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Dick Wolf or Richard Anthony is both an American producer and a writer, who specializes in crime dramas like Miami Vice and Law and Order. Throughout Dick Wolf’s career, he has won quite a lot of awards as well as an Emmy award and a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He was born on December 20, in the year 1946, in New York City as Richard A. Wolf. Wolf has had three wives. The first wife was Susan Scranton, then Christine Marburg and later Noelle Lippman, who has been his wife since June 17, 2006 and have one kid. Dick Wolf was able to attend prep school, serving as foundation later for his school ties (1992) screenplay. He later joined the University of Pennsylvania, where he launched a flourishing career in advertising, after graduating. He wrote and produced more than 100 television commercials and penned the slogan “You can not beat crest for fighting cavities” and the slogan “I’m Cheryl, fly me” as well, for National Airlines. Dick Wolf wrote and also produced his first quality film known as Skateboard-an appealing teen-flick, in the year1978, and his second film known as Gas, in the year1981.

Dick Wolf worked as the advertising copywriter at the Benton and Bowles creating Commercials for the Crest toothpaste. Moreover, he wrote screenplays in the hope of a film profession. It was at this moment that he momentarily collaborated on a script with Oliver Stone, a beleaguered screenwriter at that time. He later moved to Los Angeles after several years and produced three screenplays. One of the films-Masquerade starring Meg Tilly and Rob Lowe was well received. Wolf started his TV career as a staff journalist on hill street blues and was nominated for an Emmy award for an episode known as “What Are Friends For?” on which he was a single author. He moved to Miami Vice and was the supervising producer.

Wolf’s Law and Order, which was from 1990-2010, tied gun smoke for the longest running staged show in TV history, making it one of the most triumphant franchises. The staged show has been nominated for the most repeated Emmy awards of any prime-time stage show series. Dick Wolf serves as a creator and an executive producer of the two recent Law and Order drama series from the Wolf films and the NBC universal television – Law and Order: Special victims unit and Law and Order: UK. He also did the three that were cancelled – Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: Trial by Jury and Law and Order: Los Angeles. Moreover, Wolf was the executive producer and creator of NBC’s courtroom series Crime and Punishment, which accounted actual life cases that were prosecuted by San Diego district attorney’s office. Dick Wolf’s corporation also produced the 2003 academy award winning short documentary regarding two brothers, one a fireman and the other a policeman, who passed away in their jobs on September 11, 2001. Dick Wolf was also involved in the production of a dramatic documentary regarding the fashionable rock group-The Doors, titled “When you are Strange”.

Wolf’s individual honors consist of the award of excellence from the Banff TV Festival, the 2002 creative achievement award from NATPE; the anti-defamation league’s distinguished entertainment industry award, the governor’s award by the New York chapter of the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, the leadership and inspiration award from the entertainment industries council, the 1997 accomplishment award from the caucus for producers, writers, and directors, the 2002 tribute from the museum of TV and radio, the 1998 TV showman of the year award from the publicists guild of America and the 2003 special Edgar award from the Mystery writers of America. Dick Wolf is also Monaco’s honorary consul general and is dynamically involved in principality important annual TV Festivals, and is its main connection with the entertainment area. On March 29, 2007, Dick Wolf received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame at the 7040 Hollywood boulevard. He was a classmate of ex-US president G.W. Bush, and Fred Thompson’s employer, who sought the Republican recommendation for president in 2008.

Wolf makes his fictional introduction with this driving thriller evocative of the classic-The Day of the Jackal-an astonishing tale filled with the clever twists and high anxiety we have come to anticipate from this master narrator. In the tale, days before the July fourth holiday and the devotion of the One World Trade Center at ground zero, an event aboard a commercial airliner reminds everybody involved that caution saves lives. But New York police detective Jeremy Fisk, from the department’s intelligence division, a funded anti-terror division modeled upon CIA, suspects that the occurrence is a warning indication that another, potentially more unusual scheme is set in motion. Therefore, when one passenger from the same airplane disappears into the crowd of Manhattan, it is up to Jeremy Fisk and Krina Gersten, to locate him before the events start…and time’s running out.

Wolf continues to do what he does best, creating stories of those who defend and serve the people of New York. This time he wrote a novel rather than a TV script. Dick Wolf has made vast use of his television talents. The intercept has the feel of a TV series written to keep you watching or reading as this case might be. The plotting is outstanding, believable and terrifying. Although the intimidation angle isn’t new, most readers did not see this twist coming. The marketing of the heroes was very fascinating and an appealing social commentary. The characters are likable and well written. In addition, the pacing of Woolf’s books keeps readers hanging on for just an extra chapter…and another. Peter Ganim was the book’s narrator. He was an excellent choice since he has a strong, tough and gritty voice that says ‘cop’. He effortlessly conveys the anxiety and drama with the deep voice. Wolf’s transition doesn’t appear to have changed his approach much. He still has the action packed excellent guys versus the bad guys, or police versus terrorists in this case. There’re a few fine twists and turns as the law enforcement follow the complicated trail of terrorists. In this case, we aren’t getting deep and understanding here, but abundance of well paced suspense and action. Wolf’s NYPD police man, Jeremy Fisk, is a character worth bringing back if polished and given more depth. With some good assurance for future books, always be on the look out too for his new books.

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