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Publication Order of Diane Fallon Books

The American writer Beverly Connor is one of the leading figures currently working within her particular industry. With a love of archaeology she’s always willing to get to the bottom of any mystery, something which has served her well throughout her career. Writing thriller and mystery novels, she has created for herself a unique and extremely engaging take on the genres. With an extensive backstory, Diane Fallon is an in-depth and interesting character, as Connor incorporates many of her own interests into the leading protagonist. A detective by trade, as well as a forensic expert, she is always able to get to the bottom of any case out there. Using her entire range of skills, such as a former anthropologist and human rights lawyer, she fully utilizes her skills to crack the case.

Whilst this follows the formula of many procedurals, with a new case each installment, it has yet to be transferred to the screen, big or small. Running for over nine books in the series so far and counting, it appears that there’s a lot of room to expand upon the concept. The series itself, though, is one of the better examples of the genre, with clear and engaging narratives and characters that resonate with the reader.

One Grave Too Many

Brought out through the New American Library publishing label, this particular title was first released on the 7th of September in 2003. Setting up the series it works at introducing all the main characters for the first time, bringing them to the forefront. It also manages to give them an investigation to get involved in, as it finds the character of Diane Fallon on the case for the first time.

Set within the world of murder and intrigue, it knows its genre well, as it plays with the tropes and ideas of the format. That’s not forgetting the mystery itself, as it follows the secrets keeping the reader continually guessing constantly throughout. Beverly Connor manages to maintain this momentum over the course of the novel, keeping it consistent over the course of the novel. Set deep within the heart of Georgia, it also manages to convey a clear sense of location as well, which perfectly encapsulates what it’s about. Offsetting the action, it almost becomes a character in of itself, running alongside the main characters throughout. This also allows the reader to becoming more fully invested, as it feels like it comes alive for them, letting them step into its world. The character of Diane Fallon herself is an extremely well drawn one, with a complex set of motives and goals. With a keen interest in anthropology she has a good eye for detail, knowing exactly where and when to look. It is as a reluctant detective then that she proceeds to put her ever insightful perspective on human nature to good use.

Hoping to get out of the detective business, Diane Fallon heads to Georgia where she proceeds to work as an anthropologist. Finding peace and quiet here, she soon finds herself disturbed after a family member is murdered along with a former love. This then threatens to draw her back, as she seeks to get to the bottom of the case and find the culprit no matter what. Will she be able to find the killer? What is the truth behind it all? Can she avoid one grave too many?

Dead Guilty

Initially released through the Onyx publishing label, this was set to continue on from the previous title continuing the plots and arcs of the first. First released on the 7th of September once again, this came out in 2004 just one year after the first title, picking up from where it left off. Recapturing a lot of the same style and essence that came before, it works at evoking the atmosphere of the original novels, whilst also bringing in some twists and turns along the way.

Revisiting many of the ideas and themes of the original novel, it works at expanding upon them, effectively developing them and bringing them forwards over the course of the story. This is something that Beverly Connor has clearly become adept at, as it’s a clear, confident and articulate novel. With the character of Diane Fallon now firmly in hers and the readers minds, it also manages to develop a number of arcs as well. Set once again in Georgia, this particular novel, and series for that, really manage to get a proper feel for the area. Bringing it to life within the minds of the readers, the character of the state becomes a full three-dimensional one. Allowing the reader to immerse themselves in it, it also provides the backdrop for many of the stories to follow as well. Diane Fallon is still the ever reluctant detective just hoping that she will one day get some of that ever cherished peace and quiet that she’s been looking for. Whilst she may have everything together, with her being an extremely competent and highly astute character, she still has trouble keeping on top of it all. Constantly taking on a high amount of work, she is always keeping herself busy, something the threatens to undo her at points in the novel.

It is through the bones of the deceased that Diane Fallon can ever hope to find her culprit and ensure that justice is served. With a lynching happening nearby in the vicinity of Georgia, it appears that she may have quite a large case now on her hands. Being hanged in an execution manner, the three victims were killed in the local woods and it is up to her to exhume the bodies and discover the evidence. Will she be able to find the culprit? Can she learn the truth? Who will be found dead guilty?

The Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation Series

Working alongside her love of archaeology, Beverly Connor offers a narrative that’s easy to follow and highly accessible. Providing the readers with an in-depth insight into the archaeology industry, it allows readers to become fully invested in this world. Whilst there haven’t been so many releases recently, there’s still a lot more room to expand the series as a while and built upon its unique initial premise.

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