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Publication Order of D.I. Callanach Books

DI Callanach series by Helen Fields
Detective Inspector Luc Callanach stars in this series of mystery novels penned by author Helen Fields. The series began publication when “Perfect Remains” was released in the year 2017.

Helen Fields insisted on making the character of Luc French. The country itself is the embodiment of Callanach, and it is for this reason that she cast him as a broken and tortured soul as it made everything effective and dramatic. The way the French enjoy themselves, the body language (the gesticulation and shrugging), the facial expressions that are larger than life.

Both “Perfect Remains” and “Perfect Death”, the first and third novels of the series, were both nominated for the McIlvanney Prize in 2017 and 2018.

“Perfect Remains” is the first novel in the “DI Callanach” series, which was released in the year 2017. On a Highland mountain, Elaine Buxton’s body is burning. The only thing left to identify the respected attorney are a piece of her clothing and her teeth. In the hidden back room of a house in the city of Edinburgh, the real Elaine Buxton screams into the dark.

DI Luc Callanach has just stepped into his new office as Elaine’s missing persons case is stepped up to a murder investigation. He left behind a promising career at Interpol behind him, and is now eager to prove himself to the new team he commands. Edinburgh, he finds, is a far cry from Lyon, and Elaine’s killer has covered all of his tracks with acute attention to detail.

Quickly, another successful woman is taken from her doorstep, and Callanach finds that he is in a race against time. So he believes, anyway. The woman’s real fate is going to prove more twisted than he could ever have imagined in his life.

Helen Fields introduces her readers to a stunning and chilling series, and this book alone is well crafted, with characters that develop while the narrative moves along and it never loses its momentum. This is a highly enjoyable read that is not at all for the faint of heart.

“Perfect Prey” is the second novel in the “DI Callanach” series, which was released in the year 2017. During a rock festival, a charity worker gets sliced across the stomach. He dies from his injuries just minutes later. Despite there being thousands in attendance, no one saw who attacked him. The next week, a primary school teacher’s body is found in an Edinburgh alley after it was thrown in a dumpster. The teacher was strangled with her own wool scarf.

DI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach don’t have a motive or any leads. Then graffiti starts appearing on buildings that describe the victims. It is only when the figure out the words start appearing before rather than after the killings, that they understand the killer is announcing his next victim. The more innocent they are, even better.

Here is another great read that builds to a stellar conclusion. The pace moves even faster as things start to fall into place and you start getting answers. Luc and Ava are two compelling and complex characters that readers cannot get enough of.

“Perfect Death” is the third novel in the “DI Callanach” series, which was released in the year 2018. A serial killer has got Edinburgh firmly in his grip, unknown to DI Luc Callanach and DCI Ava Turner, who has just been promoted. The killer takes his victims in the most calculating and coldest way there is: engineering painful and slow deaths by poison, all while his victims are totally unaware of the drugs in their system until it becomes too late.

How can you catch a killer that hides in the shadows? A murderer that gets pleasure from watching someone’s pain from afar? Faced with their toughest case yet, Turner and Callanach quickly realize that they face what seems to be an impossible task.

Each and every one of these books are tough to put down. This one in particular is fast paced with an explosive finish once both of the criminal investigations peak at the same time. Readers hope to get their hands on any additional installments in the series.

“Perfect Silence” is the fourth novel in the “DI Callanach” series, which was released in the year 2018. A young girl’s body is found dumped on the side of the road on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Pathologists study the remains, and discover something gruesome: a doll’s silhouette carved into the victim’s skin. A macabre rag doll is found nestled next to an abandoned baby, and Luc learns the murderer’s terrifying game plan: cutting dolls out of his victims’ flesh.

A series of drug users are branded with the letter Z slashed on their foreheads, Luc and Ava have to risk their jobs and lives to find the truth. Could this be the merciless work of the same person?

The killer’s twisted games persist, and Luc realizes that it is just a matter of time before he strikes once more. Will they be able to stop one more victim from being killed, or is it already too late?

These books are all dark and disturbing, well written, and intelligent. These books take readers to very chilling places, and this one is no exception. Fields writes clever dialogue and her characterization is one of her strengths, as it is subtle and excellent.

“Perfect Crime” is the fifth novel in the “DI Callanach” series, which was released in the year 2019. Stephen Berry is just about to jump off of a bridge until Damien Maclure, a suicide prevention counselor, stops him. A week later, and Stephen is found dead at the foot of a cliff. Was he pushed or did he take his own life?

A series of killings makes its way all the way across Edinburgh, and the victims seem entirely unconnected and random. This just serves to make things tougher for Callanach and Turner.

There is no clear method for how this killer is picking out his victims, and Callanach and Turner find themselves under more pressure than usual to catch the killer before time runs out. A separate case of murder pops up and it places Callanach as the case’s prime suspect, and it looks like this is a killer that is uncatchable.

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