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Diana Cosby is a renowned American writer of historical romance and paranormal romance stories. She is well known for writing the award-winning and internationally bestselling series of romantic suspense novels, the MacGruder Brothers series. Additionally, Cosby has penned the Oath Trilogy series and the Forbidden series, both of which are also widely successful. She has also contributed to the omnibus collection called Born to Bite in collaboration with authors Erica Ridley and Hannah Howell. Cosby’s MacGruders novels are based on Scottish medieval romance and have won several prestigious awards. They have been translated into five foreign languages and published across the globe.

Author Cosby is a retired Navy Officer and has years of experience in that field. She has a Chief Petty Officer with many accolades and commendations to her name. After undergoing a change in career and establishing herself as a successful author, Cosby has spoken at various writers’ conferences and workshops. She has also spoken NYC’s Lady Jane’s Salon and the Library of Congress. Author Cosby has appeared on the romance blog in USA Today and in various journals and magazines, including Woman’s Day, Texoma Living Magazine,, and Atlantic County Women Magazine. After her Navy career came to an end, Cosby immediately shifted her focus towards her passion for writing romance stories.

With thirty-four unsuccessful attempts, there was an anxiousness in her to create characters reflecting the amazing people and cultures that she has met across the world. This dream was finally fulfilled when she came up with her debut book, His Captive, in 2007. Since then, Cosby has penned many exciting romance novels with interesting characters and mind-blowing storylines. Many of her books have been listed in the bestseller lists of various literary magazines in different countries. Now, Cosby looks forward to many more years of writing ahead and coming across amazing people, who will become a part of her journey.

Cosby’s former career provided her with an ample amount of traveling experience that helped her to explore various cultures of the world. She claims to have been an avid reader of romantic stories all her life. As of today, Cosby lives a happy life with her better half named Bob, who is also a naval officer with more than twenty years of service. The two are blessed with 3 loving children, Stephanie, Christopher, and Eric. During her spare time, Cosby loves to be in the company of her family members and her pet cats and dogs. Following the retirement of her husband, Cosby hopes to move back to her hometown in Texas and spend the rest of her life there.

A popular series written by author Diana Cosby is known as The Oath Trilogy series. It features historical romance novels set in medieval Scotland. The essential characters depicted by Cosby in the three books of this series include Sir Nicholas Beringar, Lady Elizabeth Armstrong, Lady Sarra Bellacote, Giric Armstrong, Marie Alesia Serouge, Colyne MacKerran, and several others. The debut book of this historical romance series is entitled ‘An Oath Taken’. It was released in 2014 by the Kensington publication. The book opens by introducing Sir Nicholas Beringar as the new castellan. He is given the task of reconstructing Ravenmoor Castle near the border of Scotland. By doing so, he will be able to gain the trust of the local residents. But, one of the locals tries to make things difficult for him by robbing his valuables.

Nicholas succeeds in catching the boy, but instead of punishing him, he offers him to become his squire. He seems to have no idea that the young lad is actually a lady. Lady Elizabeth Armstrong chose to disguise as a boy in order to set his brother free from the dungeons of Ravenmoor. At first, she feels intimidated by the rebuilding eyes and well-honed muscles of the confident Englishman but ends up accepting his offer. After a short while, Nicholas comes to know that the new squire is not what he appears to be. He makes gentle attempts at breaking through the defenses of Elizabeth and leaves her powerless. His touch gives rise to a desire that she is unable to resist. When Elizabeth’s truth and her real identity get exposed, she is left with no other option but to trust Nicholas’ intention of helping her people and also surrender to his sensuous touch.

Another mind-blowing installment of this series is called ‘An Oath Broken’. It was published by Lyrical Press in 2015. This book features the central characters in the form of Giric Armstrong and Sarra Bellacote. The novel opens by mentioning that Lady Sarra Bellacote is asked to get married to a countryman belonging to the bloodthirsty brutes who were involved in the killing of her parents. She is determined not to give in and declares that she will get married to a dog instead. Despite being adamant, Sarra is dragged to a Scottish castle to be wed to a man she doesn’t want to. To make matters worse, she is accompanied by a dark, irresistible, and wild knight, who is given the task of transporting her to the place where she is meant to be.

Giric Armstrong the Earl of Terrick and a distinguished Scottish man. He does not appreciate the idea of escorting an English lady to her nuptial. But, the huge sum offered to him to carry out the task successfully is what makes him agree to escort Sarra to Scotland. Giric hopes to arrange food for his tenants for several days with the help of that money. The trip does not turn out to be as simple as he had imagined. Later, it is found that it is not just Sarra who wants the engagement to fail. There are men with ill motives who wish to see the wedding canceled even if they are required to kill Sarra Bellacote. When Giric realizes the grave dangers that lie ahead, he becomes determined to protect Sarra and also keep his mounting desires in check. However, his heart is not ready to accept the fact that Sarra will be given to another man as soon as they reach Scotland and he will lose her forever.

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