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Claire McNab is an Australian author of fiction. It is the pen name used by Claire Carmichael.

Claire Carmichael was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1940. She initially pursued a career teaching in Sydney at the high school level. She also was working on her writing, starting her career off writing comedic plays as well as something more practical in the form of textbooks.

Claire ultimately decided that she would leave her job during the eighties she left in order to pursue writing full time. In her native country of Australia, she is also well known for her children’s and self help books. She moved from Australia to live in Los Angeles back in 1994. The reason for her move is that she fell for a woman in America and they started a relationship, so she transplanted to the United States for love.

Claire McNab now works teaching other writers through the Writers’ Extension Program offered by UCLA. She has had over fifty books released under her name. She is recognized for her crime fiction as well. Lessons in Murder was her first mystery novel, and it featured a lesbian main character in Carol Ashton. McNab has also penned lesbian characters with Detective Kylie Kendall and Agent Denise Cleever.

The author has received many accolades and recognition during the course of her career. In 2006, she was the recipient of the Alice B. Medal. She is also a member of Sisters in Crime and has served as president for the group. She also belongs to various writing groups.

Claire McNab is the creator and author of the DI Carol Ashton series of fictional mystery novels. This engaging mystery series started off a while back. The debut novel in the series is titled Lessons in Murder and it was released in 1988. The sequel came out in 1989 and is titled Fatal Reunion. There are several books in this series so check it out if you are looking for an interesting read!

Lessons in Murder is the first novel in the D.I. Carol Ashton series of novels. This was the first in over a dozen novels in the series, so if you are looking to pick up something new that falls in the mystery genre, then check this series out!

This is the premiere story where readers get the chance to meet the main character of Carol Ashton for the first time. She is a detective inspector and is very good at what she does. She may have yet another case on her hands when a teacher winds up dead.

The location is Sydney, and the country is Australia. It was a hot day in the height of summer, and while some people are going out for ice cream, others are out for murder. Such is the case when Bill Pagett is discovered dead.

The educator was a prominent part of the community and everyone is shocked by his death. No one thought that anyone would ever have a reason to kill this beloved teacher. Now it appears that they were wrong, and it is Carol’s job to find out why.

As the detective inspector dives deeper into the mystery, she is troubled by what she finds. It turns out that the teachers at the school have a whole lot more going on than anyone would have initially guessed from the start. Six of them appear to have shadier realities and secrets that don’t always rise to the surface to be seen by the public eye.

Carol is determined to find out what’s really going on. She is working her way through tangled relationships between the teacher and figuring out who is behind phone and letter threats. When another dead body turns up, it is clear that she is going to have to speed up her work if she wants to get a killer off of the streets for good.

Things are getting even more complicated for this detective when she starts to suspect she is getting emotionally involved in this case. Carol is aware that she has an attraction to Sybil Quade. However, the situation would be a whole lot easier if Sybil did not happen to be the main suspect in the investigation.

Now more than ever, she’s determined to try and get to the bottom of these murders. If Carol can find the real culprit, she can clear Sybil’s name and get her off of the hook. Maybe then she will finally be able to pursue her attraction and ask her out on a date without having to worry about breaching her own set of personal ethics and influencing the case.

Of course, Carol could always find out that Sybil actually is guilty of the crime. That would definitely be the worst case scenario. This inspector knows that she is already too involved. Can she make this situation less messy by finding the killer and bringing them to justice? Or is the person responsible just too smart to be caught?

Find out whether Carol can nab her man or woman and solve this case for good! Pick up a copy of this book to find out how the case ends and whether this detective can finally follow her heart and see whether she and Sybil get the chance to follow their hearts!

Fatal Reunion is the intriguing second book in this popular series by author Claire McNab. This detective is back and she is happier than ever. Her job is going great and she’s in a new relationship that could not be going better. The investigation last time wrapped up and now she’s doing her best to keep her personal and professional life separate.

Carol has made a choice to not disclose her sexual identity to protect her career and Sybil too. Everything is going great in their relationship. Then she gets a call that may end up bringing up feelings from the past. Three years previously, a woman left her to go back to her spouse. Now her husband has died and she wants help.

Carol agrees to help Christine, but regrets it quickly. The choices she makes may just affect her career and relationship. Pick up this book to find out what happens in the end!

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