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Publication Order of DI Lorraine Fisher Books

Until You're Mine (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before You Die / What You Left Behind (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Belong To Me (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “DI Lorraine Fisher” series are a set of police procedural novels by mystery author Samantha Hayes. She was brought up in the Midlands with her younger brother and parents and stumbled her way through school until she left at 16. Her parents got a divorce while she was still young and she lived with her mother. Her mother’s side of the family was full of the creative types. As such, she spent much of the week among angst ridden and starving bohemian artists living in a tumbledown cottage where almost all the surfaces were covered with canvases and paint. They often had no money for food let alone heating. Things were very different during the weekends as she would spend most of them with her father who ran a very successful business. Living the high life in his huge house that came with butler service and then flying off vacations in the Caribbean on his yacht or private plane was a very huge contrast. To make sense of everything that was happening in her life, Samantha Hayes wrote even though she cannot remember having ambitions of authorship. From a very young age, she began writing stories that she would compile unto tiny books for her friends. At ten years old, she pestered her parents and finally got her first typewriter as a Christmas gift.

Once Samantha Hayes got her typewriter, she scared herself witless writing Poldark-esque horror stories. These were for the most part inspired by the stories she was told when she spent her holidays in Cornwall with her mother. She would usually type endless reams of fantasy, science fiction and romance before she made her first foray into crime fiction. While she loved reading and writing, the path to publication took decades and along the way she lived in several continents, met a ton of intriguing people, had many experiences and started a family. Before she became an author, she dabbled in a range of professions that included waitress, private investigator, nursery nurse, bar maid, accounts clerk, car cleaner, factory night shift worker and fruit picker. She got the huge break she needed when she won a short story competition in 2003. She then got an editor who offered her a publishing deal for several short stories and novels. “Until You’re Mine,” the debut of the “DI Lorraine Fisher” series was first published in 2013.

The “DI Lorraine Fisher” series of novels are police procedural stories that follow the life and times of a detective inspector. DI Lorraine is a police officer who often finds herself drawn right into the middle of a mysterious murder cases she is investigating. In the first novel of the series, Zoe and her team of investigators are looking into what looks to develop into a serial killer case. Someone has been targeting pregnant women in the local and the police have so far been unable to get any clues into who the criminal could be. In the second novel of the series DI Lorraine Fisher is in Radcote staying with her sister. She is informed of bizarre incidents in which young men have been committing suicide out of the blue. She thinks there is more to the issue when her nephew starts acting weird and starts investigating. In the third novel of the series, DI Fisher is working on a complicated murder case and thinks she is being stalked.

In “Until You’re Mine” the first novel of the “DI Lorraine Fisher” series of novels, Claudia Morgan thinks things could not be better. She finally has a great career, a baby of her own and a happy family with loving husband and two stepsons. She has a job as a social worker while her husband often travels for business. As such, when she gets Zoe to act as nanny around the house before the arrival of her newborn child it seems heaven-sent. Zoe has instant rapport with the children and has glowing recommendation though Claudia feels there is something very wrong about her. There have been several violent attacks against pregnant women in the locale and Claudia knows she could not be more vulnerable. Her family is too far and her husband is often out of town on business, meaning she may not have anyone to protect her if it came to that. She knows appearances can be deceiving and even with all her glowing recommendations she may not be as perfect as she seems to be. As she digs deeper into her nanny’s past, she starts thinking just how far someone would go to hide their past.
“What You Left Behind” the second novel of the series is set two years following a terrible spate of teenage suicides in the small village of Radcote. The villagers were just beginning to heal when another teen dies in freak accident and in his belongings is found an all too familiar suicide note. A few days later, another teen is found dead and Radcote worries the spate of suicides is back. Luckily, DI Lorraine Fisher is in the village for a much needed vacation and is staying with Jo her sister. But there is tension in their house as Fisher’s nephew Freddie seems uncommunicative and troubled. In the meantime,
Lorraine is working hard to find the truth about the suicides. Could they be actual suicides or could there be someone causing the deaths. If she can find the answers quick enough, maybe she can help Freddie avoid the fate of his peers. What she unearths is more shocking than she could have ever imagined.

In “You Belong to Me” the third novel of the series, Isabel leaves England to escape some demons from the past. She is finally feeling safe after months of living in fear. But then she gets a letter that leaves her frustrated and depressed as she is told of a car crash that had taken bother parents’ lives. Reluctantly, she heads back to England but thinks she is still being watched eventhough she has vowed that fear will never rule her life again. Meanwhile, DI Lorraine Fisher is working a momentous murder case that involves a serial killed that has been targeting women in their twenties. She thinks that she is being stalked too given that she is in the same age bracket. Could both women be the victims of the same stalker or are they imagining things?

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