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Publication Order of Countess of Harleigh Mystery Books

A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lady's Guide to Gossip and Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lady's Guide to Mischief and Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fiancée's Guide to First Wives and Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Newlywed’s Guide to Fortune and Murder (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Art Lover's Guide to Paris and Murder (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dianne Freeman is a reputed American writer and a former account, who is best known for writing mystery and historical fiction novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Countess of Harleigh series of novels. Freeman is a native resident of Michigan. She always wanted to write mystery stories and make a career in the field of writing. But, she set on a different course in college and ended up becoming an accountant. Her love of mystery stories did not die as she kept on reading books of prominent authors throughout the years she was involved in accountancy. Freeman considers accounting similar to solving mysteries and instead of suspects it has numbers to deal with. She believes it is more fun to play with characters than numbers. Author Freeman is happily married and resides with her loving husband. The two divide their time between their homes in Arizona and Michigan. She likes to keep herself indulged in writing, reading, golfing, and gardening. She has been a lifelong reader and a great lover of mystery stories.

It was her mother who introduced her to the works of Agatha Christie and Edith Wharton when she was very young. Freeman used to read those books over and over, and thus developed a deep interest in the mysteries and in the late Victorian period. When Freeman underwent a transition from a reader to a writer, she didn’t experience any exciting moment immediately. Throughout her adult life, she tinkered with different types of writing. Freeman’s actual job was in the world of corporate finance. Her job required her to have a creative outlet. She really loved it and later developed into a hobby. She kept journals, wrote magazine articles and sold them, and also wrote a couple of romance novels that didn’t do well. This prompted her to attend writers’ conferences and improve her craft. Freeman even collaborated with a friend from one of the conferences for writing a nonfiction book called Haunted Highway. But, after this, she got busy with her corporate work. Also, her marriage happened and she didn’t get time to write for almost 14 years.

Following her retirement from accounting, the first thought that came to her mind was to take up writing again. But, because she had been away from the craft for very long, she didn’t have the confidence to go ahead with it. In spite of that, Freeman tried writing stories and failed multiple times in the beginning. But, she didn’t lose hope and eventually came up with her first mystery book. This made her very happy and helped her to arrive at the writing scene with a bang. Freeman’s stories contain a mixture of mystery, humor, and history, and are very much liked by the fans of Georgette Heyer and Agatha Christie. Her creation of Frances Wynn has been appreciated by readers and critics around the world. Frances is described as a Victorian widow and Harliegh Countess. She deals with cases of burglary and murder. She always looks to solve the mysteries and hunt down the culprits. Freeman got the idea for this character from the numerous books she read about the Victorian era. The reason behind choosing such a unique title for the series is that Freeman wanted the name to reflect the spirit and the content of the stories. Freeman may have become a successful author today, but her path has always been filled with struggles. It took her almost 2 years to finish her first book and find an agent to get it published. For the research work, Freeman took the help of newspaper archives. It proved to be a great help to her story as well as the different characters. Author Freeman is very happy with her success as a writer and wishes to achieve much more success in the years to come.

The Countess of Harliegh series written by author Dianne Freeman is comprised of a total of 2 books. Its debut book, A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder, was released in 2018, while the second book is expected to be published in mid-2019. Author Freeman has set the first novel in London and has mentioned the primary characters such as Frances Wynn, Lily, Reggie, Inspector Delaney, George Hazelton, and several others. The book opens by introducing Frances Wynn has an American-born Harleigh Countess. She seems to be enjoying her freedom after her husband’s death more than she did when he was alive. After completing the obligatory one year mourning period, Frances Wynn gets rid of the drab black gown and leaves the countryside as well as her money-minded in-laws. She moves to Belgravia along with her daughter and rents a house there to spend some relaxing time away from all the tension and greedy people.

Frances waits for the arrival of her younger sister named Lily, who is coming from New York and is hoping for a great first trip to London. But, Frances Wynn’s expectation of beginning a new life away from her haunting past life gets shattered very soon. She learns that the Metropolitan police has received a letter from an anonymous person in which she has accused of having a role in the death of her husband. Frances claims that she is innocent and the accusations against her are totally baseless. However, she doesn’t wish to let Inspector Delaney become aware of the scandalous circumstances that lead to the demise of Reggie, Frances’ husband. Unfortunately for Frances, her handsome new neighbor named George Hazelton knows the full story along with one other person.

While Frances is busy with her social engagements on behalf of Lily, she keeps worrying is her husband died a natural death or someone murdered him. Later, Frances shifts her attention to the mysterious burglaries taking place in London and plaguing the elites. She starts investigating the burglaries and becomes surprised to know that they are related to the murder of her husband. With the support of George Hazelton and her own wits, she indulges in uncovering the truth before anyone else falls victim to the killer. The book found many takers all across the globe, who appreciated the exciting characters and the intriguing storyline that kept them interested till the last page. Author Freeman gained enormous success from the book’s success and became a popular name in the genres of historical fiction and mystery.

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  1. Thomas Wilson: 9 months ago

    This is a great series. I’m on the last one now and am sorry there are no more. Hope you produce more.

  2. Bonnie McKeown: 1 year ago

    I have been hooked on mystery since my dad started me on Perry Mason
    However this the first time I have ever read a series from the beginning
    Looking forward to A Newlywed Guide Firtune and Murder


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