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Publication Order of Devil's Night Books

Penelope Douglas is a prolific author, producing several series of stories, several stand-alone novels, and has been published in several collections of stories.

Ms. Douglas lives in Las Vegas and besides being a writer, she is also a teacher. The eldest of five children, she was born in Dubuque, Iowa.

She attended the University of Northern Iowa after her father told her to “Just get the damn degree!” and earned a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration.

After fulfilling her father’s demands, and because she HATED public Administration, she attended the Loyola University in New Orleans to earn her Masters of Science in Education.

She was getting tipsy at the bar while working and shared with the bouncer she thought his son was hot. Three years later she was married- to the son, not the bouncer.

Aydan is their one child. Ms. Douglas loves the show Sons of Anarchy and sweets, and she go to Target and shops there nearly every day.

The Devil’s Night Series is one of her earliest writings. This romantic suspense series is written for those 18+ years of age. The stories have strong stand-alone characters but the plot builds along each story so Ms. Douglas recommends reading them in order.

The Devil’s Night Series has a very dark romantic suspense plot. Erika Fane, “Rika”, is thoroughly terrified of her boyfriend’s older brother, Michael.

She witnessed Michael and a few of his high school friends do something bad and the friends went to prison. Now they are out and are biding their time until the younger brother, Trevor, leaves for the military and they are free to exact their revenge.

Rika will have to deal with each one of them. They are full of anger and want revenge. Never-mind they deserved the punishment they received, they are blaming her for their prison time. Their mission is to be the worst nightmare of her life.

In the first novel, Corrupt, we learn what set Rika up for the hatred, anger, and vindictiveness the young men have for her.

Rika doesn’t have dreams; she has nightmares. Michael Crist has invaded her nighttime for over three years.

To the rest of the world, Michael is strong and handsome, star high school basketball player now turned pro. To Rika, he is totally terrifying. She looks down when they pass each other; just looking him in the eye scares her to death. She’s seen what he is capable of. She’s justified in being terrified of him.

He won’t touch her while his younger brother is around. Trevor doesn’t realize the massive amount of danger she is in. When he leaves for the military, she is going to be targeted. First they will terrorize her family. Then they will terrorize her. Then they will finish her off.

Corrupt (Devil’s Night number one) is an excellent standalone novel, full of dark romance. There’s no cliffhanger and it’s recommended for ages 18 and above.

In the second novel of the Devil’s Night Series, Hideaway, we get acquainted with Banks.

Banks is one of Michael Crist’s friends who spent three years in prison for a crime he would gladly repeat. It’s not even the worst thing he’s ever done.

Devil’s Night is coming up. All the games are back with chases and hiding in places.

The Pope hotel is in sad shape, dark and empty, abandoned and forgotten. The perfect place to have a guest check in who will never check out.

Hideaway is a suspenseful romantic story. It’s recommended for ages 18 and above. It is a standalone novel but the plot continues from the things that happened in Corrupt (Devil’s Night number one.) Ms. Douglas strongly recommends that a reader enjoy Corrupt before reading Hideaway.

In the third novel of the Devil’s Night Series, Kill Switch, Rika is realizing that sending those boys to prison what the wrong thing to do.

Rika had no idea how bad things could get. She was thinking she would have a chance to disappear before he got back, or with a lot of luck, Damon would have cooled off or forgotten about it.

Instead Damon’s a nightmare full of vengeance. He’s had lots of time to plan his revenge. He wants everyone to hurt, to hurt me more.

First he will go after my daddy. Next he’ll go after my mother, then my sister. Rika isn’t going down without a fight. She has been taking training to protect herself and hopefully protect her family.

Kill Switch is a suspenseful romantic story. It’s recommended for ages 18 and above. It is a standalone novel but the plot continues from the things that happened in Corrupt (Devil’s Night number one.) and Hideaway (Devil’s Night number two.) Ms. Douglas strongly recommends that a reader enjoy both earlier novels before reading Hideaway.

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