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Dinah Miller is a mystery writer of John Treehorn Mystery novels and grew up in the Adirondacks of New York. She’s an award-winning screenwriter and a graduate of the University of Arizona. She later left the woods of Adirondacks to start writing stories while working as a rehabilitation social worker.
She has worked in the in-patient psychiatric services legal advocate for the mentally ill and suicide prevention.

Shadow Dancer
Shadow Dancer is the debut in the John Treehorn Mystery series. John Treehorn is an FBI agent working in Washington DC. After new evidence of a forgotten federal crime, John is the first to be selected to lead the investigation at the Navajo Indian Reservation.

John lives between two worlds, the FBI world and the nation’s reserve of his youth. The two worlds collide after a cold case forces him to go back to the reservation where he’s to confront his past.

However, after a murder that occurred fifteen years earlier, he has a nightmare that leaves him helpless. It’s a murder that was done by the same Indian myth known as Shadow Dancer

A school Leader has gone missing, and the answers are hidden on the reservation. Treehorn and another local FBI agent Raven Shelley bring together the clues each at a time, from the graveyard of a corpse that was intentionally hidden to the untold crimes targeted on the members of a prestigious law firm.
The stranger who had the motive was once among their people and left an unforgettable mark of crushed dreams that left many helpless. Both the killer and the FBI agent face each other as the laws collide. One of them stands with a tradition and the other a badge, but they all understand their elder’s words that not all killers are born killers; some are only justified to do the act.

Shadow Dancer references an early mythical figure in Navajo where both the FBI and the locals might be responsible for the murder of a prep-school leader. John Treehorn has called in to liaise with the residents staying on the reservation where the body was found.

Agent Raven Shelley shows up to look into what appears as a cold case where his arrival leads to more danger as they get close to uncovering the truth. The historic rape of Indian women and the shocking effects born as a result is traumatizing.

What happens after the sins of their fathers come back to their legitimate children in the form of death and destruction? The protagonist is a strong character, and the twisty plot makes the novel an exciting read.

John grew up on the reservation, so he’s requested to open a cold case. Four boys were so traumatized, and to make matters worse, their leader is missing; then, fifteen years later, someone has finally begun to give more information.

John spends a lot of time on the reservation while he relives his traumatizing experiences, one of them being the death of his wife. He’s forced to revisit his childhood and the stories of the myth and legend of shadow Dancer. Some people believe it’s a myth, while others take it as something real.

John Treehorn is sure that myths do not commit crimes, but people do, and him being a victim, he has never gotten over it. Over time, he has earned a reputation for solving mysterious cases, and they hope he’ll solve this is one too.

John is forced to investigate the multi-faced mystery, which involves some strangers and people he has known his whole life.

The characters in the novel are distinct and have unique personalities. Dinah Miller is an outstanding storyteller in how she creates a story where the reader is drawn in from the first paragraph. She throws in some suspense and powerful imagery to capture one’s imagination to the last page.

The story describes an incredible land and some of its natives. Dinah Miller has woven a great novel with powerful characters and an engaging plot to keep the reader at the edge of their seats. The twists and turns will keep you at the edge of your seat while emotionally invested to the end.

For readers looking for a gripping, dark and thrilling novel, this is the best pick.

Stolen Sisters
Stolen Sisters is the second installment in the John Treehorn Mystery series. FBI agent John Treehorn answers a call in a deserted oil town after a wolf discovers a woman’s frozen hand holding an FBI badge. It’s said that her last request was ‘Call Agent John Treehorn.’

Though John doesn’t know the victim and why she summoned him, he chooses to answer her call. He starts a mission to catch the Navajo engineer’s murderer while his colleague Agent Raven Shelly is looking for a missing prostitute in the same town.

Later they find a red dress worn by one of the women, but it’s discovered that it belongs to the other. At this point, the two cold cases link, confirming Treehorn’s previous suspicion that there has been a serial killer amongst them, and it’s up to him to find and stop him for good.

As the investigation goes on, a movement is known as the Missing, and Murdered Indigenous Women’s movement also looks for answers. They find out that there has been a corrupt CEO who’s been using his money to bend the community’s rules. Later a disastrous and long-covered secret unveils in the town.

Treehorn and Shelly are determined to find the stolen Sisters so that their questions can finally be answered, and at this point, they don’t care if it’ll leave them with nightmares. Treehorn was a widower, and even after losing his wife, he still wore his wedding ring.

When he met Samantha, sparks began to fly between them. However, he and those close to him start getting threats; he comes up to fight for justice.
The plot twists are great and will keep the reader guessing. The novel is well written with a fantastic storyline to interest the reader. There is fast-moving action, conflicting clues, and several suspects are the reason for the search for the murderers of the two Indian women.

The novel subject matter involves sexual crimes against native women over the years. It exposes a situation that fewer people know about in an excellent murder mystery. Dinah Miller has addressed a significant tragedy still happening in the world up to date.

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