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Publication Order of Devlin & Falco Books

Debra Webb is a prolific accomplished American author.

She is a best-selling author who has reached the tops of charts in publications such as USA Today. She has written over one hundred and fifty novels throughout the course of her career and gained many readers along the way. She is known for writing books such as the Colby Agency, the Shadows of Death series, and Faces of Evil, among many others.

Webb has also received various awards for her writing. She received the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for romantic suspense and has won several Reviewers Choice Awards. She was the first recipient in 2012 of the L.A. Banks Warrior Woman Award for her strength, courage and grace while dealing with adversity. She also received the important Centennial Award for having published her hundredth novel, joining a few other authors with this distinction that include Carole Mortimer and Nora Roberts. She has since sold over four million books in different languages and countries.

Born in 1958, Debra grew up on a form in Alabama. Her family was not wealthy, but she credited her parents with teaching her about hard work and that if she was willing to work hard enough and wanted it badly, she could be it. Her love for storytelling goes back to when she was young and her mother went to a tag sale and bought her an old typewriter. She would spend her time exploring the world she was in while young and coming up with her stories. She had always come up with stories in her head and started writing them down at the age of nine. She would write a romance at thirteen years old.

Webb eventually got married and was still coming up with her stories but was busy in her own life too much to write them down. The family had bills to pay, and so she helped out by doing odd jobs such as selling vacuum cleaners, working in fast food restaurants, and working in factories. When their first child was born, her spouse joined the military, and she went to college. She got a degree in business administration and her husband ended up being stationed in Berlin, Germany. She would be a secretary for three years for the commanding general’s office.

The family then went back to the United States in 1985. Webb took on a new job at NASA’s shuttle program working as an executive secretary. She worked this job for five years but then she realized that her true desire was to write. She went through a chronic illness in 1995 and chose to focus on writing again. She researched romance novels and wrote ending up selling her first comedic romance story to Kensington Books in 1998. She would sell another novel just weeks later to Harlequin. She has since written many more books and expanded her library of novels available to readers.

Debra Webb is the creator and the author of the Devlin & Falco series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2020 with the publication of the debut novel, Trust No One. It was followed by the second book, titled Gone Too Far. Can’t Go Back is the third book in the series.

Trust No One is the first book in the Devlin & Falco series by Debra Webb. If you are looking for a new thriller to enjoy from a best-selling author, check out this book and enjoy something new!

Two homicides and a woman gone missing may end up leading a dedicated detective to bring some disturbing secrets to the surface. Main character Detective Kerri Devlin has always been devoted to her work, and nothing has changed. However, she’s now assigned to a double homicide case. It is possibly the very worst time for her to be involved in such a case that was so consuming.

Kerri was dealing with her ex-husband and in a struggle with him and their teen daughter. To make matters worse, the new partner that has been assigned to her is reckless and she is having a hard time trusting them right off the bat. That doesn’t matter, though, because Detective Devlin has to focus on the task at hand, which was finding a killer out there.

Kerri must now work at finding the killer, who is at large. In the meantime, a pregnant woman is also missing. She has no choice but to work with her partner to dig for clues, and they soon find secrets having to do with some of the most esteemed citizens in Birmingham. As they investigate further, each bit of progress brings the detective one step closer to catching the killer and finding the woman who has disappeared. Increasingly, she is seeming to be a suspect and not a victim, but time will tell.

As answers start to come to the surface, and the case gets into her own personal life, Devlin begins to see that there are sinister forces at play. Now she’s part of a game that she doesn’t quite know how to play and must get to the truth and catch a killer before everything she loves is at risk. How will it end? Read this thriller to find out!

Gone Too Far is the second book in the Devlin & Falco series by Debra Webb. Sometimes the past is better left in the past in this engaging thriller.

Kerri Devlin returns, and the veteran of the Birmingham Police Department has seen a lot in her time as a detective, and so has Luke Falco. The partners work well together, which is good as they’re soon assigned to a new case, a double homicide that involves the new deputy district attorney as a victim.

The two get to work, but soon find out this is not a routine case. They link the deputy district attorney’s death to one of their own coworkers, the former detective Sadie Cross. But she can only recall parts of her past, and it may end up holding the leaders to the murders and the motive behind them. As they start to get to the bottom of the truth, Devlin and Falco may find more secrets than they bargained for. Can they solve the case? Read Gone Too Far to find out!

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