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Dirk Patton is American author of horror, thriller and fiction books best known for his Voodoo Plague and 36 book series. Patton became a published author in 2013 when Unleashed the first book in V Plague series was released, and since then more than 15 sequels have been published.


The first book in V Plague series introduces the reader to John Case who has just arrived in Atlanta on a business trip. But when he wakes the next day, he is shocked to discover that America has been attacked with both biochemical and nuclear weapons.

Chase is immediately tossed deep into an apocalyptic horror, as he tries to rescue a young woman from a group of violent survivors affected by the release of the lethal neurotoxin. His path is clear and straightforward- to survive and find his way across the continent for a reunion with his wife as the society slowly withers into savagery and billions of people become infected, roaming around in pursuit of the few remaining survivors.

But his survival will be the hardest job he’s ever undertaken, and this marks the beginning of the first book in the thrilling and exciting V Plague series. The books in the series are set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic and shattered America and tell the stories of a fast-growing cast of complex characters and their struggles to survive the apocalypse. The author weaves some exciting subplots within the main plots such as brutality, greed, betrayal, heartbreak, treason and also serial killers profiling the worst and the best of humanity as the world shatters into pieces.

Dirk Patton has done an excellent job in character creation. The main character is a retired military who is in Atlanta on a business trip when the attacks befall the cities releasing nerve gas. He knows that he should find a way back to his wife in Phoenix along with other two survivors- Rachel, a part-time stripper and German shepherd dog. Going back home won’t be an easy task, and he knows that there are going to be bigger problems ahead- psycho rednecks, armed guys and to make matters worse, a population of crazed zombies. Will John and his team make it back to Arizona alive without the zombie virus?

As the main character, John is a fantastic character. He never leaves anyone behind and so when his companions are in trouble he undertakes whatever possible to protect or rescue them. He is also determined to get home to his beloved wife to ensure that she is safe. John is the type of person you’d wish to be your hero in case of a zombie apocalypse. He is a capable man but also flawed, and at times he makes mistakes that will leave you yelling at him.

On the other hand, there’s Rachel, a woman tough in her way who has to deal with some nasty crap along the way. She is lively and determined. This is one of the few books you’ll ever read where the female and the male main characters don’t feel the need to have sex with each other which makes it unique and exciting. The two are just friends, and their relationship is professional.

The John’s canine friend is brave, loyal and a great addition to the story. Overall the Unleashed is an action-packed, character filled the post-apocalyptic tale.


The second book in V Plague series picks right from where the series debut left off. In this second book, John and his team have finally escaped from Atlanta and find shelter in a nearby Airforce Base in Tennessee. But he is recalled on active duty, and John soon strikes a truce with the Army that they will assist him evacuate his wife in Arizona, but all his plans are soon thwarted as the second wave of infection sweeps the remaining surviving population.
The second book in the series is not for the faint-hearted, it is very gory, violent and rough. After being recalled on active duty and given the rank of Major by the Colonel, Jack is assigned a mission to head to Arizona and rescue two scientists who have been working on a cure for the infected. But even the mission is given a go ahead, the second wave of infection hits the country. In response, the army begins to evacuate the base and a plane lands as they are clearing the runway of the zombies and everyone gets into the aircraft while a helicopter hovers above to pick up John, Rachel and their canine friend.

Some infected ladies run into the runaways behind the plane, and they get sucked into the jet engines resulting in an explosion that kills everyone and also knocks down the helicopter to the ground. John immediately rushed to the armoury and loaded a military vehicle with weapons and meals, and they abandon the base. This marks the beginning of a never-ending action as John and his team once again enter the city of the infected only with one goal in mind- to survive and find the whereabouts of his wife.


36 series consists of two books, 36 and The Void both published in 2016. Just like in his V Plagues series books, this series is fast paced and features plenty of actions.

In the first book in 36 series, we meet Robert Tracy a man spirited away from his execution. A classified government project offers Robert an offer he can’t deny- to work for them or else disappear permanently. With no other choice left, Robert embarks on a journey to undo an attack that has already happened- he goes back in time 2 ½ hours.

But not everything is as it seems. A conspiracy at the high levels of government to take control total over the country threatens the very second chance at life Robert has been given. Not knowing who he can trust, Robert must fight to survive and save his soul as well as save a woman who is drawn in the battle for the survival.

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