the Greeley. The boy she once had a summer fling with is now a more dangerous, harder, alluring man. He is a man who loves two things only: his club and his bike. At the age of eighteen, young Greeley escaped a tough life and joined the Devils Keepers, swearing to always live by their code. The code which he was also willing to die for was Devil’s Keepers forever and Devil’s Keepers first meaning that no one could come between him and the brotherhood in the gang.

There was one exception, though, and that was the woman who had managed to touch his heart and almost made him walk away from the brotherhood. While he was willing to risk it all for her, Merritt walked away from him, and he retreated to lick his wounds, promising himself not ever to be vulnerable again. When he discovers that the woman who held his heart is back and is in trouble, there is nothing that can keep him away.

Merritt did not think she would feel get affected in the presence of Greeley. Does this mean that what they have for each other is still there? Will she stay on after she has solved the problem with her crazy ex? On the other hand, will Greeley be able to balance his commitment to his commitment to Merritt?

Devil’s Mark ( 2017)

The Devils Mark is a story about a good girl gone bad and her encounter with a notorious biker who has to state the forbidden fruit at a cost. Holy Chambless, the daughter of the mayor of Lagrange, is a miss good two shoes.

Once her father is charged in court for being corrupt, she decides no more and wants to start living and do everything that she has never done before. So far, she has two options which include going to work in a bar and watch her reputation die, or she could reconnect with a biker who had once sparked hunger so deep in her several years ago

Holy decides to the biker bar and while there meets Killian “Uptown” Chenier who is a man she has always known but had decided to stay away from him. Uptown, on the other hand, has sensed that there could be trouble brewing for the biker word and it is related to holy’s father. Uptown knew about Holy but had never really wanted to get involved with her for both their sake. The biker does not have time for holier than thou girls and would rather have his fast bikes and some wild sex whenever he needs it. Now Holy was smoking hot having grown up and how he would like to desecrate personally. There is, however, a burning issue and her dad stole from the Devil’s s keepers, and that made his daughter a target.

As Holly decides that her act of rebellion was to be with Uptown, he recognizes her need for protection as the storm her father created starts coming up. In the book, Holly is painted as a strong heroine that was not easily intimidated by the rough personality shown by Uptown. The two have chemistry, and the multilayered characters and secondary characters complimented them well. The main question for the two is will they be able to overcome their outlook on life and surmount all other challenges to be together?

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