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Publication Order of Devlin Dynasty Books

Running Mate (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mountain Moonlight (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legend's Passion (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Devlin Dynasty is a series of novels written by USA Today and New York Times bestselling American author of contemporary and romance novels, Jaci Burton. Burton has published over 70 books, with many winning awards. A resident of Oklahoma, she loves watching television, wrangling her dogs gardening or losing track of her time reading a book.

Burton began the publication of Devlin Dynasty in 2004 when Running Mate the first novel in the series was published. Devlin Dynasty series ran for four books concluding in 2009 when Legend’s Passion was published.

Running Mate

Running Mate is the first novel in Devlin Dynasty series by Jaci Burton. The story introduces the readers to Kelsey, a reporter who grew up as the only child of a dad who is also a journalist and owns a newspaper firm in Washington DC. Since Kelsey did not have a mother growing up, she took after her father, and eats breaths, and lives for her story. Kelsey intents on having an interview with a Senator (a young sexy and single senator) and so she sneaks past the senator’s security and waits in his outside room. However, when the senator finally arrives, Kelsey is mistaken for someone else.

Then there is Jason, a senator in Washington DC and he is also a shifter. He and the rest of his family are out to gain power in Washington to get protection for his beloved people just if they will be revealed. When he leaves the latest party to get to his hotel room, he is expecting a young woman to be waiting for him- what happens to be a set up by his Beta.

When he sets his eyes on Kelsey, he is actively attracted to her first sight, he discovers that she is not a shifter and thus he should not be with her, but unfortunately, the attraction is too intense and he knows that Kelsey is meant to be his mate regardless of who she is.

However, it turns out that Kelsey is not expecting any seduction from him and actually was waiting for him for an interview, but when Jason makes his move and kisses her, she loses her head and gives in to Jason. Sparks fly and the two end up spending the night together, but when the truth finally comes out about Kelsey real ID and her job, Jason is understandably not happy about it.

Jason feels the mating bond forming between them, and so she does not give her up. He requests her to stay with him for the weekend so that they can get to know each other better. However, Kelsey is not sure whether it is okay to go away with Jason especially after she has agreed to keep everything off the record, but her burning desire towards Jason prompts her to give it a try.

Both Jason and Kelsey spend a beautiful weekend together, but Jason does not reveal about his secret to her yet. However, he is happy with her and wants to reveal his secret to her and hopes that she will agree to keep the secret and decide to remain with him. Kelsey is actively falling in love with Jason, and things seem to be going well with them even when the full moon arrives. However Kelsey curiosity makes her finds Jason at the worse way and in at the wrong time, she enjoys a drama filled the night, and afterward heads home for some time alone. However, Jason is scared that Kelsey might write a story that would ruin both his and all other shapeshifters lives. However, the truth is that Kelsey struggles with her strong feelings for the man she has come to love so much and what to do about it- will she sacrifice her love and publish the story or will love take over and live with the man she knows is a shifter?

Fall Fury

Fall Fury is book two in Devlin Dynasty series, the story introduces readers to Max longing for a mate after seeing a photograph of Shannon- and he is confident that Shannon is the perfect mate for him. From that point, as they work their path together and acknowledge the obstacles in their path, Max never loses his focus and never gives up on her.

From the beginning of their journey, the chemistry between them is so strong and includes a few passionate, lengthy and explicit sex scenes. The author really understands how to craft steamy graphic scenes to ramp up the heat and tension without going overboard.

The progress of Shannon and Max relationship is flooded with issues, but it is to be expected and finally their journey yields.

Jaci Burton’s characterization is brilliantly done; first, there is Max, the heroine. He is in public relations, and he is also fulfilling his packs mandate to spread out far and multiply. Then there is Shannon Storm, who runs the advertising of her family’s company known as The Rising Storm and she is not happy that her brother has brought someone from outside. Logan and Aidan are Shannon’s brothers, and Kaitlyn is her sister, and Angelina is her mom.

Mountain Moonlight

Mountain Moonlight is book three in Devlin Dynasty series. It introduces readers to Conner Devlin who has traveled to Romania to review a request for the funding of a wildlife preserve. While in Romania, he meets Katya, a puzzling beauty whose wolf sexuality captures him in more than just one way. Katya only needed to set up a preserve for the wolves, and not to mate with the brash American, Conner Devlin.

However, the cataclysmic events force together, and under a compelling full moon, their needs lead them to fiery passion deep in the Carpathian Mountains.

Romania is the setting for this third novel in the series, where Katya the only heir of the Carpathian throne is in danger and the population of wolves being ruthlessly hunted in her area. However, Conner is the man for this job protecting the wolves and the people he will later come to love.

If you love romance novels featuring werewolves and shifters, then Devlin Dynasty series by Jaci Burton is a series worth reading.

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