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Diary of a Teenage Girl Books In Order

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Publication Order of Diary Of A Teenage Girl Books

Diary of a teenage Girl is the book series written by Melody Carlson, she is very well known for the best series writing with the shades of teen fiction in her novel and different novel series for younger, pre-teens, women, children and adult. Carlson is one the best seller authors of series, she has written up to seventy books just for teens or related to teens. She has crossed the sales over to 1 million in total. She is the blessed mother with two sons and lives a happy life with a husband.

Introduction to diary of a teenage Girl:

It is very popular series written by melton, this series is related or about a teen life. The popularity measures of the series can process with the movie and novel being made with the series. Melton has won many awards and rewards for her best fiction and especially effort was done for women, teen, and youngers. In 2015 ‘Marielle Heller’ has directed a movie on the diary of teenage girl, besides this in the year 2002 the great novelist ‘Phoebe Gloeckner’ has written graphic novel with the inspiration of the series named as “the diary of teenage girl, An Account in words and picture”

This fictional diary of a girl is related to the girl thoughts within the period when she was at the door of childhood to convert into womanhood, this diary is about the situations and problems faced by the teenage, how had she handled the situation of God attraction and why had she went from God, it is the series about how a teenage girl fights with family problems, emotional pressure, loyalty, and relationship with a boyfriend, and the most important how she had discovered her spirituality within. The character mini, in the year 1970s at San Francisco, she is a student in high school. She had to face much emotional trauma from the family, as her mother stuck with the horrible life with a boyfriend and addicted to drugs. But her mother wants her younger sister and her to behave well as a good girl always. Life of mine had become living hell when she lost her innocence and virginity by the bad person, who is her mother’s boyfriend. She has faced too many difficulties and hard time when she left her home and she expels out from school as well. She had started taking drugs and all her efficiency, potency and capabilities had lost in a dark though she was very good at art.

Main characters:

In each of series of diary of a teenage girl, there is a separate character, every major character had faced too many problems and bad situation within the family, but at the end, all characters came up with immense faith and foundation predisposed.

In the first series, the major character was Caitlin O’Connor

In this fiction diary of a teenage girl at the age of sixteenth, what are the mind of teenage, how they evaluate things around and many more has been prominently described with the character name of Caitlin, Caitlin was a brave girl to face many complications with parent’s divorce almost, struggling for her friendship, and too much pressure at her from the high school to have a boyfriend. During the second last year of her high school she destitute in a big crowd but she soon realized the popularity is not all we should need. From that day, she decided to be in a relationship and start dating her big crush, josh miller.

But very soon being in a relationship she understood only she will have to suffer and make all compromises for their relation, this was the point when she had made her mind and broke all chains of compromising relationship and get herself out from the ever worst situation. She had never felt any happiness from heart to be in a relationship, finally, she recognized relations is only possible when you are happy with the person, not just making compromises for someone. She was a strong girl, never accepted to compromise her honesty and conviction, so does she, and committed her complete life for God. Miller and her remained friends in school and the most exciting thing she had become the legendary mentor for her mates girls in school. Certainly josh’s little sister Chloe came with the new series, finally josh proposed Caitlin…

Chloe Miller the second character:

Chloe’s was the little sister of josh, and josh was the crush of Caitlin, he had appeared first in ‘Becoming me’ first book, he was the real jerk of high school, who broke Caitlin’s heart, he finally mature in college and then married to Caitlin.

Chloe Miller, now she had appeared within very next book, Chloe had made the band and she was the leader of the band named as ‘All –girl Christian rock’. She then went for the trip to the United States including with another band members, she had started her problem phase when she got extraordinarily involved with the other band leader boy; although he was elder enough with already a girlfriend.

Kim Peterson:

Another character Kim was the orphan child adopted by Korea when she was too young, and then she brought up without any sibling; in fact, she was the only child at home. After she had written an emotional and advisory column for teen kids, she was faced too much bad phase with the death of her adoptive mother, the most emotional when she met her real biological mother first and about her best friend get premature pregnancy in teenage age.

Maya Stark:

This unique character was the new but teenage girl in the series, Maya had both mother and father but unfortunately, they were separated by divorce, her father was a famous personality. Her family dispute had left big emotional flaws at her so it became the reason for her to skirmish for her emotional, national and ethical identity. Maya was totally dropped after her mother passed away and started to take drugs, and most badly she gets arrested by the cops for finding her culprit of taking drugs, after this all she was finally sent to her relative to spend her summer holidays and for some good change. There she found Kim Peterson, which was the one character of the book series.

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