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Publication Order of DI Kate Burrows Books

Martina Cole is a British author known for writing crime novels.

She has released several novels revolving around crime, many of which take a closer look at the gangland underworld of London. Three of her paperbacks went to the top of the best-seller list on the Sunday Times for their first publication. Cole has done quite well as an author, selling over fourteen million copies of her books just in the United Kingdom. Her novel The Know was on The Sunday Times hardback best-sellers list for seven weeks.

Martina Cole was born in England in Essex. She was the youngest out of a total of five children. Her parents were Irish Catholic and her mother served as a psychiatric nurse hailing from Dublin while her father came from Cork City and was a merchant seaman. Her cousin is a politician named Denis Cregan. Cole was kicked out of her convent school at the age of fifteen, purportedly for being caught reading a novel by Harold Robbins.

The author got married at a very young age, tying the knot at just sixteen years old. When she was eighteen years old, Martina gave birth to her first child. Her parents sadly would both pass away when she was in her early twenties. Before achieving what she did as a published author, she worked many different jobs that did not pay much. These include working in positions such as a clinger, an agency nurse, a wine waitress, and stacking the shelves at the supermarket.

Her novels The Runaway, The Take, The Jump, and Dangerous Lady were all adapted into television drama series that achieved high ratings.

Her first big break in her career came in 1991. this is when a literary agent accepted her manuscript for the novel Dangerous Lady, which sold for a pretty sum of £150,000. The next year, the novel was published by Headline.

A lot of her books have a female protagonist or antihero, and several of them are set not only in London but in the Irish community that lives there. Her novels were voted on by readers for their favorite book by Martina Cole. Her book The Take was the winner, followed by Goodnight Lady and Maura’s Game.

She was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger award in 2021 by the Crime Writers’ Association.

In 1995, Dangerous Lady was adapted and broadcast on ITV in a four-part mini-series. ITV also broadcast another four-part adaptation of a Martina Cole book The Jump in 1998. In 2009, Sky1 aired The Take, starring Tom Hardy in the role of Freddie. There was also a commissioning of an adaptation for The Graft. Her 1997 novel The Runaway was adapted into a movie by the same name that came out on Sky1 and Sky1HD in 2011.

The author also presented a drama documentary series in 2008 on ITV3 called Martina Cole’s Lady Killers. The series went over the different stories of six of the most famous female serial killers in history, including Rose West, Beverly Allitt, and Myra Hindley. She went into the various reasons why women choose to kill, as well as why people are shocked when it does happen. Each of the programs featured a different killer, telling their story with analysis weigh-in from experts and featuring different dramatic reconstructions. The program did very well in the ratings, eventually transferring over in 2009 to ITV1.

That was not the author’s only foray into television, however. She also worked with Sky1 to film Martina Cole Girl Gangs: Los Angeles in 2009 for an investigative documentary. The show took a look at girls in gangs that have committed all sorts of crimes, from drug dealing to robbery, car theft, and murder. She also appeared in Inside Holloway in 2014, a documentary concerning Holloway Prison.

Cole has also made appearances on various television shows, including The Crime Thriller Club, This Morning on ITV, Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, the daytime show on ITV Losse Women: The One Show. She also was featured on two episodes of BBC One’s Pointless Celebrities, as well as The Culture Show in 2004.

She also is the co-owner along with television executive producer Barry Ryan of 2 Queens, a film and television production company. Some of her books have even been adapted for stage. London’s Theatre Royale Stratford East has put on Two Women, The Graft, and Dangerous Lady. She also founded Hostage Music in 2011, her personal record label, and has signed artists such as Alabama3.

The author resides near Sevenoaks, Kent in a manor home. She has another home located in northern Cyrus. She got married again in the nineties, but that marriage ended with divorce. When she was 39 years old, Martina gave birth to her second child.

Cole serves as a patron to different charities including Gingerbread and Women’s Aid. She also leads creative writing classes in different prisons in the U.K. She has had to deal with rheumatoid arthritis for years as a result of breaking her arms when she was younger. Unfortunately, the arthritis has gotten worse throughout time and can make it painful to write.

The Ladykiller is the first novel in the DI Kate Burrows series by Martina Cole. If you like suspenseful crime novels, check this book out!

George Markham has a bad hobby, and it’s about to generate a lot of sexual depravity. Then there’s Patrick Kelly, who does not have a single soft spot except for his daughter and is otherwise pretty hard. When his daughter becomes a victim of the Grantley Ripper, the only thing that he can think about is revenge.

Kate Burrows is the DI managing the case. She feels badly for Patrick, but at the same time, getting more involved with a villain is ending up causing some potential damage to her career. A large manhunt is on the way, and Kate is worried that the killer will take everything she has ever loved away. Can she lock up a killer before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

Broken is the second novel in the DI Kate Burrows series by Martina Cole. The first novel was full of twists and turns. Check this book out for even more suspense!

DI Kate Burrows is facing a killer the likes of which she never though she would see again. But children are being placed in harm, and when one victim ends up being very unlucky, she has to take action.

Now it’s just a matter of outpacing the clock so that she can save lives. She’s having a tough time working the case and needs support from Pat Kelly. But when he has his own stuff to deal with, she finds that she may be on her own. Can she stop a killer? Read Broken to find out!

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