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Devon C. Ford
Devon C. Ford is from the United Kingdom, having lived in various places until he finally settled down in the Midlands. His career in public services began during his teens and has given him a wealth of experiences, both good and some rather bad. These form the basis of ideas for books that cause him to have regular insomnia.

Devon began reading for fun during adulthood, after he tried his best to avoid anything that resembled academia growing up. At the point, the world had become a much bigger place. He has been reading, at least one book at a time, since.

His debut work, the “After It Happened” series, (Survival, Humanity, and Society) were released in April of 2016. Devon stormed up high into the charts with these books and launched into the top ten sellers listings in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Once the fourth book, called “Hope”, was released in July of 2016, Devon mad the decision to write full time.

His self-published start created a stir within the publishing world, and it resulted in contracts with Podium Publishing for Audible before he got a publishing deal for both paperbacks and kindle for Vulpine Press.

Devon has written the “Defiance” series, the “Toy Soldiers” series, the “After It Happened” series, and the “Expansion” series. His work is from the science fiction genre.

“Recon” is the first novel in “The Expansion” series and was released in the year 2018. Centuries in Earth’s future sees all of the united global territories working on colonizing the Moon and Mars. A clean energy source is discovered which ended the world’s reliance on fossil fuels nearly overnight, and years after all the resulting wars, one new discovery puts the tenuous world peace at risk. That of quicker than light travel.

With humanity right on the brink of traveling out to new solar systems and all of the scientific and humanitarian possibilities involved, one discovery by the recon teams turns it all upside down.

Join this tiny team of the recon mission that fight friend and enemy to accomplish their mission objectives, no matter where it leads them or what the personal cost is.

Fans found this book to be a fun romp through one imagined future, filled with adventure and some unexpected turns and twists. Readers found the politics and science to be enjoyable and believable and the characterization was excellent. Devon writes these battle scenes where you can actually feel the bullets flying all around you.

“Contact” is the second novel in “The Expansion” series and was released in the year 2018. The Ichi, a recon ship, made contact with aliens deep in space, making some new foes and new allies. The hastily constructed fleet heads for the Centauri system, desperate just to catch up with the Ichi. Their arrival comes right in time to encounter the near invisible threat of the war-like Va’alen. However, the fleet quickly discovers that what’s dominant tech in one solar system is only dangerously way out of its depth in another.

Caught in the middle of an alien war, accidentally picking sides in exchange for some advanced tech, the real cost of war is brought back home to them in some loss of life and stark reality. It’s going to require high-risk tactics and great courage to endeavor to cripple the Va’alen so that the fleet will be able to regroup and return home.

What is left of Admiral Dassiova’s fleet, while leaving Centauri for Earth, while unaware of the scale of technology and power they are going to need to secure the system and all of the resources that it holds, lands into deep water.

This novel expands more on what the first novel sets up, as the intrigue builds, more characters get introduced and are made more prominent. All of the characters are developed well, and the interplay between each of them is very real, making you enjoy even the more minor characters.

“Conflict” is the third novel in “The Expansion” series and was released in the year 2018. Battles have been lost and enemies stranded. The fight continues.

The Ninth Fleet is back on Mars after it barely survived its previous brush with the Va’alen. Their enemy which is now marooned somewhere in the Centauri system after one daring mission behind enemy lines where they were supposed to destroy their gateway device.

Now they’re re-fitted and re-armed and hopeful that they’ll pack enough of a punch to take on this superior foe, the human fleet goes back to pit their brand new ships against the Va’alen swarm. However, when they get there, they discover the entire sector of space empty.

While they start building a space station as their foothold in the region, the Ichi (their recon ship) is dispatched ahead to explore. This is when one worrying discovery leads Commander Brandt and the rest of her team stranded and cut off on a hostile and odd moon’s surface.

Racing against time, they confront a danger the fleet may not be able to survive. Treachery also threatens everything that they have built.

“War” is the fourth novel in “The Expansion” series and was released in the year 2019. Beyond belief, the universe has expanded dangerously.

Order breaking down back home pushes Earth into turmoil, with the tension affecting both far and near solar systems. Suffering from the political situation and being kept mostly in the dark, the ex-crew of the Ichi have been posted to other jobs.

Commander Kyle Torres has been tasked with the tough job of negotiating with the Kuldar, after the stunning discovery of the real nature of the Va’alen. At the same time, Admiral Dassiova has been kept away from the Centauri system for one secret and mysterious purpose that even he does not comprehend just yet.

The rest of the team that found themselves stuck on the forest moon are being drawn back into this fight with their recent foe, however they learn that not every one of their foes are alien.

When the dust has settled, the mission is made clear. They are at War.

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