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DI Zigic / DS Ferreira Books In Order

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Publication Order of DI Zigic and DS Ferreira Books

Long Way Home (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell No Tales (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
After You Die (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Watch Her Disappear (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Between Two Evils (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Half Truth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eva Dolan is a copywriter and a sporadic successful poker player. She was born and raised in England and currently, she lives in Essex, England. Her writing career began when, Eva was just a teenager due to her love for reading books. Due to her exceptional writing skills, Eva got shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger in the unpublished author’s category. Her debut novel, Long-Way Home is the beginning of a fantastic crime series.

Long Way Home #1

Peterborough is evolving. Migrant workers have set base and secured jobs in the factories, farms, and some casual jobs in town. A man is burnt alive in an uptown backyard shed, locked with a padlock, leaving him to die. It raises suspicion in the neighborhood. When investigations begin, two detectives find themselves in an unwanted territory filled with illegal migrants. DI-Zigic and DS Ferreira run the Hate Crimes Unit in Peterborough. An inquiry begins, and details how immigrants entering the UK end up as pawns of brutal gang members who exploit them in helpless situations to earn extra cash. This is a well-crafted crime series novel that tells of Peterborough, located in east England, and, which has enjoyed the infiltration of migrants from Eastern Europe in recent years. In contrast to well bred, sometimes government sponsored English folk, migrants moving to a new country in search of food and better lives face atrocious poverty. Eva has done a thorough research on her crime book. A well-written book that offers stark information on crime and the deplorable situations many migrants find themselves in.

Tell No Tales #2

In the second novel of crime fiction, Detectives-Zigic and Ferreira, must look into yet another murder case. A hit-and-run involving two migrant workers that end up dead and a sequence of gruesome killings, ostensibly with a political motive, captured on TV. We see less of Zigic’s home life, which emphasizes that the Hate-Crimes duo is overworked and underpaid. Their dedication and frustration from the setting to the investigation of extremely distressing crimes, that make the reader emotionally exhausted. This is truly the most engaging crime novel in recent times.

After You Die #3

The far-fetched duo, Ferreira, and Zigic meet Dawn Prentice. She is not new to the to the Peterborough, Hate-Crimes unit. Dawn was already known before she was found stabbed to death. She had earlier reported to the police the previous summer about the harassment her disabled daughter Holly, had been receiving. Holly, heard in horror as her mother was brutally murdered, and then, as if to torment her even further, they left her to starve. The two tireless detectives found her in a disastrous state. They arrived just in time to mitigate a full-blown disaster from a gas leak that could have killed both mother and daughter. However, Dawn was already dead by the time Zigic and Ferreira arrived.

Dawn Prentice had visited the Hate Crimes Unit in Peterborough. She reported a series of incidences detailing the harassment targeted on her family, especially her teenage daughter Holly. What happened in between the police reports is not given in detail, so Dawn is stabbed to death, while Holly has no one to look after her. DS Ferreira has just returned to work after some time off tending to wounds incurred while on duty. She’d met with Dawn the summer before her death. Was she negligent in disregarding Dawn’s accusations? Did the murderer not notice that there was a helpless girl upstairs while he killed her mother? Ferreira must prove that she’s ready to come back to work, so she must bury her frustrations and concentrate on the terrible job of catching the bad guys. Meanwhile, DI Zigic is embattled in a conflict with a cop who is hiding the truth about the main suspect in Dawn’s murder case. Will the two detectives uncover the killer and bring him to justice?

Watch Her Disappear #4

Corinne’s body was discovered floating in the river, near a favorite spot for athletes. The woman lay flat on her torso, with a severely damaged face. Her nose was broken, probably death by strangulation. Corinne was a man. She looked just like a woman, perhaps trapped in a man’s body. Maybe she was transgender. Was he a victim of mistaken identity? Did the killer take issue with her sexual orientation and hated this individual for it? Earlier on, we read that Corrine was undergoing an extreme surgical make over. She wanted a prettier overall look, but perhaps she never got to enjoy life in “her new flesh.” Once again, the dynamic duo detectives get to uncover this bizarre death of– Colin, and later Corinne, in her death. The truth behind this hate crime provides small details. Readers can only speculate and come up with ideas of who could have done it, what was their motive, and why dump her in a river. It’s quite careless for a murderer to toss a body in such open grounds.

The plot conveys a gripping connotation with the reader’s emotions. Eva cleverly reveals the victim of this awful crime as any average individual of good morals but not appealing to the society. Her family, still dealing with Corinne’s new lifestyle now has to open a new chapter of life without him, Colin. We don’t know how long he had stayed in “her” new body. It is this reality, thought provoking, outlook on societal idealism that makes Eva’s novels stand out from the pack. The storyline makes you think deeper about what we have become. Can we co-exist with “people of certain traits”? Watch her Disappear is highly entertaining. It is fiction actualized into what others go through; it gives us a window to peek into the world we wouldn’t have bothered to find out if it indeed exists. The mystery is incredibly engaging; the series characters ever persuasive. We see a different community dealing with issues that truly have us feel utterly helpless. Eva Dolan portrays a scene in an ideological manner, she educates, provokes and highlights difficult subjects yet inspires us that there’s hope in all hopeless situations. With that said, DI Zigic is a brilliantly written book series Eva Dolan, an award winning writer.

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