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Publication Order of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books

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This was the book by Jeff Kinney that was to spawn an entire industry surrounding it. Originally brought out in 2004, it first appeared upon to much acclaim, as it quickly grew into being the most popular feature on the site. This quickly led to it becoming a book all of its own, as subsequent sequels and follow-ups were quickly written. At first it was going to be a book for adults, but it quickly transformed into the children’s book that many now enjoy today.

With a series of films brought out based on it too, it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Kinney continues to write, as the surrounding franchise brings out a large quantity of merchandise in its wake. Using satirical humor and easily relatable characters, it’s easy to see why it’s appealed to so many with its unique take on growing up and school and family life.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Originally published in 2004 on the 1st of January, this was to be the book from Jeff Kinney that started it all. Building the basis for not just the series, but the film franchise as well, it helped to establish the main chief protagonist. Taking a look at the school days of one Greg Heffley, it charts his progress throughout school, as seen through his eyes.

In the start of this richly illustrated series, the readers are introduced to the character of Greg Heffley, the young protagonist who finds himself beginning middle school for the first time. As he first steps into this new world he discovers a whole collection of new people in what seems to be a sink or swim environment. With older boys who already appear to be shaving, this young boy finds he has his work cut out for him as he faces up to the various tougher boys who challenge him on a more than regular basis. During this time he takes it upon himself to chart his progress here recording all the events and goings on that befall him within his diary. With his best friend Rowley at his side, he aims to overcome the everyday ordeals of growing up and getting through school, as he traverses the everyday happenings there.

It soon transpires though that his best-friend Rowley is gaining some much sought after popularity of his own, as the other kids begin to recognize him about the school. This soon leads to Greg thinking he can use this to his advantage, which manages to potentially cause a rift between them both threatening to tear their relationship apart. Through a hilarious sequence of events that follows, they both try to make amends with each other and their new-found statuses in life. Using his quick wits and sense of humor, he narrates what occurs in his own inimitable fashion within the pages of the diary and to the audience as they read it. Whilst he tries to keep his head above water, he’s constantly finding new challenges to surprise both him and the audience, along with the fun sketches he uses to illustrate his various points throughout the writing of the diary. Will Greg Heffley be able to get through school keeping his sanity and good humor intact? Can he overcome the various obstacles presented to him and his friends as and when they are presented to him? What will become of them all as he keeps watch with his diary of a wimpy kid?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

The sequel to the first, this book followed directly on from the previous novel charting the next stages in Greg’s life. Initially published in 2008 on the first of February, it saw Kinney seeking to continue the story of his ever resourceful protagonist. This was also to have a film made of it, as it reached the top of the bestseller list as well.

After arriving back from his summer vacation, it appears that Greg Heffley is a little worse for wears. With secrets potentially getting out through his diary being revealed, he may have a lot more to contend with this year than simply just starting a new school. Not wanting to talk about his summer vacation and how he spent it, Greg just wants to get back and get on with things. There is one event in particular that he’d especially like to put behind him during the course of the following school year, one specific event that happened over the summer. It’s unfortunate for Greg then that Rodrick, the older brother to Greg, knows his secret and especially knows how much he wants to keep it hidden at all costs. Whilst keeping his secret hidden, he almost must traverse the pitfalls of girls, the ever looming talent show and the other various obstacles that come his way.

In a light-hearted and ever irreverent take on school life, this sequel book once again charts the trouble with school life and growing up in ever relatable fashion. The general humorous tone a breezy illustrations throughout exemplify this for both the young and the old, who want to look back to those days. Clearly displaying something for everyone, it provides its story in an easily accessible manner as it shows what’s happening clearly through the eyes of Greg, as well as those around him. With each character building their own distinctive arcs, it enables people to come back for more finding something different each time. Will he be able to get through another year, all whilst maintaining the integrity of his secret that he so desperately wants to hide? Can he manage to keep himself from going crazy amidst it all? Just what is the secret that he wants to keep hidden that means his older brother Rodrick rules?

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

As the films draw to a close, so too do the book series they were based upon. Having provided children with a funny take on school life for years to come, these leave a strong legacy behind them. With this franchise not looking to disappear anytime soon, it appears that they will stay relavent for a while yet.

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