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The Thirteenth Tale (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bellman & Black (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon a River (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Princess and the Pea (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

iane Setterfield is a British author of fiction. She has had an internationally best selling novel in her debut fiction book. The Thirteenth Tale came out in 2006, has sold over 3 million copies and has made its way into at least 38 countries around the world.

It was also turned into a movie for television that came out in 2013. Heyday Films acquired The Thirteenth Tale and Christopher Hampton, the playwright and accomplished script writer, adapted it for television. It starred Olivia Colman and Vanessa Redgrave and was filmed for BBC 2 in North Yorkshire.

Diane Setterfield was born in 1964 in Englefield in Berkshire. She grew up in Theale for the majority of her childhood, a village that is close by. She attended Theale Garden and after the school day was over, she would go on to study French Literature while attending the University of Bristol.

Setterfield wrote her PhD on the topic of early fiction by Andre Gide and his autobiographical structures. She also taught English at two different schools in France in Mulhouse. She would also later give lectures in French in the U.K. at its University of Central Lancashire. She would end up leaving teaching and the world of academia in order to be able to write full time at some point in the later part of the nineties.

Bellman & Black is her second fictional novel, and it was released for readers to enjoy in 2013. It is a tale of Victorian retail and rooks in a tale that tweaks within its very own genre. Her third book, Once Upon a River, was released for readers to enjoy in 2018. It ended up doing quite well and Kudos have bought the television rights to this book already.

Setterfield currently resides in the United Kingdom, living in Oxford. When she is not busy writing something she is putting her energy into reading and likes to read a variety of books. She is always thinking or taking about reading when she isn’t actually in the process of doing it. She says that she is a reader always first and then a writer after that.

The Thirteenth Tale is the first fictional novel from author Diane Setterfield. Check it out and see the book that so many readers around the world have loved!

Children are able to mythologize their own births, or so describes the prologue in a collection. The collection is one of stories, and they sprang from Vida Winter, a reclusive author. The stories are famous regarding the unceasing mystery over the thirteenth tale– which is missing. There are twelve out there making it up that are certainly wonderful, but the thirteenth is the one that most crave to read. It is elusive, but the enchanting dozen that exist almost seem to make up for the fact that it’s not there.

Winter is certainly mysterious and has been spending the past sixty years crafting different out there life histories for her own purposes. They are all inventions that have been able to bring her fortune as well as fame. They have also been helping her keep her sad and violent past a secret all of this time.

Now she is getting older and not feeling as well as she used to before. Her health is ailing, and she finally has the desire to be able to tell others the real story about her life and how truly extraordinary it has been. She decides that the best way to do this is to work with a biographer. Enter the young woman known as Margaret Lea.

Margaret is also going through something, as the secret of her birth has been hidden by her loved ones and it is a constant pain to her. Margaret does decide to take on this assignment as she is interested by a parallel between the story of the author and hers. Vida describes the life and the one story to her that she thought she would never tell.

As she listens to it, Margaret is entranced. The story is gothic and strange and pulls you in right away. Who could blame this biographer, with characters as rich as the members of the Angelfield family? There is the willful and the beautiful daughter Isabelle, and the twins Emmeline and Adeline, both feral and wild in their own ways.

On top of that, there is a topiary garden, a governess, a ghost, and a powerful fire with the ability to bring complete and total devastation. In the end, Vida has woven a spell around Margaret, but is the story sincere at all? She wants to know the truth and demands it. Together, they may face up to the ghosts that have been haunting them this entire time.

Can the truth transform these two? Read this incredible debut book to find out whether the writer and the biographer will triumph and catch every word of this tale for yourself.

Bellman & Black is the second novel released from internationally best-selling fiction writer Diane Setterfield. If you loved the first book from this author, then check this ghost story out as well that will keep your heart pounding!

The tension in this novel slowly builds. William Bellman is the main character of this story. When he was ten years old, he used his catapult to kill a black rook. Now he has grown up to be a man that people might describe as being able to go either way– to the side of good, or the side of evil.

Bellman seems to have a great life at first. He has been blessed to be married happily to a woman that is beautiful and is the father to intelligent children. He does well in business. Slowly, people around him start passing away. At the funerals, a man in black smiles at him.

The dead start as distant relatives. Then his kids die except one, and his wife. Driven crazy by his grief and drunk, he goes to his wife’s grave. The man in black is there, with a proposition. Would he want to enter into a business? Could this be the start of Bellman & Black? Read this book to find out!

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